You're My Princess (completed)

All Bethany wanted was to find love again but ever since she was bullied all through out high school no guy ever wanted to come near her. When she would go home her dad would just yell at her for anything he could find. Since her mom left them Bethany and her brother have been surviving on their own basically. She goes to school everyday to get away from her dad and then comes home to get away from school. All Bethany wants is someone. Will she find that someone?


27. Performance


We all sat down at the table I was sitting across from Dani and Liam and then Zayn was on my left and Harry on my right. The boys were performing tomorrow at Madison Square Garden and I was so excited, I had only dreamed of being there and seeing a performance. Harry put his hand on my leg and rubbed small circles just above my knee. "No further Harry" I said sternly but softly. Harry rolled his eyes and sighed, he was really touchy since I've been here always having a hand on me...even in public. We all ordered and then chatted Harry was slowly inching up higher and higher with every minuet. "Bethany" Louis said "Huh?" I asked and then everyone laughed "Someone's distracted" Harry said I just glared at him. "So how was your first plane ride" Louis asked again "Scary" I responded and Harry moved to my upper thigh under my dress. "She did wonderfully! Slept the whole way!" El said I tried to focus on the conversation but harry made it so hard. "Harry how was recording?" Dani asked, obviously noticing Harry's smirk "What love?" Harry asked and then released his hand and put it on top of his lap. Dani laughed "How was recording love" Dani mocked the love part. "Fine I think the lads and I did well." He said and looked at the boys. I groaned and rolled my eyes, thanks Harry left me wanting more I thought. 

It was 10 o'clock when we were all finished and just creating meaningless conversation. I laid my head on Harry's shoulder and closed my eyes. 

"Guys help me find the key" I heard Harry say "It's right here calm down" Louis said and then the door opened. "Thanks night guys see you bright and early" Harry said and then carried me and put me on the bed. He pulled my dress off and then kissed my belly button. "You're so tiny" Harry said and then he slipped into the bed next to me. I snuggled up to him and he put his arms around me "You're so cute...sleeping through all of this." Harry said and then kissed my head. He thought I slept through all of this?! Wow. I didn't mind though he treats me like a princess when I'm asleep. And before I knew it I was falling asleep again.


I opened my eyes and stretched then rolled over and heard paper crumble under my face. I rubbed my eyes and read the note. 'Morning Beautiful...I didn't want to wake you so I wrote you and note. I'm at rehearsals and won't be back today. I can't wait to see you tonight. Love, Harry xx' I smiled and got up. "I ache!" I said and cracked my back. I grabbed a black high-low skirt and then a pink button up that was see through, I groaned and grabbed a orange tank top to put under. I made my way to the shower and then turned on some music. 

I climbed out of the shower and put my hair up in a bun and sprayed a little hairspray. Wow it was already 5, I woke up late. I Then put on my outfit, "Cute" I said and then spun. "Nope not for tonight though" I said to myself and then made my way to the suitcase. I grabbed a neon yellow high wasted skirt that flowed away and then a black shirt that was lace and my black bandeau. "Perfect!" I said and smiled I changed into my new outfit and then pulled out my black pumps and my neon yellow hair bow. I went into the bathroom and took out the bun revealing my waves and pulled it back so it was half up half down then put my bow in the back. I put on my make up but just a bit more and added a smokey eye. Then I heard the door unlock, "Uhh" I laughed as the girls pushed in and walked around the room Dani turned on music and El searched for food and Perrie turned on the t.v. "Well Hi" I said walking out of the bathroom. "Woah" Perrie said "Woah to you too!" I said and looked at her she was wearing a simple black dress but it fit her perfectly. El was wearing something simple jeans with a white button up and a black blazer with a black hat to top it off. Dani was wearing a jean button up and a black leather skirt like mine. "Super cute Bee" Dani said and twirled me "Thanks did I do too much?" I asked "No no the color is good....Harry will like it" Perrie said I smiled "So why did I have to get ready so quickly?" I asked 

"Because we are going to dinner the four of us." El explained "oh okay" I said and then grabbed my bag "Where are we eating?" I asked and they all smiled at each other. "Somewhere special" El said and smiled. They all cleaned up and then we all left. "Isn't Harry's mum here along with Gemma?" I asked "Yea so is everyone else's families" Perrie said "Okay close your eyes" Dani said and put her hand over my eyes "I can do it!" I shouted and laughed. "Shh" I heard someone say as the car stopped then the van door opened "He-" a man's voice said softly "SHHH!" El shouted and then I was being pulled out of the car and escorted somewhere "Keep your eyes closed we are just going through fans this is Paul" Dani said and Paul squeezed my shoulder to indicate he was guiding me. I heard screaming and saw flashing lights through my eyelids. "Okay Miss steps ahead.....and step......step......step." Paul said then I was in a room. "Hold her here Paul please" Dani said and then I heard her heels click as she ran. Before I knew it I was moving again. I was being weaved through things and I felt really vulnerable. I felt another pair of hands on me and I recognized them but didn't want to jump to conclusions. "Have fun Bethany" Perrie said and then I heard a door shut. "Can I open my eyes now?" I asked but there was no answer. 

Then someones lips touched mine. "Harry" I said and opened my eyes and there stood Harry all dressed and ready for the concert. "I wanted to see you before." Harry said I looked around "Where are we?" I asked "Oh my dressing room" Harry said "It's very.....big" I said as I walked around the room. Harry pulled my wrist and pulled me into his chest. "You look beautiful baby" Harry said and then picked me up and kissed me. His biceps where huge and the tightened around my body. "Thank you hun" I said as he set me down. "I have to go on in two hours want to wish me luck?" Harry asked and kissed me softly. "Harry no...We can't look like we just had sex!" I said and laughed Harry groaned and then sat on the couch. I joined him and sat on his lap "I'm sorry Harry but not tonight okay babe" I said and he smiled "Sorry I force sex on you so much" He said and then hugged me. "It's fine really" I said and kissed him. We sat down and started eating and talking.

Next thing I knew 2 hours had passed by and Paul came knocking on the door. "Bethany you need to go now" Paul said from the other side of the door. Harry sighed and I got up. I bent and kissed Harry for a bit and then kissed his nose, "Good luck babe...even though you don't need it." I said and then waved to him and walked out of the door. Paul took me by the arm firmly and escorted me through the backstage and into the crowd "Oh my god!" I said as I looked at the packed stadium. "BETHANY. bethany.. BEthany" girls called but then Paul kept pulling me until I saw Dani and El and then I saw Anne. "Thanks" I yelled so that Paul could hear me and then I went into my seat next to one of Niall's cousins and Eleanor. "Hello Love you look very beautiful" Anne said as I passed bye her I gave her a hug and then continued to my spot. "Did you have fun?" El said and winked "Yes but not in that way" I responded. "Oh this is Katie Niall's cousin" Dani said from behind us. "Hi Katie I'm Bethany" I said and she smiled "Hi!" she said and then Ed came on stage. 

We all screamed and Katie was jumping I looked at El who shrugged and screamed. I laughed and then sang along to the songs. Then Ed said his thank you's and walked off stage. "The boys will be on soon" Dani said and rubbed my shoulders. I turned and smiled I was nervous for them. Then the boys came on, I nervously bit my finger and then Harry started singing. "I love you Harry!" Katie screamed I laughed and then smiled at my boyfriend's voice. Then Harry started making a speech after a couple songs. "I really want to thank all of the fans! You guys have been so supportive. This has been a wild journey and we have been through it together. I can't wait for what the next year awaits. I also really want to thank my mum and sister for supporting and standing by me since the beginning. I love you two." Harry said and then blew a kiss to our section, I looked at Anne who was crying. I looked at Harry who was obviously debating something and then Louis gave him a hug and said something into his ear. Liam was talking but my eyes were fixed on Harry. I watched as they sang the next few songs looking at my boy friend's body language. 

Niall made his speech and then the boys answered some twitter questions and did some things that the fans asked. Harry walked around the stage and then stopped in the middle. "I want to make an announcement sort of thing." Harry said and then the stadium erupted in screams. "I really want to thank my girlfriend for being so patient with me and understanding. She's stood by me since we've met and till now. I want to Thank her from the bottom of my heart. Bethany we all love you and thank you for standing with us." Harry said and then I wiped the tear from my eyes and El hugged me. "Oh and Thanks for making us breakfast" Niall chimed in. Then they started singing again. "See I told you he would come around" El said and hugged me. 

When the concert ended we all hugged one another and then Anne came and congratulated me "Welcome to the family hun" she said I smiled and thanked her. Then some security guards came and escorted us al backstage. I ran to Harry and the tears started flying again "You did amazing!" I said and kissed him. "Why are you crying love?" he asked then Anne came and joined me "She's is proud just like me" and Anne put her hand on my back and rubbed it, Harry looked at me and I smiled and nodded my head. He hugged us both and then kissed my head "Where's Gemma?" He asked as he wiped his mum's eyes. "Harry!" someone yelled and then Harry ran and hugged the girl "Gemma! I missed you" he said I laughed and watched as Harry talked to his mum and Gemma. I turned and walked out and to his dressing room. I sat and looked in the mirror and fixed myself. "Am I really good enough?" I said to myself and looked at my wrists. "Yea you're better than enough" Harry said from the doorway. He came and took my wrists and kissed them "I love you" Harry said and then kissed my lips. "Love you too Haz." I replied. Harry and I went to the after party but nothing interesting happened people congratulated him and then me and then both of us. We ended up finally getting to the hotel and crashing around 2am. 

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