One Love: So close but yet far away

Kassie is a regular girl who's going through problems and She runs into 1/5 of One Direction, it changes everything. She develops new feelings,meets an old enemy and runs into touble, her life started to go great but after 3 words everything goes down hill.


9. As time passes

Harry's POV ~~~

"Uh... Um you Harry, " Niall started, "You Harry Styles are going to pay for my food!" He yelled "That's what you needed to tell me?" I asked "Yeah." He laughed. "Ya sure? You looked a bit nervous there Niall" I said "Why would I be nervous about buying some food?" He asked "I don't know? Nandos right?" I got out my phone. "Of course Nandos." He chuckled.

After I ordered and payed for Nialls food, went in the living room and sat back on the couch to think. "Ugh!" I groaned. Niall walked in and just stared at me. "What Niall ??" I asked "Why the hell are you on the floor?" He laughed loudly. "I wanna see her!" I yelled and folded my arms over my chest. "That doesn't mean you have to be on the floor Harry." He laughed again. "Go to her house!" He yelled at me. "I just brought her home !" I yelled. I started laughing too. "Yeah a few hours ago! Ask if she wants to stay over!" Niall yelled. "Why are we yelling?!" I said "I don't know!"
"Ok I'll go as a surprise.. Wait no. Niall you go pick her up and come back. How bout that. I sat up. "Yeah?" I asked. "Ok, sure" he said "Yay thanks Niall." I gave him a huge smile. "Be right back lad" he walked out the door.

~~~~~ several minutes later :D ~~~~~

"Harry!" Niall called out. "I'm in the kitchen!" I yelled back at him. "She's here!" He yelled. I walked out of the kitchen. "Hey love" I said softly. "Hi Harry." She smiled and put her bag down. I walked to her and gave her a big bear hug and she did the same in return. "I missed you!" I squeezed her tight. "It's only been four hours." She giggled "Uh yeah um...." I let her go. "Love it's ok" she answered. "So how long are you staying?" I asked. "I don't know you tell me?" She laughed. "Erm.... What about a week?" Wow.. I can't believe I said a week. "Sure. They gave us a two weeks off of school this month so it's fine." She answered "Cool. Follow me. " I sounded so lame. I walked her up the stairs to the second floor. I took a right and opened the door to one of the guests rooms. "You will be staying in this room ok?" I asked

Kassies POV~~~

The room was quite big. I looked around. Nice silky red certains with a big white bed. Had a dark wood dresser and side table next to the bed with a trunck at the end of the bed too and the room had a soft black carpet. "I like this." I smirked. "You can unpack now and meet us down stairs if you want?" Niall said. "Um sure" smiled. Niall walked down the steps but Harry just stayed there and leaned on the door frame. "Can I help?" He asked. "Yeah" I chuckled lightly. I unzipped the duffel bag. He grabbed all my shirts first and hung them on the wood hangers. Then took my pants and folded them putting them in the dresser. "You're gonna do all of it for me?" I asked "Yeah." He smirked making his dimples show. "Aw" I giggled "What?" He laughed "Nothing, nothing." I smirked then bit my lip. I turned around and looked through the dresser cuz I got bored. "Uh huh." He laughed. "What?" I still wasn't looking at him. "This is very pretty. Do all your bras and panties have to match?" He chuckled. "Harry!" I turned around. He held up my things. "These are nice." He laughed "Shut up!" I laughed with him. I walked over and stood there and looked up at him. "What?" He asked "You gonna do those to?" I asked "Of course I am" he got closer. "I'm going down stairs with Niall. I bet he's lonely." I walked down the stairs and into the living room where Niall was. I sat beside him. I gotta admit Niall was pretty adorable, I wanted to hug him and snuggle up with him, but I bet he would think I'm strange. "Hi." I smiled at him. "Hi." He said in return. My phone suddenly vibrated in my pocket. I unlocked it and looked at the text. "Who is it?" Niall asked. "My boyfriend." I lied. He was my ex but the word 'boyfriend' just slipped out. "Whats his name?" He asked "Zachary" I put my phone down next to me. "What did he say?" Niall asked. "Why are you asking me all these questions?" I raised one of my eyebrows. "Just curious" he answered. "Here." I unlocked my phone again and showed him the text. "He say he's sorry for last time and he'll change. And that he misses you" Niall told me. "Yeah I know." I laughed a little. "So what happened?" He asked and brought his attention to me. "I'll tell you when Harry comes down. He asked me earlier too." I said "Ok. Thank you. But tell me please!" He begged. "I tried to breakup with him so he started abusing me." I whispered "What a jackass." I chuckled. "Yeah I know." I looked at him. "You're nice Niall." I smiled "You are too"

"I'll be back Niall, imma check on Haz." I got up and walked out of the living room. I was half way up the stairs,when I felt Niall grab my hand and ask, "Can I come with you?". "Who said you couldn't." We walked the rest of the way to the guest room. "Harry!" I yelled. He put my panties on his head and my bra on him. "What are you doing?!" I laughed loudly. "I was just having fun!" He yelled. "Oh my lord..." I slapped my hand to my forehead. "Your undies smell like flowers love." I laughed again and so did Niall. "Harry what the hell!" Niall screamed, Harry grabbed both of my hands on twirled me around. "Oh my god!" I laughed. He let go of me and took off my underwear from his head and sniffed it. "You're kidding right?" I snatched it away from him and looked at him. I sniffed it myself. "It does smell like flowers, my gosh!" We all laughed. "Ok let's go down stairs. Imma order some tacos." Harry took off my bra and threw it on the bed. (That sounded a bit weird haha) we walked down stairs and enjoyed the rest of the day together, but I fit got to tell Harry about Zachary, but whatever. I wanted to enjoy my time with the boys.
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