You're My Princess (completed)

All Bethany wanted was to find love again but ever since she was bullied all through out high school no guy ever wanted to come near her. When she would go home her dad would just yell at her for anything he could find. Since her mom left them Bethany and her brother have been surviving on their own basically. She goes to school everyday to get away from her dad and then comes home to get away from school. All Bethany wants is someone. Will she find that someone?


29. Well this could be bad

"Harry I swear if" Louis started to say but Harry just walked over to me and sat in between me and Louis. He touched my stomach and then looked at me, he examined my face and watched every tear that fell hit my legs and when one hit his hand he hugged me. "Bethany I made a promise to you 5 months ago, and when I told you I love you no matter what I wasn't kidding." Harry said into my hair. Harry pulled away and wrapped his hands around mine "I'm sure that neither of us meant for this to happen but it did... and now we have to live through it. But I know that if I have you I can get through anything." He said and then leaned in to kiss me but I stopped him "Harry, I love you so much" I said as I looked at his emerald eyes which were watery too. Harry smiled and then I did too and we kissed. When we both pulled away I looked at El who was teary too and then Lou had the stupidest smile ever on his face. Louis put his hands on Harry's shoulders like a dad and patted them "I'm proud of you" he said. I smiled and Harry wiped my tears, "We should go to the doctor first though" I said and everyone nodded, "Can I be the auntie!!!" Eleanor yelled and then ran and sat behind Lou wrapping herself around him. I looked at Harry who had a smiled but I could tell he was as nervous about this as I was. "Of course El!" I said "I'm going to make an appointment for tomorrow" El said and jumped up to grab her phone.

"We should get going" Harry said and pulled me up being extra careful and delicate. I giggled a little bit and then we waved bye to Louis and Eleanor and left. "How did you get here Harry?" I asked "Liam dropped me off" Harry said and put his hand out for the my keys, I placed them in his hand and he helped me into the car, I don't think he realized that I was still mobile like nothing really changed...I was just growing a human. I laughed and Harry started the car, the car ride home was silent but that was mostly because I was super tired and Harry saw that. Harry carried me up to the flat and sat with me on the couch. "So umm....Are you ready to be a dad Harry?" I asked and put my arm around him "I don't think I will be until I see the kid." Harry said and took my hand and played with the ring. "What are the fans going to think? What are they going to say?" I asked while watching Harry play with my hand "They will have to deal with it." Harry said and smiled and then kissed me softly "because I love you and I'm not leaving you" he said on my lips. Even if Harry ever did leave we would still have this couldn't just disappear. 

***1 and a half month later***

My belly was starting to show and this made Harry and I a lot more nervous. Even more so that they've had this interview today that was planned like 2 months ago and I was supposed to go along with El so I wouldn't be alone. We were all in the van and everyone wanted to feel my belly. But today the baby just wasn't kicking or being very active. "So after the interview I'm taking you to the doctor for your check up okay?" El said "Harry's coming right?" I said and looked at Harry, he smiled and then nodded "Of course I am sweetheart." he said and then held my hand. I wore a dark blue flowy top so that my belly wasn't noticeable and just black yoga pants. Harry and I were always second to last to come out of the van, Harry helped me out and then held my hand tight he signed somethings and still took pictures but Paul ushered us along. We got inside and then El and I followed the boys in El taking Harry's place at my side. I was sat on the couch with El she held my hand the whole time. They asked the normal questions who's single, how's break, all that stuff. But then they went to fan questions and I gripped El's hand tighter. "It will be fine." El said and smiled her comforting smile, "One of your fans want to know, Harry your girlfriend Bethany hasn't been making very many public appearances why not?" I looked at El who was looking at Louis who shrugged and looked at a very nervous Harry. "Well she has been sick lately" Harry said and all the boys made their disappointed faces. I laughed and then the boys looked at me, "Sorry" I said "For over a month she has been sick?" the interviewer asked "No she has been having problems with her family and..." Harry said "I'm just not feeling up to going out and getting all the hate" I chimed in to save his ass.

"I can understand that, I wouldn't want to be scared to go outside...Are you a little scared?"  the interviewer asked did this get directed to me? "Uhh yea a little I mean death threats are scary and I know that the body guards will do everything they can but there is still that possibility" I answered "Yea I feel the same way we get constant hate and sometimes it gets to us too." El said and smiled at me. The interviewer smiled at us and then continued with the boys. "We are going to be late." Eleanor whispered to me I nodded at her and then we got up. We waved to the boys and when I waved to Harry he looked upset and scared and hurt. I blew him a kiss and heard the interviewer say something about our relationship. El and I walked out saying bye to everyone and then went into the car. Eleanor told him where to go and he nicely drove us with out asking questions. I got out and El followed. "Hi we have an appointment for Grey at 2." I said to the receptionist. "Oh yes right this way" she said and then led us into a room. "the doctor will be right here in a second." she said and then left us, I looked at El "The baby hasn't been doing anything lately El what if it's....gone" I said "No it can't be it's probably just sleeping or something" she said as she shook her head and smiled. I nodded and then the doctor walked in.

"Hi Bethany how have you been feeling?" Dr. Barton asked...(She is my normal doctor) "Fine" I said and then laid back on the bed. I looked at Eleanor who was just watching the doctor while holding my hand. "Okay remember this is going to be cold." she said and then put the gel on my stomach, it was cold. Then we looked at the screen...there was nothing..."Just give it a second" El said and smiled, I groaned and then the doctor's smile left her face. "I'll be right back." she said and then handed my a warm towel to clean off with. I cleaned off my stomach and then sat up and looked at Eleanor very worried. "Think positive maybe it's growing fast or something" El said. I nodded but all that was going through my mind were bad things.

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