You're My Princess (completed)

All Bethany wanted was to find love again but ever since she was bullied all through out high school no guy ever wanted to come near her. When she would go home her dad would just yell at her for anything he could find. Since her mom left them Bethany and her brother have been surviving on their own basically. She goes to school everyday to get away from her dad and then comes home to get away from school. All Bethany wants is someone. Will she find that someone?


23. Time goes by

I almost instantly got a skype call from Harry. "Hey darling" I said and smiled. Harry was wearing a headband in his hair and no shirt, "You look super adorable" I said and then brushed my hair out of my face. "Hey Bethany." Harry said and smiled "Where did you go today?" He asked looking at my boobs, I remembered that I was only wearing a sports bra and some juicy sweats. "Oh whoops" I said and got up "No no it's fine!" Harry called I grabbed a blanket and wrapped around me and then sat back in front of the computer. "Well I went to the gym to get you off my mind but it didn't work." I said and smiled "I miss you a lot Bethany, it's so hard to not have you on my mind...and we have to go rehears tomorrow." Harry said and rubbed his forehead and then re adjusted the camera. "HARRY COME HERE" Niall yelled and then Harry looked at me "I'll be right back." Harry said and then leaped off the bed. Then Lou appeared and Zayn followed behind him. "Okay Bethany here is the plan El and Dani are coming down in like 2 weeks and we got you a plane ticket to come with them. But don't tell Harry just make up an excuse" Louis said "Perrie is already in New York" Zayn added not letting his girlfriend be left out. I nodded "Sounds good...but why?" I asked "Because love, We are performing at Madison Square Garden" Zayn explained my jaw dropped "Really that's huge!" I shouted "shh" Louis said and then put his finger to his mouth. I heard a door close and then Zayn jumped off the screen. "Oh hey Harry" Louis said and smirked at me. "Can you leave me to my girlfriend?" Harry said and pushed Louis off the bed. "It's fine I get you all night" Lou said and then left. "What were you talking about?" Harry asked confused "Just what you guys will be doing for the next couple months" I said and smiled "Oh that reminds me do you want to come down all the other girls are" Harry asked "When?" I asked "December 4th but you would come earlier" Harry said. 

I looked at the floor and then at the screen Harry was super happy. "Umm....Harry....I made plans to get a...uhh well I have an interview that day." I explained. Harry's smiled faded and then he sighed "Hey look I gotta go, I have rehearsals tomorrow." Harry said "I lo-" I began to sat but Harry ended the video call. "FUCK!" I yelled and then slammed back on the couch, "Ow" I said as I rubbed my head where I hit it on the hard part of the couch. I felt kinda dizzy so I laid down and closed my eyes. 

**1 week later**

"Bethy come on get up" I felt someone shake my shoulders and opened my eyes "Holy shit" James said I sat up and rubbed my head and groaned in pain. "You're eyes are dilated" James continued "What's today?" I asked still rubbing my head "November 20th" James responded "Why?"  He continued confused "Wow I've been out" I said and laughed and sat completely up "What do you mean?" I laughed again and then stood up and almost fell so I sat back down "I hit my head and I guess I passed out for a week." I explained. James looked at me in shock. I got up and made my way to Harry's room. "Bethany be careful okay?" James yelled "I'm fine but let's not tell Harry okay?" I said "That's the whole reason I'm here Harry called me worried." "Well call him and tell him I'm fine I just had a lazy week and a non technological week." I said and laughed. "Fine!" James yelled and then I trailed my way to the shower.

I heard James in the room talking on the phone. "Yea Harry she's fine."....."No she isn't mad."......"She's in the shower I'll have her call you okay?".. "Okay bye". Then I heard a knock and I got out of the shower and put a towel around me "Yea James?" I answered "Harry want's you to call and he said he's sorry about what happened....he sounded depressed" This was going to be the hardest 2 months of my life. "Okay give me a second." I yelled and then dropped the towel, I pulled out my bra and underwear and put them on the pulled out the hair dryer. I put dried my hair and then put on my natural and normal make up. "James leave the room unless you want to see me naked" I said and heard James scurry out of the room. I opened the door and then grabbed one of Harry's green v-necks and some of my flare jeans I put the jeans on and loosely tucked  the shirt in and added a brown belt. I walked into the living room and saw James playing video games. "Toss me my phone would ya?" I said and then my phone came flying at me luckily I caught it. 103 texts from the boys mostly Harry and 34 missed calls just from I dialed Harry and then bit my lip my body filling with nerves.

'Bethany I'm sorry! I wasn't actually mad I should've said things differently! I love you!' Harry yelled into the phone 

'Harry it's fine I just had a bit of a hibernation' I said and laughed

'Good! You scared me' 

'I'm sorry babe'

'It's fine just no matter what promise me that you'll call every day at least once'

'I promise and sorry about not being able to go to your big performance, I'll come to another one it's already on my calender' I said and smiled big even though he couldn't see.

'That's fine as long as I get to see you....' his voice got much deeper and lustful along with softer 'I have your body on my mind and want more of it.'

Oh yea we had sex! I forgot kinda I mean not forgot but it was just a part of me now along with Harry. 'Well when I see you trust me you will' I said and smirked 

Harry groaned 'This is so hard!' 

'I know but on the plus side I'm awake' I said and laughed then realized what I had just said

'Awake?' Harry repeated confused

'Oh uh yea I fell asleep yesterday and didn't feel like getting up.' I lied

'Uh-huh....Well I have to go rehearsals miss you and love you' Harry said and sighed

'Love you Babe see you soon.....hopefully' I added and then hung up. "So James where are you living?" I asked "With my friend Kevin" he responded "I have to be getting back "What happened to your girl friend?" I asked "Ally?" he questioned "She is on a trip for school to Australia for 2 months well a month now she gets back 3 weeks after Harry." he said "And you don't miss her?" "I do just not as badly as you miss Harry" He responded "Correct" I said and went into the bedroom to pack. I started packing and the with in 30 minuets I was finished mostly because I shoved stuff in a bag. My phone buzzed next to me and I picked it up. From: Eleanor :) ~Hey Louis told me you're coming with us so we are having a little get together slumber party the day before so you are invited to come! To: Eleanor :) ~Sounds fun do you mind if we hang out the day before the sleep over...I'm lonely ;p From: Eleanor :) ~Sounds good I can't wait! see you in a few days. 

"Bethany I'm leaving!" James yelled and then slammed the front door. I hate being alone. I went to the fridge and decided that I was hungry. I pulled out some oj and some crackers and made my way to the couch. I went on twitter and scrolled through my feed, 'Harry found a new girl?' a tweed said. New girl I clicked on the picture and there was Harry with his arm around a girl in some kind of party scene. "Really Harry" I said. I took a picture and sent it to Harry. @Bethany_Grey: Miss my lovely Styles @Harry_Styles can't wait to chill when he gets back!

Literally seconds after my tweet Harry texted me From: Your Boyfriend<3 "Thanks Harry for changing it" I said allowed and then looked back at the phone From: Your Boyfriend<3 ~Bethany it's Zayn! Harry is recording but I wanted you to know that he didn't do anything with that girl just chatted. Oh and may I say the name he has you as is quite adorable. OH OH and he told me to tell you that he misses you like crazy! and I'm deleting these texts so he doesn't get more depressed :)     I rolled my eyes and then smiled To: Your Boyfriend<3 ~Miss him too and thanks just wanted him to explain but hearing it from you is better than enough! Oh and what's my name?!  From: Your Boyfriend<3 ~Perfect<3   Was all he sent... I smiled and then got off of my bum and dragged myself to the car. I need to do something with my life. 

Hey school! I should go there and see what they think now. I pulled up to my high school and made sure I looked good. I then grabbed my purse and strutted into the school lunch perfect. I pulled out a sack that had some snacks in it and looked for James. "BETHANY!" someone yelled and ran up to me and then more and more girls came running "Umm" Is all I could say before they started screaming "Is it true are you dating Harry Styles." one asked "Can we get pictures?!" One yelled "Yea I guess if you really want one" I responded and then everyone started swarming me and taking pictures I just kept a smile on my face. "Guys I have to find James" I said and then they all screamed and I saw him. "Bye guys!" I said and made my way to James, I sat at his table and his friends were gazing at me. "Uhh James here some food" I said and handed him the bag "Why are you here?" James asked "I got board being alone" I said and then the boys stared more intently until one said "I can keep you company" James glared at them and then looked at me "You need to go" James said and tried to push me up, "Fine" I got up and spun around "Bethany?" Ashley asked as she looked at me "Holy shit" Cassie said from behind her "Hey girls I really should be going I have to get back to pack to see Harry" I said and tried to walk away but Ashley pulled on my arm and spun me to face her. My face made contact with her hand thankfully she hit my cheek bone not my nose or eye. "OW what was that for?" I yelled "Ashley what the hell" Cassie called and came and looked at me...why was Cassie being nice? "Don't talk about my boyfriend like that" Ashley said "Your delusional!  Ash you know that!" Cassie yelled and then started pulling me out away from her. "Wait" I said and then stomped up to Ashley. "Don't talk about my-" I said and then punched her in the nose "Don't talk about my boyfriend....EVER ASHLEY!" I said and then walked away clenching my fists. 

"So why are you being nice to me?" I asked Cassie. "Because ever since you left I've felt like shit...we were so mean to you and only because Ashley told us too. You are an amazing person and it's taken me forever to see it. So I wanted to apologize" Cassie explained and then I got in my car "So your really dating Harry?" she asked I smiled and then closed my door "You'll have to see" I said and winked and then started my car. "Sorry again" Cassie said "Just stay strong" I told her and then drove away.

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