One Love: So close but yet far away

Kassie is a regular girl who's going through problems and She runs into 1/5 of One Direction, it changes everything. She develops new feelings,meets an old enemy and runs into touble, her life started to go great but after 3 words everything goes down hill.


11. I'm afraid of losing him.(WARNING- dirty part -)

Kassies POV:___. I run down stairs where Harry waits. The scent of him fills the air and gives me pleasure. I missed him so much. I feel stupid for leaving him for a whole month. I knew I lived him more than the guy I found, George. Harry was too special to me, he made me feel good about myself, he cared, he understands and he listens to me. George does to but it's not the same. I'll never tell Harry how I feel, it's my little secret.

I walk over to him and lay my forehead on his chest, I pushed out his arms so that I could wrap around him. I loosen my grip on him a bit and entwined my fingures behind his back. I moved my hands around his neck. He gripped my shirt from the side and pushed me closer to him. Our bodies touched slitly. He rubbed my back with force, it felt good. He stopped and let go of my shirt. His cheek on mine, I could feel his breath on my neck and his chest vibrate of his low chuckle. I was covered by goosebumps. He put two of his fingures on each side of my ribs and pulled me closer. We fully touched, our legs were touching, our stomachs, my breast were pushed up on his chest. My hands were still on his neck. He put his large hand on the back of my neck and pulled my face closer to his. I put one hand if him to push him away, but seemed paralyzed, His green eyes searched mine, I couldn't help but stair. His lips brushed on my neck, it felt like my heart was beating at 1,000,000 miles per hour. He kissed me neck and he bit my skin playfully. He sucked and tugged on that one spot with his teeth till the blood rose to my skin. His curles tickled my cheek "Harry?" "Hm?" He kissed my jawline, moving away from my neck. "What are you doing?" My voice shook. He never did this to me, obviously by my reaction. He went back to my neck and licked the spot he sucked at before. He plated a kiss on my temple, he put his hand on my back. "Stop, please." I whispered. He laughed quietly. I let my arms down to my sides, his curly locks brushed on my chest. A warm sensation sparked inside me. How was this happening all of a sudden? His face was on my cleavage, his big powerful hands pressed my arms to my body. A low moan escaped his soft, pink, plush lips. I never saw him act like this toward me before. "H-Harry?" My voice shook again. He kissed my collarbone then my forehead. He looked deeply into my eyes. "Let's go. The boys are waiting." He took my hand and we headed for his car. He acted like he never did anything. I stayed quiet the whole ride, I felt uncomfortable. "What's wrong?" His eyes were fixed on the road. "Nothing." I swallowed. "Something's wrong with you Kassie, you never act like this." He mumbled under his breath. "It's nothing really Harry." He seriously didn't see what was going on?! "You're lying love." He chuckled just like before. "When I say it's nothing, it's nothing ok?" I sounded a bit annoyed. "Unless it's a lie." I looked at him, his smirk was plastered one is face. "I'm not." "Is it anything I did?" He asked. "No." I lied. "Is it about that guy you're dating?" He laughed. "No, he's perfectly fine. And me and him aren't dating." I turned my attention away from him and looked out the window.
"Have you two kissed yet?" He was serious now. "Yes plenty of times." It was true. "Really?" He asked a bit surprised. "Yeah" I smiled. "Is he any good?" He whispered, as if George was here with us. "Very." I giggled and covered my mouth. "Have you guys had 'it' yet?" He burst out laughing. I blushed a little. "Almost..... Not really. Charlie kinda interrupted and ruined the moment." I laughed. "Are you thinking of going further with him? Like dating, marriage then kids?" He became serious, his jaw tensed. He gripped the steering wheel tighter. "Why?" He didn't have to know. "Nope" I popped the sound if the 'p'.. "Sorry for earlier." He still looked tensed up like something was bothering him. "Are you ok Harry?" I asked a bit concerned. I stared at his exquisite features, waiting for him to answer me. A few moments past and I felt like he wasn't going to answer so I looked back out the window until his flat came to my view. I could see the four other tall figures standing on the steps of Harry's home. I smiled widly at them, I just wanted to get to see them again, for things to be just like before. Harry came around the back of the car to my door. He held out his hand for me but I didn't take it. I still felt uncomfortable touching him. I swiftly got up to my feet and smirked at Louis as he ran to me. He snaked his arms around my thighs, pushing me up to his pelvis, I put my arms around his neck so I wouldn't fall backwards. His touch was warm and friendly, he spinner me around as I laughed like a little kid. "I'm so happy you're here!" He put me down and gave me a tight hug that gave me butterflies. Niall, Liam and Zayn came running too. We all formed a group hug but Harry didn't join. I felt suffocated by the four teenage boys surrounding my small body. "Guys.. I'm s-s- squished.." It was getting hard to breath. "Sorry sorry!" Zayn spoke. He came closer to me and brushed my hair away from my cheek, he cupped my face making the sides of my lips push together. I tried to laugh but an odd notice came out of my mouth making me wanna laugh even more. His lips pressed on my nose, "Muah! Love you beautiful." He laughed and let go of my face. Niall stood behide Zayn with Liam next to him while Louis was having a chat with Harry. "I missed you! So so so so muuuuuuch!" He wrapped his arms around my waist and pulled me closer to him. "God I missed you Niall" whispered in his ear smiling. He dug his face into neck. It tickled when his hair brushed against my soft skin. "Woah! Who gave you that?!" He let go of me and pulled away my hair from my neck and flicked my hair to my back. He poked it hard. "Ow" I whimpered. "Sorry Kassie... This looks new." He chuckled loudly. Liam just looked shocked. He leaned over Niall. "Wow" Liam laughed. "Who did this?" He asked. "Niall!Liam! What are you two doing?!" Harry yelled. "We're just talking Haz!" Liam yelled.

Harry's fist clenched, I could see he was taking deep breaths by the movement of his perfect chest. Why is he so angry? He speed walked over to us. His forehead was creased and paist increased. He stood too close to me, his tall figure towered over me. His hands came up and grabbed both of my wrist, squeezing them hardly. He brought his lips to my ear, "Dont. Tell" he warned. "Why?" "I have my reasons." "What are they?" "You'll find out later today." I swallowed. He rubbed my shoulder blades. "Don't tell ok." He released my wrist let my arms fall down to my sides. "I'm gonna tell." I smirked. "No you're not." He smirked as well "What If I do?" I asked innocently. "Punishment." He laughed deeply. I could feel my cheeks burn as I blushed. "How bad is the punishment?" I asked. "We'll I don't even know what the punishment is yet" he admitted. He bowed his as his curls hang off his forehead. "So I will tell." I smiled up at him. Niall and Liam stood just a few feet behind Harry and I. "Can I see it?" He flashed his eyes at me abs smirked. I didn't know what to say.. I haven't seen it properly. His hand pushed back my hair. A dark smugly was spreeded across his face. "It's getting purple." He chuckled "What?!" What if my mom saw?! "Maybe I could give you another as punishment. You seem not to like it." He brushed his nose to my cheek. "N-no." Was all I could say. His touch left me breathless, but sadly he backed away from me. "Let's go inside." He whispered then smiled, reveling his dimples. I only nodded. He turned to Liam and Niall, "Can you four open the door?" He laughed. "Um yeah." Niall ran up to the door. We all walked behind him. "We have a surprise for you Kassie." Zayn said. The door opened and the boys ran in without me, "Stay here and don't move!" Louis shouted. "O-okay" I said a tad confused. I could hear some rummaging in the kitchen when Louis flashed back to my sights. "Ok come in." He smiled and gestured me into the dining room. ___ The oval dark oak table was set with white glass plates, cups, ect. The silver forks,knifes and spoons looked clean. There was a variety if food on the table, and it all sat on thin white lace thar covered the table. It looked so classy. "Wow." Harry mumbled. "Took the words right out if my mouth" I stared in awe. "Sit, sit." Liam rushed."The seats are named!" Harry yelled. I laughed, he was so happy about it haha. "You're next to me." Niall chimed. I sat with Niall on my right, Liam and Louis were on each end of the table, while Zayn and Harry were across from Niall and I. "Do you like it?" Niall asked "Of course I do, I would be stupid if I didn't. Man I love you guys." I grinned. The room filled with 'aw's and 'I love you too'. Niall wrapped his arm my neck and pulled me too him. His hand slipped to my tummy and tickled me. I was dying of laughter, it hurt my stomach. "Niall! Stop, stop stop! I can't!" Every one was laughing at me. "Niall I can't breath!" I tried to push his hands away but he was to strong. I couldn't stop my laughter. He finally stopped moments after. I sat up and brushed my fingures through my dark hair. "We can eat now. Right?" I whispered. "Yep!" Liam dug into his food and so did Niall. The rest of ate like normal people.... Sorta. Half way between the meal Harry decided to break the silence. "Can I tell everyone something?" He asked "What's up?" Louis questioned. "About a month ago something happened.... And now I'm going on a ten month trip." It was dead silent. He was leaving? But I just got to see him again... and now I won't see him for a mother ten months... "I'm leaving this weekend.." He whispered. "Why?!" Zayn screamed. "Well a month ago I found this girl...." My heart sank. It hurt too much. "And now she's my girlfriend and we're going on that trip together." He smiled. And now I have died. He just met her, and now he's leaving?! Smart move Harry, very smart. Ugh. "What the actuall fuck" pairs of eyes watched me in shock. "W-what's wrong?" He asked. "Nothing but don't you think its a little to soon?" I asked. "I don't know. But I really wanna be on this trip with her. I'm bringing her here tomorrow , she's amazing you're gonna love her. She's beautiful." He blushed. Niall squeezed my hand and looked at me reassuringly. "Can we talk?" He whispered. I stood as he did. "Where ard you two going?" Liam asked. "Me and Kassie are... Going to her flat for some fun!" He awkwardly laughed. "Ooooo what type of 'fun'" Louis winked. "Exactly what your mind is thinking of" Niall winked back. We walked out of the house and into his car that was parked with Harry's.He opened the door for me and I hopped in. He sat in the drivers seat motionless. "You ok?" His voice calm. "No." His gave me a bear hug. "Jump to the back." He commanded. "S-Sure." I sat behind the passenger seat, he came back with me. His figure leaning towards me. "It's gonna be ok." His thumb rubbed my cheek "Niall, what if they're together for a long time? What if they get married? O-or even have kids together?! What if he forgets about me?! Did you see him smile?!? OH SHE'S AMAZING YOU'LL LOOOOVE HER! SHE'S SO BEAUTIFUL!!! Arge!!!" I yelled. "It's fine! Don't worry!" He yelled "I bet I won't like her but oh well we have to deal with him! Things change!" He continued "Well I'm scared of this change Niall!" My voice was filled with anger. "Sorry..." He whispered. "It's ok..." "God they're watching us. All four" he laughed. "Lets make Harry jealous." He laughed again. His hand to my shirt "Stop it!" I hissed. I leaned in grabbing his collar pulled him into a kissed right were they could all see. His tongue slipped into my mouth. His withdrew and looked at me. "Imma take it further" he pulled off his shirt. "Imma take yours off, but don't stop me" he unbuttoned my my shirt and slipped it off. He licked his lips as he stared at my breast "Nice bra." He smirked. Our lips smashed together, I rubbed on his abs, releasing a loud moan. He unclasped my bra but it hug on my shoulders. "Let's take this off." He flung my bra to the front seats. I laid my back to the seat so the guys wouldn't see my cleavage. It's was dark out now so it was ok to do this... I think.. His belt was thrown to the front as well. Then my pant and his pants hung on the head of the seat. All we were in were our underwear. His fingures trailed on the edge of my undies. He quickly pulled them to my ankles, then completely off. "Take mine off." He ordered. I swiftly slid them down till they were off, I clutched it in my fist then threw it to the front with the rest of our clothing. I bit my lip, oh my god he had a boner. "It's um..." I pointed at his erection and giggled. "Damn Niall." I smirked. He held my lace underwear in his hands and put his fist up to the window, still clutching that piece of clothing to make to boys know we were unclothed. His head lay on my forehead. "I'm not gonna actually fuck you yet but just help me sway the car." He seemed very serious. He pretended to thrust me with all his might. I was wet. This was so embarrassing. "Yell and moan." He laughed. "C'mon yell out my name." I yelled as if it was true. "I think you can do better." He laughed. He sat up and licked his fingers "Niall! No no no!" He slowly pumped into me then went faster, leaving me gasping for air. A wave of pleasure washed over my body. "Niall." I moaned his name. I yelled it a couple times too. He took his fingers out and sucked on them. He dipped his head between my legs, his hair tickled my thighs as he sucked up my juices. He swiped the back of his hand on his mouth. He dove back in ,his tongue moved quickly leaving me moaning. "Let me stop." He said. I thought he was done. He entered my entrance, not letting me adjust to his size. He moved at a fast paste, it hurt but I started getting used to it. Our hips grinned together. "N-Niall" I moaned. He was hitting my G-spot everytime. I arched my back "Niall! I'm gonna cum!" I yelled loudly. He didn't answer. He came out of me before I did. Breathless, we laid there. The sweat on his forehead dripped to my cheek. I tried to catch my breath and so did he "Get dressed." He slipped on his boxers and collected my clothing. I put everything on and watched as he cleaned the car a little bit. "They're still watching.." He whispered. "I know." "Are toy gonna just sit back there girly? Or are your legs a bit weak?" He smiled "My legs" I blushed. "Ok." He laughed. He pulled me by my legs. He kissed my stomach. "Let's just take you home Kassie."
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