One Love: So close but yet far away

Kassie is a regular girl who's going through problems and She runs into 1/5 of One Direction, it changes everything. She develops new feelings,meets an old enemy and runs into touble, her life started to go great but after 3 words everything goes down hill.


1. The mall

Kassies POV

"Hey Charlie." I said "What?" "Can you hold this bag?" I asked. "Sure." I was at the mall with my two bestfriends Charlie and Aligia. We were buying supplies for our school project. "Oh my god!! You see that!?!?" Aligia yelled at me. "What?!" She gripped my arm and started jumping up and down. "That guy over there! His name is Jaden, I find him sexy!" "He's not sexy Aligia. Ew." Charlie stated. "I agree, his nose is weird" I chuckled. "Nuh uh guys!" She yelled. She always so girly at times,I was a flirt and Charlie was the most awkward out of us three. "What would you know Charlie! You're a guy..." She yelled. "Guys I'm hungry. Can we go to the food court?" I asked. "Yeah. I'm hungry too" Charlie said.
We arrived at the food court and I decided to get Subway. "Aye imma pay ok? Do you guys want anything?" "Yeah but I wanna pay.." Aligia told me. "Charlie?" I raised my eyebrow at him. "I'm not hungry Cupcake." He's been calling me that since the 6th grade. "Ok I'll have the usual." I said "Ok I'll be right back." Aligia said then got in line to order the sandwiches. I just watched. Then someone cought my eye. "Wait...." I squinted a little. Charlie noticed and looked where my eyes were set. "Isn't that guy from 1D?!" He yelled. Aligia heard from over there. She got out of line and started to look and she found him quickly. I just sat there speechless. I was swooned buy his brown curly locks and his beautiful,fascinating green eyes. I can't believe she was talking to him. That easily. She pointed at me, I froze. I couldn't read the words she was saying so I just sat there.
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