One Love: So close but yet far away

Kassie is a regular girl who's going through problems and She runs into 1/5 of One Direction, it changes everything. She develops new feelings,meets an old enemy and runs into touble, her life started to go great but after 3 words everything goes down hill.


4. Leaving Early

Kassies POV

Last night I couldn't sleep at all. I woke up at 12 then stayed up till seven a.m. then fell asleep.
I woke up at around ten so I only slept for three ours. I was just too excited and nervous.
It wouldn't be easy to curl my hair and I knew it would take most of my time so I got up,took a shower,brushed my teeth,ate, changed into my clothes and was ready to do my hair.

Harry's POV

I woke up at 8:00 this morning. I felt real good, I wanted to know her more. She was beautiful, her dark brown wavy hair made her warm light brown eyes stand out. I loved her smooth voice, and she seemed real nice. I wanted to see if there was another side to her.
I put on my black skinny jeans (not to skinny) and a white top with a turquoise bow and my white Convers. I already showered and every thing. All I needed to was to eat my breakfast. Niall was there in my house with me so I told him about her. "Wow Harry,looks like ya found yourself a keeper." Niall said. I smirked. "So where does she live? What's her number?" Niall asked. "Er? Crap I don't know!"
I can't believe I didn't get her address or number! How was I supposed to pick her up? "You should drive around and beep at every house until you get to a certain house and she sees you and falls in love. Yeah you should do that" Niall joked around. "Niall shut up !" I laughed. "I don't want her to fall in love with me....." I whispered. "Why?" He asked. "Cause I feel like she's to good to be true. Plus what if she has a boyfriend?" I said. "And? Who cares?! You wanna her, you want her. That's that." "I don't wanna start trouble with anybody." I said. "Stop being a cunt Harry!" He yelled at me. I kept my face with an angered look on it.
"You better go before it gets late and you're not there" Niall reminded me.

Kassie's POV

I already finished curling half my head it was 2:47. I started doing the other side of my hair, the door flung open and there stood my mom. "Why are you all dressed up?" She asked "This guy." I said. "What 'guy'?!" She asked. She looked nervous. "He has real beautiful greeeen eyes oh my and his hair and dimples are perfect!" I got a bit to happy " He's a great guy Sarah" I told her. "What time will he bring you home?" She looked sad. "Ugh!!! i forgot to give him my number! And the address!" I slapped my hand to my face (face palm*)

"Can you do my hair while I sit by the window? I wanna see if he passes by." "Sure hun" I opened the window and looked through.
(40 min. later)

"Ok I'm done!" Sarah yelled. She unplugged the curling iron. As soon as she left I put Little Things on. I kept looking out the window. A red car passed by. I looked deeply into the car. It was him. "Haaaaarrrryyyyyy!!!!" I yelled. His car slightly moved forward the back. He put reverse and drove back. "Hey!" He yelled. "I'm early but can I come in!?" He yelled again "Yeah! Hold on meet me at the door!" I yelled back. I ran down and said to my mom, "He's here Sarah!" I walked over to the door. I fixed myself a bit then opened the door. He looked so adorable, I just wanted to hug him and squish him. I chuckled a loudly. "What's wrong? I don't look good?" He asked "You do" I started "you always do." He looked at his feet and blushed.

"Do mind leaving early?" He asked
"Not at all love" I answered
"Great babe" he smiled at me "C'mon." He finished.

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