You're My Princess (completed)

All Bethany wanted was to find love again but ever since she was bullied all through out high school no guy ever wanted to come near her. When she would go home her dad would just yell at her for anything he could find. Since her mom left them Bethany and her brother have been surviving on their own basically. She goes to school everyday to get away from her dad and then comes home to get away from school. All Bethany wants is someone. Will she find that someone?


28. Uh-oh

***3 months later****

Harry and I are going strong no bumps in the road we are both turned 19 last month and were nearing a milestone in our relationship...6 months. Today we were planning on going to Niall's to meet this girl he was interested in but I started feeling real sick and didn't fell up to it so I let Harry go. I called my best friend Cassie, yes the Cassie that was rude but she is real nice once she actually got to know me and I got to know her...I know everything about her and she knows pretty much everything about me. I had also started taking online classes to become a teacher. So you could say I was finally headed on the right path. 

'Cassie can you come over?' I asked when she picked up

'Yea be over in a few.' she said and hung up

I got up and put on Harry's v-neck and my sweats and then some slippers. I sighed and took some cold pills. I sat on the couch and turned on the Bachelor and curled up in a blanket. All of the sudden I felt really sad...and alone. I pulled out my phone and looked at a picture of me and Harry and smiled "I love you Haz" I said and then there was a knock coming from the door. I got up and drug myself to the door, "Hey" I said "Oh wow you don't look good." Cassie said and then walked past me into the house. "I'll fix you some tea." she continued and made herself at home. I sat at the island in the middle of the kitchen and put m head in my arms. "So what's going on?" I shrugged and then propped my head up with my hands, Cassie felt my forehead and shook her head "No fever" I don't feel fevered though I thought. "I have a stomach ache and a head ache but that's about it" I responded and rubbed my belly. "Uhh Bethany" Cassie said as she handed me the tea. "What Cas?" I asked and took a sip of the tea "When is the last time you and Harry had sex." I looked at her in complete shock...she couldn't be thinking that. "Actually about a week ago." I responded and smiled. "And how long have you felt like this?" she asked "A week or so maybe more." I responded. She pulled me to the couch and sat down and then pulled out her phone and typed somethings.

"Okay I'm going to ask you some questions! Answer honestly!" she said and smiled "Okay" I responded nervously. "Okay first, Do you ever feel really tired after coming up the stairs or walking around?" I nodded and looked at her "This one may be a bit weird but just answer..." I nodded again and smiled "Are your boobs bigger?" I looked at them and then picked them up in my hands "Dunno what do you think?" I asked "Yea they look a bit bigger." Cassie said I laughed as did she. "When you go to bed how long does it take you to pass out?" Cassie asked and looked up from her phone "Umm usually like 2 minuets recently" I said "Mmhmm And we know that you're feeling nauseated." she scrolled through her phone "Come on Cassie what is this about?" I asked and rubbed my head "And you have head aches right?" Cassie asked and I nodded "What about Back pain?" she asked "Yea a lot Harry gives me massages every once in a while." I said and now rubbed my back. Cassie laughed "Hey Bethany are you having cramps?" "Not all the time but yea...isn't that normal though" Cassie shrugged "Do you have cravings?" She asked and looked at the jellybeans on the coffee table "Yea.....Jellybeans" I said and laughed then grabbed a handful and ate them. "Are you fitting into clothes normally?" "Not really I mean sweats are all that are comfortable and baggy pants" I said and indicated to my sweats. "Have you had mood swings darling?" "Yea I had one this morning! It was crazy" Cassie sighed and scrolled more through her phone. "God do you smell that Cass?!" I said and plugged my nose "That answers my next question" she said and laughed. "Okay this is the last test...I'll be back in less that 5 minuets! Don't move" she said and ran out the door. 

What the heck? I turned and ate the Jellybeans and watched t.v and then got really mad "What the hell why isn't Harry here!" I yelled at the t.v as the bachelor kissed a girl "I want Harry" I cried into my blanket. I groaned and then put my feet up on the coffee table. "You went 2 months with out him you can go 2 hours." I said to myself then the door flung open and slammed shut. "CASS HEADACHE!" I yelled she sighed and handed me a brown paper bag. "What's this?" I asked "Just please take the tests Bethany...the questions I asked you all added up to you being pregnant." Cass said and sighed. I looked in the bag and there where three pregnancy tests. "You don't think" I said and then she shrugged "Only one way to find out" she said. I sighed and grabbed more jellybeans and made my way to the bathroom. I opened the boxes and then took the tests one by one and laid them out on the bathroom counter. I walked out and Harry was there sitting on the couch with Cassie. Cassie looked at me and gave me the look of urgency. I ran into the bathroom and locked myself in there "What do I do?" I said to myself and looked at the tests. I took the tests and put them under the sink nicely making sure not to mess them up. Then I came out and smiled at Cassie. 

"Oh Hey Bethany there you are" Cassie said and smirked "Ugh Harry you reak" I said and hugged him... "Like what?" he asked "Cheese" I said and Harry laughed "That's cause I just had Mexican here I'll go brush my teeth so I don't smell." He said and kissed my cheek. Cassie looked at me worried "OH wait Harry ummm how bout we just cuddle." I said and looked at Cassie who scooted over on the couch. I pulled Harry and sat next to him putting my feet up over his legs. After about and hour Cassie looked at me and shrugged "Uh excuse me I have to umm use the bathroom" I said and ran into the bathroom. I took out the tests from under the sink and looked at one. Negative, I let out a sigh of relief  Then I looked at the other two thinking they would be negative too. "Oh No" I said and cried "No no no" I said and shoved the tests back into the bag and put the bag in the back of the under sink compartment. I wiped my tears and walked out to the living space. Cassie took one look at me and frowned "Bethany?" she asked "Cassie It came out positive two of them." I said and wiped more tears Harry looked from me to Cassie and back to me. "What's going on guys...isn't positive good." Harry said and smiled I fell to the floor and Cassie ran to me "Where are they?" she asked "Under the sink in the back" I said softly. Cassie ran pass me and into the bathroom, Harry came and put his arms around me and pulled me into his lap. "What ever it is I'm sure you'll be fine I'll be with you through all of it" Harry said and kissed my cheek. I looked at Harry and kissed him. "Promise" I said and he nodded and kissed me.

Cassie came out holding the test and looked at me and then to Harry. "What are those?" Harry asked, I looked at Cassie and shook my head. "Their mine Bethany was helping me out with some girly stuff that you wouldn't care for." Cassie lied. Harry looked at me but I just hid my head into his chest. "I should be going" Cassie said and then kissed my head and then left. "Is Louis at his house?" I asked Harry and he nodded. "I'll be right back" I said and grabbed my bag and ran out the door. 

I got to Louis house and banged on the door. "LOUIS!" I yelled and then the door opened. I wrapped my arms around his neck. "Um Hey Bethany" Louis said "Louis I'm pregnant" I said through tears, he pried me off of him and looked at me in complete shock. "Uh-oh" I heard Eleanor say from behind him. Louis pulled me inside and then to his couch and sat me down. "How do you know?" Lou asked I searched my purse and then found the brown bag...I knew Cassie would put it in there. I showed him the two tests and his jaw dropped. "Louis that's not all Cassie and I looked at symptoms and I have mostly to all of them" I yelled. "Calm down it's going to be fine. Does Harry know?" I shook my head and Louis hugged me and rubbed my back "I'm not ready for a kid Lou" I said "I'll help take care of it" El said trying to be nice I smiled at her but that quickly faded when there was a knocking sound. I looked at Lou and he shrugged. El got up and answered the door. Louis took the tests and looked at them carefully, "They could be wrong" he said "What could be wrong" Harry said he was standing behind Louis "He was worried about you and I couldn't not let him in" El said. Harry looked at what was in Louis' hands and then his mouth dropped open. "Who's are those?" he asked and then looked at me and Lou. I looked at the floor and started to cry silently "I know you'll want to leave so just walk out now" I said and then looked at Harry. Louis glared at Harry but Harry didn't notice, his eyes were fixed on me.

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