You're My Princess (completed)

All Bethany wanted was to find love again but ever since she was bullied all through out high school no guy ever wanted to come near her. When she would go home her dad would just yell at her for anything he could find. Since her mom left them Bethany and her brother have been surviving on their own basically. She goes to school everyday to get away from her dad and then comes home to get away from school. All Bethany wants is someone. Will she find that someone?


24. The time has come

***4 days later***

I nervously tapped my foot as I waited to get on the airplane. "It's fine we are all sitting together" Dani said and patted my shoulder. "Yea" I said still staring at the ground. "Now boarding for New York" I stood up and clenched my fists which were still bruised from punching Ashley. I gripped Harry's sweatshirt in my other hand and then El handed the lady our tickets and we all got on the plane. "JESUS" I said as I looked at the nice plane. I walked down the Isle and then went into our seats I sat next to the window and then Dani sat in the middle and El on the end...They had nicknamed me Beth...because I hated Bethy to they called me Beth and on occasion Bee. "It's going to be a long flight so try and close your eyes Bee okay?" El said I nodded my head and then, looked out the window and the plane started to move. El and Dani we chatting and tried to involve me but I just stared at the window. I gripped at the armrest as the plane lifted into the air. "Okay that wasn't that bad" I said and the girls laughed. "When they come around with drinks get a beer it will be your last for a while." Eleanor said I laughed and then leaned my head and closed my eyes. 

When I woke up Dani and El were drinking and there was a beer on my tray. I took it and drank it "Good morning!" Dani said "Finish it quick we are in the states now" Eleanor added I nodded and chugged the beer, it didn't do much. "Only like and hour now love!" Dani said and smiled at her phone as she looked at a picture of Liam. The air hostess came and took our bottles and then told us to put our trays up because we would be landing soon. I looked out the window and thought of how surprised Harry was going to be and how happy he would be. "Why are you smiling so big?" Dani asked and turned off her phone "Harry" I said and then smiled again. "You are too cute! I actually like you!" El said and smiled "We are now preparing for landing" the pilot said and then I looked at the girls "You'll be fine Bee just close your eyes." Dani said and smiled I closed my eyes and felt the plane descending. I groaned and gripped Harry's sweatshirt. Then I felt a bump and loud noises I opened my eyes and saw the plane going super fast and not slowing down quickly. "El" I said and nervously looked at her "Calm down!" Dani said and then the plane slowed down and stopped. "Hi we would like to be the first to welcome you to New York and welcome you home or wish you a fun trip. The current time is 11:37am and it is 56 degrees outside. Please keep your seat belts fastened until we have arrived at the gate and the pilot has turned the fasten seat belt sign off. Thank you for flying with us." I looked at El and Dani who were beaming with joy..."You guys look so stupid" I said and laughed "And you don't" Dani said and smirked and gestured to my face. "I guess I do" I said and then turned on my phone and put Harry's sweat shirt on. "Cuutteee" El said and pointed at the jacket. I smiled and then my phone buzzed From: Your Boyfriend<3 ~I'm thinking of you and miss you! Can't wait to be home in a month! I smiled and didn't bother replying because I was going to see him soon but he didn't know. 

"Okay Beth let's go" Dani said as El slid out of the seats I followed behind them and grabbed my purse. We walked off the plane and there was Liam and Louis, no Harry. I sighed and put my purse around my shoulder. Both couples hugged and kissed and I looked at my watch. "I'm going to go get the bags" I said and then I left to get the bags. I grabbed El's and Dani's but mine wasn't there yet. I groaned as I waited for my bag. Then the sparkly pink bag came around and I grabbed it as everyone else joined me. "Oh thanks Bee" Dani said and then El nodded they grabbed their bags and their boyfriend's hands and I followed behind. We had security escort us to a black van and then we jumped in. "Harry is with Niall and Zayn oh and Perrie at the studio recording we are on our way there now, so don't distract him." Louis said "How can she not distract him if she is a surprise." Eleanor argued "Good point darling, okay so you just wait outside the studio room and we will come and get you" Louis added "Great more waiting" I said and crossed my arms "Oh pouty Bethy I feel so bad" Lou said as he pouted his lip "Shut up Lou!" I said and laughed "Hey what's that?" Liam asked and pointed at the bruise on my face. "Nothing...." I said and rubbed it "What happened?" Louis added and gestured to my knuckles. I looked from Dani to El, they both knew about Ashley and Cassie...the day I went back. "Nothing really" I insisted "Are you sure." El pressed me to tell the boys. "I may have gotten into a fight." I said "ASHLEY?" Louis shouted. "Well I went back to school to give something to James and then Ashley hit me and said not to talk about her boy friend...indicating to Harry....So I turned and punched her back and told her not to talk about my boyfriend..." I paused and Liam's jaw was hung open "Finally you stand up for yourself" Louis said and rubbed my leg. I laughed and then lowered my hand "But now the video is going around about me saying Harry is my boyfriend." I said and looked at my knees "That's fine. Harry already told a bunch of people so it's probably getting around." Liam said. "Okay we're here." Lou said and got out

I followed them in and then stopped at the door to their recording room. "Okay Bee stay here and stay quiet" El said and then closed the door. I slumped down on the wall and pulled out my phone, Jezz the video was everywhere. I looked and found out where it came from and she had it on lock no one could see it but her and a few others but people found a way in. I texted her and asked her to take it down and she did but that didn't stop people from reposting the ones that got out. "Harry we have a surprise for you!" I heard Louis say and then I stood up. "Okay turn around and close your eyes." El said then she opened the door and put her finger to her lips. I nodded and then walked behind Harry, "Go on" Niall said and gestured to toy with Harry. "Keep your eyes closed no matter what! Or we will take it away!" Zayn said and put his arm around Perrie. I put my hands on his shoulders and felt him tense, I trailed my hands down his arms and then slipped them around his waist. "Guys this isn't fair I don't want it" Harry said the boys all looked at me and smirked. "Are you sure" Liam said and Harry nodded. I moved so I was in front of him and then smirked. "Yea I don't want some girl touching me." Harry said. I laughed silently then smirked "Are you sure babe" I said and he shot open his eyes. "BETHANY" Harry yelled and crashed his lips into mine "SURPRISE!" Everyone yelled but Harry didn't care he just deepened the kiss and pulled me closer to him. 

"Okay guys save it" Liam said and then Harry pulled away. "What about that interview?" Harry asked "I had to lie to you to stay with the surprise." I said softly Harry pulled my face up and kissed me "I don't care! I love you and missed you!" he said. "Okay well we are going out and are taking Bee so kisses goodbye and let's go" Dani said. I kissed Harry and then he groaned "I just got you" Harry said "Don't worry we have tonight and a week or maybe more" I said softly and kissed his chest. "I love you Haz" I said and then kissed him once more. "Bye Bethany see you soon babe." Harry said and waved to me. When we walked out of the door I heard Harry yell. I giggled and then caught up to the girls.

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