One Love: So close but yet far away

Kassie is a regular girl who's going through problems and She runs into 1/5 of One Direction, it changes everything. She develops new feelings,meets an old enemy and runs into touble, her life started to go great but after 3 words everything goes down hill.


10. Half year

6 months later ~~~~

Harry became closer with Kassie and Niall did too. She met the rest of the boys 3 weeks after meeting Hazza and Nialler.
So six months past now and things changed during that time, like Kassie's feelings changed for Niall, she started to like him more. But after thinking Niall or Harry would ever like her she found a new friend named George and he was precious to her. He had grey eyes, fantastic eye lashes, he was kind to her and funny and his hair was just perfect. But what she didn't realize was that she was more time with him than Harry,Niall,Zayn,Liam and Louis. And Harry didn't like it, he became jealous and upset. The rest of the guys didn't mind cause a girl needs her time.

Kassie became close with Louis too. He would support her and she would support him. They were great friends and if she was feeling low, Loyis would be the one who would make her happy again.
Then she and Zayn became friends as well but Liam was a bit hard to talk to but they still hit along just fine.

~~~~ Curent time ~~~~

Kassie's POV~~~~

I gott out of bed, took a shower, brushed my teeth and ran down stairs. It was the day that I started baby sitting my neighbors kids. I sat on the sofa waiting to hear the door bell or a knock on the door. I really really really wanted to get today over with so I could go over to Harry's home.
Gosh I haven't seen or called him for a whole month, I miss him and the boys.

'DING DING DING DING DING' the door bell rang and startled me. I got up and ran to the door and opened it softly and calmly. "Hi Kassie! So I'll be back in an hour to pick them up." The women said. I looked down at the kids. The oldest was the boy, his name was Carlos and he was fourteen .The girl was Ana and she was twelve,she was the middle child. The youngest was Evelan, she was 10 and secretly my favorite. "Hi guys." I smiled.
"Hi Kassie!" Evelan said. She hugged my waist and smiled up at me. I used to babysit Evelan but not Carlos or Ana.

"You can come in." I laughed. They walked I'm to the house and sat in the living room. "Nice house." Carlos said. "Thanks." I answered "Kassie can we make brownies?" Evelan asked. "Ooo! Can we?!" Ana asked. "Yeah sure" I laughed. They both pushed me to the kitchen. "The stuff to make them are in the cabinet. Lemme just give your brother something to do." I ran out of the kitchen and in to the living room. "Carlos? You wanna watch tv?" I asked he looked at me. "You have video games?" He asked. "Uh yeah." I walked over to the tv stand and looked at all the games. "What would you like to play?" I asked him. "I don't know." I grabbed all the games pnf threw then in the couch next to him. "You chose." I walked out of the living room and into the kitchen. The girls had already had the ingredients out and ready. I heard Carlos start to play a game on the living room.

~~~~ Harry's POV ~~~~

"Ugh Looooouiiissss" I groaned. "What Harry?"
"I haven't seen her in a month and she hasn't called." I pouted. "She needs her space Harry." Louis answered. "But she calls you and Zayn! Why not me!?" I ran up to my room and just on my bed and just stared at the ceiling. Louis stood by the door frame. "Go see her." He whispered. "I'll text her." Louis sighed. I pulled out my phone and texted her ....


'Harry I'm busy'

'Can I come over?'


'Why? What's wrong?'

'Nothing I'm busy right now.'

'Doing what Kassie?'

'Baby sitting. Quit texting me please. I'm baking brownies.'

'Sounds good. Since when did you start baby sitting?'

'Since this morning lol'

'Are u lying to me?'

'No of course not Harry. I wouldn't do that.'

'Prove it.'

'Fine come over Haz. But you have to play video games with Carlos.'


'Ok bye Harry <3 :)'

I got dressed and drove off to her house. When I got there, there was a lot if noise. Well, a lot of laughing and yelling. I rang the door bell once and the door flung open. "Hi!" The little girl yelled. "Can I come in?" I asked and added a smile. "Yeah c'mon!" She yelled again. I walked in and everything was silent. It felt reaaaall awkward. "Hello." I whispered. I looked at Kassie. She had batter on her arm and chocolate frosting on her cheek. "Go play games." She laughed. God I missed her. I wanted to hug her but I did what she said. "Ok." I walked over to the boy. Oh lord. The boy started speaking Spanish to me, I only knew a few words. "Kassie!" I yelled, " What?" She walked in. "I don't understand him" I whispered. "Haha!" He laughed "He speaks English." She laughed. I looked at him. "I do." He said and laughed to. "What did you say?" She asked him. He whispered into her ear, I bet I looked real stupid compared to the both of them. They're Puertorican. "He said 'Dont touch me you curly bitch." She laughed. "Don't worry it was just a joke." He laughed. Well ok...
~~~~*After the kids left*~~~~

"Ok Harry. Ummm" she said "I missed you!" I ran to her and gave her a big hug, we almost fell. "I'm sorry!" I stuck out my hand and push off the counter so she wouldn't fall on it. "It's fine." She giggled. "Ugh!!!!" I groaned. "What?" She laughed "I don't know!" I laughed. I was just so happy right now. I picked her up bridal style and threw her on the sofa. I squezzed her tightly in my harms. "H-Har- Harry. I. C-Cant breath." She said. "I'm sorry.... Again" I laughed. "I missed you." She smiled "Can I go over to your house Harry?" She asked. "Yeah."
She ran up stairs and came back down looking real pretty.
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