Nobody Compares

Anna was just a regular girl in school until she woke up in a hospital bed unconscious.from the night before. Leukemia had made her bed ridden. Her roommate, Lottie, was her new best friend who just happened to have a cute brother Him and Anna both hit it off, but their time together is limited as her leukemia isn't getting any better. As their relationship deepens, what will happen to Anna? Will she make a recovery? Will this once in a lifetime love last a lifetime? Only time will tell.


4. That's Him?


      A familiar face walked through the hospital room door. You could just see Lottie's face just light up. Seeing her happy makes me so glad. Especially since she's been down a bit lately. Well a hospital can do that to you after being here for so long. Lottie has been here much longer than I have. His eyes glimmering, as he sees his sister jump up at his presents. 

"Louis!" Lottie squeals, Jumping into his arms. He smiles and rubs her back whislts he raises his eyebrows at me,

 "And this is?" His voice not to high and not to low, Yet he had a husky growl. Lottie lets go of his embrace and turns to me,
"This is-"
" Annalisa, I prefer Anna though. Uh, and you Louis I've heard?" Lottie's cheeks rise to a crimson and turns her face. 

"Well, You two friends?" He asks, Lottie jumps in,

"Yeah, Just met a while ago, She's a doll." She tells him.

"Anna, So, Tell me about yourself." He takes a seat and Lottie hops into a nearby armrest,

"Well, Me and Lottie both have Leukemia. Um, I'm still in school, I just found out I have leukemia. Its been hard on me because I never thought I would get leukemia. With Lottie being here shes helped me through a lot. We keep each other strong." I answer him. He seems so joyful and sweet. 

"Im sorry you have to be here. Not a fun place to be.. its nice to meet you Ana, and im glad youre here to keep my sister company. " he smiles nudging Lottie's arm. 

I smile back at him.. 

"Well girls I have to leave now, I wish I didn't;  I just wanted to see you before the concert tonight.: he gives Lottie a great big hyg and kisses her forehead.

"It was real nice to meer you.. Get better girls." He shakes my hand and heads off.

Lottie is lucky she has a brother like that. It must be hard for him to be away that much when shes in here.. 

"What did you think of him?" Asked Lottie with her eyebrow raised.. 

"uh.. he seems sweet, and youre lucky you have a brother like that. I can tell he really cares about you." I reply

"Yeah I love him.. He's the best brother ever. I really miss him when he's on tour. Hes gone for so long. " I could see the sadness in her eyes.  I dont know what I'd do if I was in his situation. 

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