You're My Princess (completed)

All Bethany wanted was to find love again but ever since she was bullied all through out high school no guy ever wanted to come near her. When she would go home her dad would just yell at her for anything he could find. Since her mom left them Bethany and her brother have been surviving on their own basically. She goes to school everyday to get away from her dad and then comes home to get away from school. All Bethany wants is someone. Will she find that someone?


6. Rekindling

"LOU!" James yelled and then hugged Louis from behind. "Where have you been mate?" James yelled and we all looked at him "Busy Busy like a bee" Louis said and then we all hugged again and Lou looked at me and his happiness faded. "Is he doing it again?" he asked me "Yea" I said softly and then he hugged me and played with my hair like he used to. "Uhh so mind informing us on what the hell just happened?" Harry said and Niall was right there with him wonder on both of their faces. "This is my cousin Bethy." I looked at Louis and he laughed "Bethany and then this is James" "We know that much but cousins?" Niall asked shocked. We all laughed and then I smiled a huge smile.

"Louis I missed you so much" I said and then hugged him "I missed you too love" he said and then kissed my head. Lou wrapped an arm around me and I could see the jealousy erupt in Harry's face and Lou noticed too cause he kissed my head looking at Harry. I laughed "Sam old Lou" I said softly and he squeezed me tighter, "So how is the ol' man" Lou said joking around but Harry glared at him "He is the same..." James said and then looked at me. I snuggled in closer to Louis and then I noticed Niall's fist clenched, I giggled and then Lou leaned down to my level "This is too easy" he whispered to me with a smirk. I laughed and then he pulled me over to the couch. "Let's play a game invite the other boys over!" Louis yelled "Invite Josh too" he added and then winked at me. Oh god who is Josh? "I'm going to invite El over" he said softly pulling out his phone. "Now then let's catch up" he said locking his phone and then looked at me and smiled.

About an hour later Liam and Zayn arrived along with Perrie and Eleanor but no Dani, now we were just waiting this Josh. We were all sitting in a circle in the middle of Harry's flat Louis was laughing with El and then Zayn and Perrie were talking and were very close to each other...'talking'. Then James was talking to Liam about sports it sounded like...and left me with Niall and Harry...the two boys I had a crush on...grand. "So you're Harry's age?" Niall asked putting another chip in his mouth "Yea I guess I am!" I said happily and smiled at Harry... "Have you always been treated like school and home?" Harry asked me "Yea for as long as I can remember so about 8 years" I responded and laughed dang 8 years of my life was gone 8 years of confidence gone. "I still think you're beautiful darling" Niall said and waved a chip in front of my face...I felt the heat orbit from my cheeks as they turned bright red "Aren't you two just the cutest" Eleanor said I laughed and got even redder as did Niall, "El love not a good time" Louis whispered a bit loudly and everyone stared at me and Niall. I felt so awkward and it felt like lunch at school everyone whispering about me... "Slut" "She get's around" I looked up and saw Ashley "You're not good enough" she said and smiled "Why don't you just go and kill yourself now?" Cassie asked "It would save the world since you're a waste of space." Cassie added. "Bethany" I heard someone say "Shut up" I mumbled "Bethany it's okay" the voice said again "Why would your mom want to keep you?" Ashley asked "Wait she didn't she left" Cassie answered "Stop" I said and grabbed my ears "Why?" I asked and then hot tears hit my knees as I knelt waiting to be hit or pushed around. "Bethany" a soft voice said again "I'm sorry I didn't mean anything by it" it continued "Come on Bethany it's okay" a new voice said I looked up from my knees and then knelt Liam "Liam" I said and hugged him "Why are you touching him you're repulsive" Ashley said "Stop! Liam likes me!" I said sobbing into Liam he rubbed the back of my hair like Louis did and I felt instantly better. "That's right Bethany I do like's okay" Liam said and I looked up and all I saw was his beautiful eyes staring at me with worry and love. "I love you Liam" I said softly to myself and then I pulled away and looked up and there I was in the middle of the circle everyone staring at me. And then I realized that nothing of what just happened was real, it was my imagination. I got up embarrassed at then started walking to the bathroom "Over dramatic" I heard a girls voice say "PERRIE" Harry yelled and then I lost it and grabbed my duffle bag and went into the bathroom.

Their girlfriends didn't like me...I bet Zayn didn't like me either probably neither did Liam or Niall... I only push people away. Harry probably didn't like me either he probably lost all feelings for me same with Niall or any feelings they had. I looked at the disgusting person staring back at me in the mirror, and cried I slid down the back of the wall and cried. "All I want is to be loved" I said to myself. I dug through my duffle bag looking for my razor. This was a normal thing for me...I mean wasn't normal for all girls who looked like me? I put the razor next to me and then hugged my knees, I didn't want to be here there was no point in me being alive Dad hated me...beat me at the pure sight of me...James was always looking down on my and then there was Louis...I knew he worried about me but he didn't love me no one could love me. "Bethany please don't do this let me in" James said through the door. "James go away, it's better off with out me...I'm a waste of space." I said through sobs and tears. "No Bethany please I need you" James said and I could tell he was close to tears. "Bethy please" he said softly "James I love you...If you see mom tell her I love her and I've missed her....bye James" I said and then James started banging on the door and then I heard other voices. "ASHLEY AND CASSIE ARE RIGHT I'M A WASTE OF SPACE JUST GO!" I yelled and then picked up the razor. "This is how the pain ends Bethany" I said to myself I took the blade to my wrists and cut deep 3 times and then held my wrist over the sink letting the blood stream out of the cuts. I unwrapped my other wrist and then cut 3 times deeply and just kept cutting. "I love you" I heard someone "Bethany please I can't live with out you" I recognized the thick Irish accent...Niall... "You're a waste of space" I said to myself "No one loves you...they can't" I said and then cut again and again. I watched as my tears hit the cuts and it hurt but then I felt it the pain slowly go away and I felt weak everywhere "Goodbye" I said and then I closed my eyes and let my body fall.


Niall's P.O.V

Harry, James, Louis and I were all banging on the door trying to get he to not do this she didn't need to. Zayn took Perrie home and Liam took Eleanor home. "Bethany I really do love you" I said through tears I have never wanted someone so bad in my whole life I knew I did love her "We love you" Louis said and then I looked at Harry who was getting mad and he looked at me "EVERYONE SHUT UP!" he yelled and we all stepped back. "Harry we don't have much time" James said and then we heard a crash "BETHANY" I yelled and ran into the door causing it to crash opened. There her lifeless body laid on the floor blood still dripping from her wrists. I ran and knelt at her side and cried and took her wrists in my hand. "No" James said and joined me Harry stood there shocked and didn't move any part of his body. "Yes we need an ambulance now" I heard Louis say. "Bethy please" James said putting her head into his lap. "Bethany I love you please" James said and then he pulled his hands up from under her head revealing blood there too. "Niall she is bleeding from the head too" James exclaimed and then put all of her in his lap. "Bethany" I said softly "Bethany we all love you" Harry said and then knelt by her legs. Then we heard the door bust open and next thing I knew she was being wheeled away on a stretcher James and Louis following her. Harry and I followed them out the door and then went into Harry's car and drove to the hospital.

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