You're My Princess (completed)

All Bethany wanted was to find love again but ever since she was bullied all through out high school no guy ever wanted to come near her. When she would go home her dad would just yell at her for anything he could find. Since her mom left them Bethany and her brother have been surviving on their own basically. She goes to school everyday to get away from her dad and then comes home to get away from school. All Bethany wants is someone. Will she find that someone?


2. You'll see

My dad came out of the door in a rage and I stood at the door to Harry's car waiting to see what he was going to do. "Who is this prick?" he asked me walking to me and Harry, I looked at Harry and frowned "He is a friend Dad" I told him, he came and grabbed me by my jacket and then pulled me close to his face "Where do you think you're going?" he asked me his breath reeked of beer and vodka. "With Harry...I'll be back later to make you dinner." I said trying to reason with him "Fine but if you aren't back to make me food then you'll get it tonight...and in front of your brother this time." he said and then let go of me and stumbled inside. I wiped the tear from my eye and then turned to get into Harry's car, "Sorry you had to see that" I apologized and then shut the door and buckled up, "Is that normal?" he asked me. I nodded and then looked out the window and he started driving.

When we got to a building he came and opened my door for me and put his arm out like a prince would to his princess. He escorted me up to his flat and then when I walked in my jaw dropped, "WOW" I said "It's not that big" he said and then went into the kitchen "Not that big?" I said sarcastically he laughed and then waved for me to come into the kitchen. "Haz" I heard someone call "Who's that?" I asked him he smiled and then winked "You're in for some fun" is all he said


Niall's P.O.V

I heard the door open and close and then some talking. I looked at Liam and Zayn who were watching t.v, they shrugged and then turned the t.v off. "Haz" I called but no answer so I got up and walked out of his room. I saw Harry in the kitchen making something and then I saw a girl sitting on the counter top next to him. I walked into the kitchen and saw a stunning girl sitting next to Harry. She had long brown hair that was in curled and then her cute nose that was small and round, and my eyes stopped at her lips, they were so pink and plump and soft looking. "Niall" Harry said looking at me causing the beautiful girl to blush and then stare at me. "Sorry, What are you making?" I asked walking closer to Harry "WHO IS THIS BEAUTY?" Zayn yelled walking into the kitchen with Liam. I looked at the girl on the counter and she was glaring at all of us but had a hand on Harry. Harry turned at shot Zayn a sharp look "This is Bethany" Harry said and Bethany waved and smiled to us. She was really pretty and I hope I would get to see her more. I hopped up on the counter across from her and then looked at her "What?" she asked and looked at me "Nothing, How do you know Harry?" I asked  "I just met him actually" Bethany said looking at Harry. I sighed and realized I didn't have a chance with her, Harry already had her wrapped around his finger like any of the other girls he met.


Bethany's P.O.V

This Niall boy was super cute and his thick Irish accent made him that much more attractive. I looked at Harry who was making some food and then looked at Niall who was still staring at me, god I fricking hate when people stare I know that I'm ugly, I get told that everyday "Could you stop I know I'm ugly." I said and then they all stopped what they were doing and looked at me in shock. I groaned and got off the counter and walked towards the door, "I'm just going to take a bus home" I said and opened the door and then closed it. I was walking down the stairs when someone pulled me into a tight hug. "Shit" I said and then I noticed It was Harry, He pushed me away and held me by the shoulders "Bethany why would you think you were ugly?" he asked me and tilted his head. "Come to school with me and you'll see why." I told him. "Okay lets go I'll go tell the boys." he said and pulled me back to his flat, I was kidding he didn't have to come with me.  "Boys we are going to Bethany's school get in the car." they all nodded and Niall grabbed the grilled cheese off of the stove and then turned it off and ran out of the door.

We got to my high school and I took a deep breath preparing myself for the bullying to begin. "You guys should wait in here" Harry said looking to the other boys "Wait first who are you two?" I said and turned to look at the two boys "Zayn" one said that had black hair that was all quiffed up "Liam" the other said smiling at me and then Harry pulled me out of the car. I waved bye to the boys and then we hit the doors of my high school. "Great Lunch" I mumbled and then we walked into the lunch room, I pulled Harry over to the corner where I usually sit hidden from everyone. "Why do you sit back here?" Harry asked "You'll see" I responded and watched Ashley and Cassie look at me and then get up from their lunch table and stride their way to my corner. "Hey fugly what are you doing with this hottie?" Ashley said and looked at Harry in awe "Just leave" I said "Nope not unless he comes with." Cassie said pointing at Harry, I looked at Harry who was in pure shock at how these girls treated me. I sighed and let go of Harry but he grabbed my hand and intertwined my fingers. Ashley got mad and grabbed my arm and pulled me up "You don't deserve him" Cassie said "Hey" Harry yelled and then the whole lunchroom was staring at us. "Harry stop" I whimpered. Ashley threw me to the ground and then Cassie kicked me and they walked away. The lunchroom burst out laughing and then it erupted with insults "Slut!" one girl yelled I just laid there and grabbed at my stomach and cried. James came running to me but Harry wouldn't let him to me, "That's my sister!" James yelled and then Harry looked at me crying and I let out a small whimper. James knelt by my side and then pushed my hair out of my face "I would've came sooner but I didn't know it was you, I'm sorry" James said and then looked at me with sorrow. "I'll get a teacher" Harry said "No they don't care here" James said "Just help me take her to her car" James continued and then Harry came and picked me up and started carrying me through the lunchroom. "Bitch you should have just killed yourself when you had a chance." some girl said but Harry just kept walking. Then Quinn came up and stopped Harry "Dude leave" James said but Quinn stood there "Let me have her" Quinn said reaching at me but James punched him, then next thing I knew I was on the floor watching Harry and James beat Quinn up. "Stop" I managed to say and then Harry came and picked me up again and laughed at Quinn then took me to the car. 

"What happened?" Niall asked and then I was set in his lap. I whimpered in pain, Niall wrapped me up in his arms and then softly ran his fingers through my hair. I looked at Niall's ocean blue eyes and then closed mine I wanted so badly to be dead, I didn't matter to anyone only James. I felt a hot tear on my cheek and then Niall wiped it away, he was so you barley knew these boys they probably thought you were a hassle just like any other person thought. "You can drop us off at our house" James said "I'm fine really" I said and then James looked at me concerned. "You guys can come to my flat" Harry said James looked at me like who the heck is this guy but I smiled and nodded so James shrugged "I got nothing better to do." James said and then laughed. MY stomach really hurt but I ignored it so I would stop getting sympathy from everyone. 

We got into Harry's flat and James had the same reaction I did but he ran tot the t.v. "You got games?" James asked and sat on the couch "Hell yea" Zayn said and ran and grabbed a controller and then they started playing games. Niall had his arm around me but then all of the sudden pulled it away and glumly walked towards the couch and Liam followed him. "Come with me" Harry said and then took me into a bedroom. I sat on the bed and then whimpered again "Here" he said and handed me a warm damp towel "Lay down" he said and I laid on his bed and he slowly and carefully lifted my shirt off of my stomach which revealed a bruise already forming. "Aw love" he said with a sigh and then gently placed the towel on my stomach. I was hesitant to let him see my stomach because I was fat, or at least that's what everyone had been telling me for the past 6 years of my life. Harry laid his head on the pillow next to me so that I could see him and then he looked at me his emerald eyes staring into mine. "I didn't know it was that bad" he said "Yea" is all I said "Really you are quite beautiful and don't deserve to be treated like that." he said, what? What did he just say? This is all I've wanted someone to care about me someone to love me, could Harry be this one? "You really think that?" I asked him he nodded and smiled. and then laid his head on the pillow "Get some rest" he said and then kissed my forehead and got up and left the room. I closed my eyes and the pain faded away and I felt warm and happy.

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