You're My Princess (completed)

All Bethany wanted was to find love again but ever since she was bullied all through out high school no guy ever wanted to come near her. When she would go home her dad would just yell at her for anything he could find. Since her mom left them Bethany and her brother have been surviving on their own basically. She goes to school everyday to get away from her dad and then comes home to get away from school. All Bethany wants is someone. Will she find that someone?


18. Promotion

I put on some black sweats and a dark blue scoop neck. I sat on the bed and picked up my phone, I must've stared at the twitter app for at least 2 minuets because Harry had turned off the shower, I clicked on it and scrolled through my mentions, 'Does Harry have a new girlfriend?' 'Wow didn't Niall wait a month for this chick and now she blows him off?! BITCH' 'I actually like this girl with Harry for once' 'You even look nasty' 'I hate you both life ruiner'....but the one that got me most was made by a 12 year old girl 'I don't think we should be in their lives, if Harry likes her then let them be obviously they like each other. I mean I don't know what love is but I hope I find what they have.' I wiped the tear that fell from my eye and then closed twitter. "Hey babe" Harry said as he grabbed clothes from the drawers. "Oh hey you" I said and locked my phone "What were you doing?" Harry asked and raised an eye brow "Checking twitter haven't done it in a while" I responded and put my phone in my pocket "You know to ignore all the mean stuff some of them say right?" He said as he walked over to me and sat next to me "Yea of course I've been doing it for over 8 years already" I said with a smiled and he pulled me in to him and kissed my temple "That's my girl" he said softly I laughed and then noticed he was still only wearing a towel "Harry go put clothes on!" I yelled and Harry laughed then kissed my cheek and went back into the bathroom.

I picked myself up and walked out of Harry's room and into the living room. Louis was standing tapping his foot in front of me with his arms crossed. "I came to bring you to some breakfast but then I heard some things Bethany....Things your cousin should never hear" Louis said and grinned I walked closer to him and tried to stay strong and not get embarrassed "You're lucky I was the only one who heard them!" He said and put his finger on my shoulder "Well then you can have a wonderful time with them stuck in your head." I said and smirked. We both laughed and then Zayn perked his head up from the couch and rubbed his eyes. "Hey sleeping beauty" Louis said. Zayn made his way to us and then his eyes widened "What?" I asked confused "What did you two do last night?" he said with a smirk on his face I looked at my chest and then saw the love bites that Harry left. "Umm just had a bit of fun!" I said as I ran back into Harry's room and put on my lulu lemon jacket that zipped up all the way up my neck. I looked at Harry as he walked over to me I looked at all the marks I left on him and laughed, "Louis knows and Zayn now" I said smiling Harry laughed and rubbed his neck. I threw him a sweatshirt and he put it on, it covered most of the marks but not all of them luckily the ones that were visible were faint. 

Harry pulled me out of his room and then we were stopped by Zayn and Louis. "How much fun?" Zayn asked and raised an eyebrow, Harry put his arm around me and kissed the top of my head "Not too much" he said and laughed. "Harry we need to talk" Louis said and pulled him away from me leaving me and Zayn. "So" I said and looked at my feet "Just be careful Harry breaks hearts...none of us want that for you" Zayn said "I'll be fine he wont do that to me" I responded and looked at Zayn. Zayn's face was completely serious and had no emotion "Really Bethany we all like you and don't want Harry to hurt you. All though he acts different with you that still doesn't mean he wont do something stupid." Zayn said and put his hand on my shoulder. "Thanks Zayn, but what he doesn't know is that if he does hurt me he will regret it." I said and smirked which made Zayn laugh. Zayn turned away and walked into James room. Louis came back with a huge grin on his face and Harry looked a little flustered. "Take care of her Harry" Louis said and then split off from Harry. Harry took my hands in his and then looked at me "I'm not going to hurt're different" he said and I smiled and nodded "I know you wont darling" I said and kissed him softly. He smiled and then I pulled him into James room.

"Seriously boys" I said as I looked at them all in sweats no shirts and video game controllers in hand. "Bethany it's just going to be me and you for a month...wont that be fun!" James said and laughed but everyone looked at me in shock and with worried faces. "What?" I asked confused I looked from Louis' face to Zayn's and then Niall they all had the same face. "Does she not know?" James asked and Zayn punched his arm "Ow! How was I supposed to know" he complained and then I turned and looked at Harry "What don't I know Harry?" I said in a kind of scolding tone "" Harry was obviously going to take forever to tell me so I walked to Niall and knelt in front of him. "Niall, What don't I know?" I said and batted my eyelashes trying my best to get it out of him. "That's not for me to tell you anymore" he said I rolled my eyes and placed a hand on his knees "Come on Niall" I pleaded "You can't bribe him like that?!" Louis said and laughed hysterically I sharply turned to him and stood up and walked to him and sat on the edge of the bed "Lou please tell me" I said in a sad voice. Louis looked at me sympathetically and shook his head "Ask Harry" he said and we all turned to Harry who was nervously rubbing the back of his neck. "Harry?" Zayn teased "Go on mate tell her" Niall said and they were all holding back laughs. I stood up and stood in front of him "We have to go on promotion in two days" Harry said softly "What?" I yelled "Don't think she heard you mate" Louis teased and laughed "We have to go on pro-" I didn't let him finish before I put my hand around the back of his neck and pulled his face really close to mine. "Why didn't you tell me this sooner?" I said through my grinding teeth mad that I just threw myself at a guy who was leaving and would probably find someone else. "I didn't want to loose you" Harry said "You wouldn't have..." "I just got you" Harry said softly "It's fine okay!" I yelled and let go of him "I'll watch you guys for every interview and every performance!" I said and smiled holding back some tears. "It's not that big of a deal it's only two months" I said, but I more said that to make it sink in to my head rather than everyone elses. "Two months" I whispered to myself "That's a long time if you think about it" I continued to speak softly. Harry put his arm around me but I shrugged it off and walked into the living room. 

"Come on babe we can Skype every night and I'll call you too" Harry said and wrapped his arms around me from behind. "I know...but it's like I just got you and now you're going where all the beautiful tan girls are" I said "I don't need them though I found my one girl" he said and kissed my head. "I hope you tell yourself that every day, Styles" I said and turned "I do" he responded and then kissed me softly "So you leave tomorrow?" I asked "Well I have tomorrow but I leave the next day at 2am so only like half the day." he said "Jezz" I said softly he pulled my face up with one of his hands and put his forehead to mine "But we will be in contact the whole time" he said and smiled. I smiled back at him and pecked his lips softly. "We're leaving to pack see you tomorrow at 9 don't forget!" Louis said and then all the boys left. 

"I don't want to be here alone though" I whimpered "You'll have James, Eleanor, Dani and Perrie!" Harry said "But I only want you" I said "Bethany Grey!" he yelled and smiled "I will still be here! Just not in person" he said I laughed and then smiled "Promise to text me and call and everything else" I said and held out my pinkie he laughed a bit and then attached his pinkie to mine "Promise" I kissed him then went into his room to pack with him. Harry followed closely behind.

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