Nobody Compares

Anna was just a regular girl in school until she woke up in a hospital bed unconscious.from the night before. Leukemia had made her bed ridden. Her roommate, Lottie, was her new best friend who just happened to have a cute brother Him and Anna both hit it off, but their time together is limited as her leukemia isn't getting any better. As their relationship deepens, what will happen to Anna? Will she make a recovery? Will this once in a lifetime love last a lifetime? Only time will tell.


2. That Moment

*Hope you guys like this fanfic! :)*



"Leukemia? I asked in shock. Since when did I have leukemia? I've always have been so healthy, eating the right foods, and doing the right exercises..Why would I have it? I try convincing the doctor that it's a mistake, that this was a mix up with another patient. My doctor replies with; "I'm sorry." She's sorry? Is she basically sentencing me to death? Am I going to die? I look up about to burst into tears, when I slowly ask; "How do you know I have it?

"As you know it's not normal for a person to vomit blood.  From the vomit you threw up we were able to test the cells, there are certain cells which can tell us if a person has leukemia. From the cells that we tested, we had found leukemia in them." My doctor informs me.
"Have you felt nauseous or fatigued in the past few weeks?" She added.
I nod. Now that I think of it, I have felt more tired than I have in my entire life. I've always been a hyperactive child. Then I haven't really been able to eat really anything either. I've felt to sick to eat. I always eat three meals a day, with some minor snacks throughout the day.
"I'll be contacting your parents right now to inform them." My doctor tells me and walks out of the room.
I can't believe I have cancer.. Am I going to die, or live? I'm scared... 

"So you're my new roommate!" Lottie introduces herself to me.
Okay so nice start.. I meet someone new. "Uh hi." I say with a small smile but I really need to know what happens here though. "So how long have you been in here?" I ask. "About a month now." Wow she's been in here a long time... "Wow.. What do you have?" "I have leukemia also." she answers.
"Is it as bad as they say?" I ask. I've heard about leukemia a lot because my Aunt had it.
"It's not that bad. You might not feel like eating, maybe be nauseous at times, and feel super weak, but in all its not that bad. It's different in all cases."
I think I'll like Lottie, I think she'll help me.

"This might be a bit of a personal question but how do you cope with all this?"
"It gets hard but my family and friends help me a lot, especially my brother, do you have any siblings?" I start crying thinking about my little sister, she has down syndrome and I don't know how she's going to cope with me being away from her. Lottie sees me crying and gets out of her bed to come comfort me. I know I only met her but I think she knows that I'm not really liking the idea of being stuck in a hospital.
"I have one sister, she's 9 and she has down syndrome." Lotties face just broke, she was about to join me and cry. She whispers in my ear, "things will get better, I promise." I nod my head but I don't know if I can believe her. 
Just as Lottie moves back to her bed and I stop myself from crying my sister walks in. She runs up onto my bed, hugging and kissing me.
"I miss you Anna." Alisa said  still hugging me. I just hugged her tightly, kissing her on her cheek as much as I could. Soon my parents came in taking Alice away from me. I spoke to them for a bit, my dad just told me that he loves me and he'll come visit as much as he can  and my mum, she just cried. Once they left Lottie came and sat back on my bed. 
"So do you have any more family or friends coming?" As soon as those words came out of her mouth, Stephen walked in, wearing his favourite navy blue sweater. His eyes dark brown with long, thick black lashes. A cute dimple on his left cheek and lips a soft pink colour. His hair was styled in a messy way with his black hair going in all different directions which suited his dark completion. As soon as Lottie saw him her  mouth dropped and her eyes widen as she analyzed him to see if he was a real person. She quickly turned around, covered her mouth from the side and whispered to me "farout his hot!"

He was a good looking guy but to me he was like a brother, he was my best friend. Lottie though was instantly attracted to him but which girl wouldn't be with 
like his. He comes straight to me giving me a great big hug. 
The smile on his face just went away all of a sudden. He looks me straight in the eyes. "The doctors told me what you have but I know you'll get better, I promise." Stephens words gave me hope, the way he put it, the way he said it.
"I really hope so Stephen but just remember you'll always be my best friend."
He nods his head and plays with my hair. We spend the next hour talking about school, life and totally random shit. He slowly gets up giving me a good bye hug and a wave to Lottie and with that I see him go. 
"So Lottie what did you think of Stephen?" She instantly blushes and turns a dark shade of red.
"Um his cute but what till you meet my brother, I bet you'll fall madly in love with him." She teased as I tried covering my face with a pillow. 
"So if I'm going to fall madly in love with your brother, what does he even look like?" He might be a cute guy.
"Well his got brown hair, some stubble on his chin, he occasionally wears glasses and well I think his gorgeous." With that she let's out a giggle and I join in too. I don't know much about Lottie, I've only just met her but she makes me feel better. I hope this feeling lasts.
The nurses come in to check up on us and give us our afternoon snack. I look at my food in disappointment, it's just steamed vegetables and juice. I was hoping for some thing a bit nicer. 

"So Lottie, when's your gorgeous brother coming?" I teased as we eat our afternoon snack, which is much more nicer than I expected. 
"He'll be here soon!" She says with excitement. "I haven't seen him for 3 whole moths, his always away." Gosh, I feel sorry for Lottie, if I wasn't able to see my sister for more than 2 weeks, I don't even know what I'd do. "Where has your brother been?" Lottie looks over at me with a mouth full of vegetables "Uh" she quickly swallows her food to reply with "he's in a band, so he's on like this world tour thingy." "Wow, so is he famous?" Lottie was just about answer when a familiar face walks through door.

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