You're My Princess (completed)

All Bethany wanted was to find love again but ever since she was bullied all through out high school no guy ever wanted to come near her. When she would go home her dad would just yell at her for anything he could find. Since her mom left them Bethany and her brother have been surviving on their own basically. She goes to school everyday to get away from her dad and then comes home to get away from school. All Bethany wants is someone. Will she find that someone?


31. Moving on

Harry's P.O.V

I held my world in my arms, but part of it was just ripped from me. After this I knew that I wanted Bethany to be my one and only and I knew that I would be ready for anything that life threw at long as I had her. "Who else knows babe" I asked as I moved my hands from her back to her hair "El and probably Lou now" she said and rubbed her head into my chest. "We can get though this I promise" I said as I kissed her head, "I know Harry. It will be fine maybe we shouldn't go to Zayn's tonight" she suggested and to me it sounded like an amazing idea to me. "Do you want me to call Zayn?" she was about to say something but someone knocked on the door. "I'm going to change into something more comfortable." I nodded and then watched as she walked into our room, I got up and walked to the door. "Harry where's Bethany?" Louis said as he pushed past me and then El, Niall, James, Dani and Perrie all followed. "Is the party at my house tonight?" I asked trying to be funny "Harry seriously" Niall said and then crossed his arms then there was another knock. I rolled my eyes and opened the door, "Where's Bethany mate?" Zayn asked as he walked through the door with Liam trailing behind him.

"Okay seriously what's going on?" I asked and they all looked at me "Did she tell you?" Louis asked. "Bethy!" James said and hugged her "Uh hi James" she said and then James released her, "Why is everyone here?" she said and glared at El. I laughed and then there was another knock I rolled my eyes again and looked at everyone..."Uh everyone is here" Bethany said I turned and answered the door and there was Cassie with a woman behind her "Cassie?" I said and she peaked around me "Oh seems we've got the whole clan here good everyone can meet my guest then" she said and smiled. "Cassie who is this?" Niall asked "Someone here for Bethany and James" she said and smiled. I looked at Bethany who was clearly scared and was clinging onto James. I walked over and put Bethany under my arm and hugged her to me. "Cassie what the hell is this?" Bethany asked "Ugh Bethany you never learn my surprises they're either really big or really small...what does this look like to you?" Cassie said and put the woman in the middle of us all. "Really who is this?" James said but when I looked at Louis he looked like he knew who is was "Cathy?" Lou said almost on cue with my thoughts. "Louis? Did you help protect my baby?" she said to Louis and walked and hugged him. I could feel Bethany shake as she looked at the woman in front of us.


Bethany's P.O.V

That's my mom's name Cathy, I didn't recognize the woman but Louis obviously did. "There we go making connections...have the wheels started turning in your head yet Bethany?" Cassie said I looked at James who was just as confused as me. "Bethany my Bethany" Cathy said as she walked towards me I tensed and looked at Harry "It's fine I'm right here" Harry whispered and kissed my ear. I looked at Louis who was smiling "Who are you?" I asked and James looked at me I could feel his fear. "Why do you do this now?" I asked Cassie "I couldn't hold it off anymore it's already been 2 months" Cassie said. "Bethany this is Cathy your mom" Louis said. "My mum?" I said "You have grown into such a beautiful girl Bethany" She said and then walked closer to me "You two have no idea how much I wanted to come back and when your father called and told me that I could I was over joyed." "Could come back? He told us you left because you didn't want us." I yelled. It felt like it was only me and her in the room "Of course I wanted you but he got custody of you two and told me I had to go and I couldn't see you until you turned 18 and left." she said and put her hands on my arms "Well I'm 19 and on my own and James is 17 and living with his friend. Why? because our dad does this" I yelled and held out my arm and lifted my hair revealing all my scars. Cathy reached and touched my wrists "He didn't do these ones" she said and a tear fell from her eye I shook my head no and hugged her. "I missed you mum" I said and cried into her.

"So um we're still here" Zayn said and then everyone looked at him. I laughed and then went back to Harry. "I'll be back tomorrow to catch up with all three of you mean while I'm going to have a talk with your father...promise me you wont go back." My mum said and then hugged me and James then left with Cassie. "God I hate Cassie sometimes" James said "She just brought us our mum James" I said and turned to him "Yea and you just found out you had a miscarriage and she knew that! She piled more drama and more stress on you Bethany why don't you see that!" James yelled at me. I looked down and put my hand on my stomach. "Sorry" I said and rubbed my belly, I was more saying sorry to the baby then anyone or anything. "I'm going to go to bed early guys thanks for the support" I said and then trailed my way to the bedroom. I heard Harry and Louis yelling at everyone and then I heard the door open and slam shut. I took the pillow and hugged it, I was back to square one everyone hating me again. James too even he was mad that I was friends with Cassie...she could be nice but her mean side still came out. I closed my eyes and cried. I didn't know what was going to happen. I just decided I should go to sleep and that's what I did.


I looked at the clock 9:39am. I rolled over and Harry wasn't laying next to me. "Harry?" I yelled....nothing,  I sat up and stretched then went into the bathroom. I was already getting smaller, and I got my period great. I groaned and then changed into sweats and a plain t-shirt. I walked out into the living room and was going to sit on the couch but Harry was lying on the couch in Louis' arms, I got out my phone and took a picture. @Bethany_Grey: This is what happens when you go to sleep before them. I tweeted. I laughed at those two and then turned and El was standing behind me "Morning sleeping beauty" she said and handed me tea "What happened?" I asked her and she smiled "Harry and Louis got mad at everyone for giving you a hard time all the time and yelled at them all and then they all felt bad and left except for Niall he's been up all night on the balcony. Or at least last I checked he was still awake." El explained "Why is Lou and you here?" "Because Louis insisted that he wait to make sure you're okay and he didn't want me to go home alone so I slept in the spare room. Oh and James is on the floor in the spare room he refused to go." she said and I laughed...sounds like James. I hugged her "You guys are all the best anyone could ask for" I said she smiled and then turned and walked back into the spare room "Now unlike some people who go to sleep at 6 I went to bed at 1 so good night" she said and went into the room. I smiled and then walked past the boys on the couch and out to the balcony where laid out on a lounge chair a blonde boy. 

I walked over to him and then realized he was asleep. "Couldn't wait 2 minuets" I said softly "I could but I got tired" he said and opened his eyes. "Hey Niall" I said "How are you feeling Bee?" he asked and looked at my belly "Fine" is the only thing that could be said, "I'm glad...ya know that was a shock to all of us last night not just you" he said and put his hand on my knee "I know..." "And when El told us about the miscarriage my heart broke. Even though you're with Harry I still care for you...ya know that?" I nodded and allowed him to continue to talk. "Bethany I've sat out here all night thinking about everything that's happened between us and I've never gotten the chance to explain....Bethany I still like you but that night wasn't what I wanted. Can I ask you something?" he said and then looked at me I nodded "If the same thing that happened to us happened to you and Harry...would you have left him?" I looked at Niall in shock why would he ask that. I started getting mad and he noticed "Bethany don't get mad sweetheart I just want to know." I shook my head "At that stage yea I probably would've left but now no I would let him explain...Now Niall why would you just grab another girl? Even if you knew I was coming?" I asked he looked off at the buildings "I'm still not sure of that. I think it was half that I was drunk but also I felt like I didn't have a chance with you" Niall said I took his hand in mine "You had a chance Niall...and you made a bad decision...we can't change that now. I'm sorry that I left I do regret it but I feel like if we were meant to be then it wouldn't be this hard." I said and brushed a tear from my eye, Niall nodded his head in agreement and then squeezed my hand. "Niall come on, please come inside." I said and stood up his hand still in mine "Please" I said. Niall stood up and hugged me "I'm just gonna go" he said and his hand slipped out of mine. For the first time I felt like I lost a part of me for good. "Niall please don't go" I said as tears feel down my face, Niall turned and then hugged me "I promise you I wont ever go" Niall said and squeezed me "I really shouldn't be here right now though." he said and kissed my head "Can we get coffee or something tomorrow?" I asked as he walked to the door "Yea I'll text you okay?" I nodded and then he went inside. I leaned over the balcony and looked out at the buildings.

I noticed a park that I didn't see before. I looked and saw a family and couldn't help but smile, The dad was holding a little girl in his arms and then there was the mom and a older girl who were playing on the playset with a toddler. All I could see was Harry and me and our family and the family that we could've had if I didn't miscarry. I watched as the family looked so happy. "That could've been us" I said to myself "It could've but it isn't so move on" I heard Harry said and he put his arms around me. "Niall told me you were out here" Harry said and kissed my neck "But Har-" "But nothing maybe it was for the we know that things happen unexpectedly and now we also know that one day we will be ready to have a's not your fault." I smiled and turned and kissed him "You really know what to say" I said and then kissed him again. "Your mum is going to be here in an hour you need to go change." Harry said I nodded and then walked inside and saw El had now replaced where Harry was originally in Louis' arms. I laughed and made my way into the shower. As I took my clothes off I looked in the mirror again at my belly. "I'll always remember you but I need to move on." I said to myself "I talk to myself a lot" I said again and laughed. I got in the shower and thought about the future my future, it's time to move on Bethany. I thought. 

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