One Love: So close but yet far away

Kassie is a regular girl who's going through problems and She runs into 1/5 of One Direction, it changes everything. She develops new feelings,meets an old enemy and runs into touble, her life started to go great but after 3 words everything goes down hill.


5. The beginning

Harry's POV~

She looked amazing, I wanted to hug her and hold her. I thought I was crazy, I didn't even know her name or age. She smiled all through the ride, I tried not to look and focus on the road, I would only take a glimpse at times. I thought now it would be perfect to ask questions. "What's your name?" I asked. "Kassandra. But everyone calls me Kassie." She told me. "Age?" "Seventeen" she answered. "When's your birth day?" She raised her eyebrow "November" she giggled. It turned me on, I didn't want to like her more that a friend but she was too cute. "Twenty-ninth" she smiled,not showing her teeth. "November 29th..." I whispered to myself. Her birthday was seven days away.
"Where here" I say.

Kassies POV~

"Woah..." I said.His house was HUGE! It looked lovely from the outside. It was a light blue with a darker blue, he had perfect bushes outlining the big porch. It was 3 stories. It had good lighting on the outside too. The door was big too, everything was big,even his parking space. He already parked but I just sat there in awe. "You like it?" He asked. "It's so big and amazing" he laughed at me. "Are we going inside?" I asked "Wait? Weren't we going to the mall then the movies?" I asked again. "Yeah but I changed my mind love." He told me "Oh." I whispered " Come on. " he got out of the car, came around then opened my door."Thank you." "Welcome". We walked up the stairs. He slightly brushed his fingers on my hand. He grabbed it. I looked up at him. "Sorry." Harry mumbled. His eyes stole my attention, I looked up at them. He chuckled. "I'm sorry.." I whispered.

"You like my eyes love?" He questioned " Yeah.. I love them. " he blushed and smiled a bit. We began to walk again up the few steps, he got his keys out and opened the door. Right when you walk in there's a staircase and a really nice,fragile chandler. A door way was to my right. "Go through there." His breathe tickled my neck. He was so close to me. He walked behind me and showed me the way till we were at the living room
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