Nobody Compares

Anna was just a regular girl in school until she woke up in a hospital bed unconscious.from the night before. Leukemia had made her bed ridden. Her roommate, Lottie, was her new best friend who just happened to have a cute brother Him and Anna both hit it off, but their time together is limited as her leukemia isn't getting any better. As their relationship deepens, what will happen to Anna? Will she make a recovery? Will this once in a lifetime love last a lifetime? Only time will tell.


1. Prologue


Tick. Tock. Tick. Tick. History class was going even slower as usual today. "Great I even forgot to eat the most important meal of the day this morning. How could I forget that!" she thought as her stomach growled against her desk. "Psssssst Anna!" Stephen whispered, "Are you okay?" He always knew when something was wrong, "Yeah, I'm fine" I replied. Just then a roaring pain flowed through my stomach as I began to feel nauseous. "Mr. Richards I need to go to the restroom" I shouted as I ran through the long hall. Too late, I stopped running. The red oozing liquid flowed through my hands from my mouth. Stephen was running behind me sensing the danger from the alert in my voice as I sprinted out of the confused classroom. I began to race into the ladies restroom. The empowering gag expelled out of me as I leaned over the toilet bowl. "Red, like blood" I thought as a hurling headache engulfed my head. My fragile head pounded against the ground. "ANNA! Hold on! I'll call for help, just hang in there." I heard Stephen shout as my mind whirled out of reality. ~BEEEEEEEEP. BEEP. BEEEEEEEP. BEEP. BEEEEEEEEEP. BEEP.~ Reality settled in as I woke up in a white bed. My eyes fluttered as I took in my surroundings. White sheets, White gown, White room. "A hospital?" I thought, "why would I be here? All I did was skip breakfast!" I started to sit up but fell back down wincing in pain from my head and abdomen. I also noticed another girl in my room. She looked at me with a smile on her face. "Good you're awake! My name is Lottie. You were unconscious but I'm glad you're awake now love" the girl said. Just as she finished a doctor came in, "Hello Miss Anna. How are you feeling?" He asked. "Fine other than the sharp pains. When can I be dischargd?" I replied. "Well, not for a while. You see we ran a few blood tests and came upon a problem....." He began. "Well, what is it?" I inquired. The doctor answered, "Its leukemia."


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