You're My Princess (completed)

All Bethany wanted was to find love again but ever since she was bullied all through out high school no guy ever wanted to come near her. When she would go home her dad would just yell at her for anything he could find. Since her mom left them Bethany and her brother have been surviving on their own basically. She goes to school everyday to get away from her dad and then comes home to get away from school. All Bethany wants is someone. Will she find that someone?


15. Public

When I got to a mall I parked my car and texted Harry To:Harry<3~ Hey I'm at the mall so if I don't answer don't worry :) I walked into the mall and started window shopping, I felt really bad using Harry's money so I decided not to. I  pulled out my emergency money and counted it, every year I put in $200 or more into my savings just in case a time like this came. $2,456 that should be enough to get some clothes and then I can get a job. I walked into a store and got some weird looks I ignored it and continued to search the racks. I picked out some dresses knowing that we were going into the spring season. I also grabbed some warm stuff too, because I always get cold. I went into a changing room and tried everything on, when I walked up to the counter to pay the girl gave me a weird look. "Is this all?" she asked kind of rudely if you ask me. "Yea thanks!" I said cheerfully "Are you the girl that is sleeping with all the boys?" she asked, I looked at the clothes and then back to her... "Why does everyone think that?" I asked "It's just what is going around, I don't believe it you look way to sweet." she said and smiled "Thank you" I said and smiled "You're total is $200.67." she said and I handed her some money and then grinned "Sorry I asked that by the way" she said as she counted the money "It's fine...So I suppose you know I'm Bethany then?" I asked softly "Yea, but I've only heard bad things" she said glumly "Well if you want to hang out anytime to find the truth and good in me then shoot me a text." I said and handed her my number she nodded and handed me the bag of clothes "Have a nice day Bethany" she said and I waved and left the store. Well that was interesting. 

As I walked through the mall I kept getting the same looks and I just assumed it was because of the rumors. By the end of the day I had spent almost all of my money and probably got a lot more than I should've. The good news is I got Harry and James some things and Louis, so it wasn't all for me. I hopped into my car and drove back to Harry's. It was 2:45 and I was okay with being back early. I pulled into a Starbucks drive through and got Harry and I drinks, then drove to Harry's. I grabbed all  my bags and went up to Harry's floor. When I walked in all the boys were there including Niall. I ignored him and walked into the room James was using and put my bags in there then changed into something nice for dinner later. I decided I didn't want to go out there yet so I just quietly made my way to the bathroom across the hall and closed and locked the door. I took out my curling iron and my make up and put some make up on while I waited for the iron to heat up. I curled my hair and then looked at my phone 4:23. I could most likely go out there now. I took one last look at myself, I was wearing a hot pink pencil skirt with a black flowy top and then some knee high black boots. I cleaned up  the bathroom and then put everything into my bags in James' room.

I walked into the living room and all the boys were still sitting there but James had joined them, Niall looked at me and I could tell he was upset and hurting...which hurt me. I turned and walked into the kitchen and got myself a beer, since last night I really liked beers. I walked into the living space and sat on the couch behind the circle of boys. They all looked at me and then Louis broke the silence "Hey Bethy you look nice." I smiled and blushed "You do look very pretty" Liam said "Thanks boys" I said and felt my smile grow "God can't see why people make fun of you Bethy" James said and looked at me in amazement... these boys were being super nice to me and it made me feel better about everything that was happening and had happened. "We should get going." Harry said and stood up, he was wearing a dark blue v-neck with a black blazer and black skinny jeans with black converse to match the black theme. "I approve" James said and put a thumb up, then Louis nodded "Yea because I needed you're approval to got on a date with Harry." I said and Harry laughed and put his arm around my waist and pulled me to him. I avoided looking at Niall at all costs but when I did I noticed his clenched fists and his watery eyes. I sighed and then Harry noticed what I was looking at and bent to my eye level "Bethany ignore him you're mine and I'm yours now." he whispered and then he kissed me softly and pulled away. When I turned and saw the boys their jaws were all open and Niall looked even more pissed. "Well we should go" I said and tried to pull Harry away but he stood there and smiled at Niall trying to piss him off more. "Have fun kiddies!" Louis said and waved Harry away. Harry grabbed my hand and mumbled things that I couldn't understand as we walked away and out the door.

Harry started pulling me and squeezing my wrist really hard "Ow Harry" I said and he looked at me "I'm sorry babe" he said and then let go "I didn't say let go sweetheart" I said and smiled he laughed a little then intertwined our fingers. We walked to his car and I realized that I left my beer on a table in the house. I groaned because now I was craving alcohol. "What is it?" Harry asked "Nothing just dreading going into public again." I lied but half of it was true I was afraid what people were going to think. "You'll be fine if anyone asks we are just friends." he said "Why?" I asked confused, I mean I thought he liked me as more than a friend. "Because I don't want you getting hate and death threats...but to me you are much more than a friend." Harry said smiling "What am I?" I asked curiosity taking over my mind. "More than a friend." is all he said. I groaned he was so confusing! "Bethany are you mad now?" Harry asked, I shook my head no "Not at all just confused" I said but there was little truth to that I was confused but I was mad because well I liked Harry a lot and he wouldn't say anything for sure it was always half answers. "I'm sorry" he said I looked at him and felt instantly bad! It felt like you had just hurt a little puppy, "Oh Harry baby it's okay." I said and put my hand on his leg. He smiled and then pulled into a parking spot, "Okay we are here" Harry said and got out of the car, I got out and then went and walked next to him. When I reached for his hand he pulled away and walked faster. I was officially really confused.


Harry's P.O.V

Bethany walked closer next to me "Why wont you hold my hand?" she said quietly. I looked down at her and saw the hurt and pain in her eyes, I really didn't want her getting hate so I didn't want the fuel the fans. If pictures got out of us holding hands there would be no end to the hate. I looked at her again and her face had even more pain in it than before. I took her hand in mine and continued walking to the restaurant, I would protect her from the hate, she wouldn't get that...I'd rather get it than her. I looked back down at her and her and I saw her face beaming, just this one thing made her smile, I couldn't help but smiled back at her because she looked so happy and when she was happy I was happy. Then the paps out of no where started taking pictures and asking questions. I looked at Bethany and she had a small smiled on but I could tell she was scared, I pulled her under my arms so she felt safe. She looked up at me and smiled so I smiled back. "We're almost there" I told her as we approached the restaurant, I opened the door for her and then I walked in after her. I walked up to the hostess' counter "Hello I have a reservation at 5:30" I told her Bethany was standing behind me and holding my arm. "It will be just a couple seconds sir" she said and then I nodded and took Bethany to a seat in the waiting room. 

Bethany stood in front of me because there was no room, on the seats. "Do you want to sit down babe?" I asked her she shook her head no "I'm fine I like standing" she said and winked. I grabbed her hands and squeezed them. She giggled "You're hands are really big" she said softly and held her hand up to mine I curled the tips of my fingers over hers and we both laughed "I'm just tiny over all" she said and laughed again. "Styles" the hostess called Bethany turned and started to walk to the hostess, I couldn't help but look at her bum it was so perfect and big, I got up still looking at it and joined her. We were seated at a table and I sat across from Bethany. The hostess left and then someone brought us water. "So obviously like my bum" she said and winked, she saw that "I see everything darling" she said and laughed "Yea I do" I said softly a bit embarrassed. "It's fine Harry, but you're the only one that can look at it." she said and then smiled softly. A waiter came and Bethany eyed him up and down then looked at her menu, "Are you ready to order?" he asked, Bethany looked at me and shrugged "Yea" I responded and we both ordered our food and he left. I looked at Bethany who was swirling her straw in her water and looking at it like it was the coolest thing ever, I laughed and she glared at me "What" she hissed "You look super cute" I responded and smiled, she smiled and sat up straight "Well Harry do you have any siblings?" she asked  "Yea one, an older sister Gemma." I responded and leaned back "Hmm...Is it weird being so popular?" she asked me and tilted her head "Sometimes, the fans are crazy and it's hard to do normal this date" I said and looked down "Yea I bet but we are having fun now!" she said and smiled 

The waiter came and brought our food and Bethany literary devoured it. "When is the last time you ate babe?" I asked through laughter she glared at me and then smiled "I'm always hungry" she said...even through she was going through the food quickly she still ate like a lady and not like a pig. I laughed and started eating my food, she sat up straight and stuck her chest out I laughed "Why are you doing that?" I asked confused "My dad always told me to do this...he said it made me look like less of a...." she paused and looked at her food, I watched as a tear fell into her food and she wiped it away. "Nevermind it's just an old habit" she said and when she looked up there was a smiled plastered on her face. "How do you do that?" I asked astonished she giggled softly "I think of you." she said and then winked, "What do you mean?" I asked wanting to know in what ways, "In every way possible Harry..." she said and then leaned over the table slightly "Including dirty ways" she whispered and bit her lower lip and gave me a soft smile. It was hard not leaping over the table to kiss her she teased me so much and she did it so well. I looked down for a second and realized I was getting hard, I quickly put a hand on my lower stomach and tried to pretend that it didn't happen and it wasn't there. "Harry we should go." Bethany said in a soft voice like she was holding something back. I nodded and then waved the waiter over and paid then we rushed out. There were more paps out this time and I could tell Bethany was scared so I held her hand tight. We got into the car and I drove away as fast as I could.

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