You're My Princess (completed)

All Bethany wanted was to find love again but ever since she was bullied all through out high school no guy ever wanted to come near her. When she would go home her dad would just yell at her for anything he could find. Since her mom left them Bethany and her brother have been surviving on their own basically. She goes to school everyday to get away from her dad and then comes home to get away from school. All Bethany wants is someone. Will she find that someone?


13. Mornings

I woke up and Niall wasn't next to me. I sat up and turned on the lamp and rubbed my eyes, "Good morning Bethany" I said looking at the mirror across from me. I laughed and then thought I should actually get up, I swung my legs over the bed and then instantly had a raging head ache! I grabbed my head and wobbled over to the bathroom, "What happened last night?" I said to myself as I turned the shower on. I couldn't remember anything that had happen at Zayn's party yesterday. I went into the shower and started humming the tune to some One Direction songs, the boys voices were so perfect it was hard not to sing along with them. I grabbed a towel from the rack and then dried myself off and then heard a loud door slam.


Niall's P.O.V

"Morning handsome" someone said that did not sound like Bethany. I opened my eyes and next to me there was a black haired blue eyed girl who was staring at me. "You need to leave." I told her worried that Bethany would come in and see her, "Don't worry we didn't do anything you just brought me here because I was hammered and you insisted on me being safe." she said as she got up and put her shoes on, I sighed a sigh of relief and then she walked to my bedroom door. "All though you are a good kisser." she said and winked I got up and took her arm and showed her to the door, "I don't like you I simply wanted to make sure you were safe and now you are so good bye" I said a bit rudely "Fine but you might want to explain to that girl over there" She said and pointed to the spare room. Bethany. I slammed the door and ran into her room, the bed wasn't made and the bathroom door was closed. "Bethany?" I asked as I knocked on the door she opened the door and was wrapped in a towel her hair was wet and falling on her shoulders, "Yea?" she said a little raspy I laughed and she pushed my shoulder. "I have a raging head ache and my throat is sore so don't comment on my voice Niall!" she said laughing "Let me change and then I'll make you something" she continued and then smiled "No we should go out and eat" I told her "Awh Niall please no I have a head ache and almost no voice" she complained "Fine but you're not cooking I'll do something" I said and she smiled and nodded then closed the door. 

I turned and walked out and into the kitchen, and put some bread in the toaster and poured some juice for the both of us. When I turned around Bethany had her bag in her hand and then a note in her hand with tears threatening to spill out. "What's wrong hun?" I asked and took a step closer she put her her arm out and showed me the note. I tilted my head to read it better and then noticed a phone number and signed at the bottom was Cassidy with a heart that said thanks for the fun time. I shook my head and looked at Bethany who was clearly hurt "You told me you would protect me and not hurt me." she said and sniffled "Bethany you've got it all wrong I ju-" "I don't want an explanation I remember how you were with her last night and I understand she is much prettier and skinnier than me but really you let her stay when I was right next door? Niall I put everything into you and now it's all laying on the floor around me." she said I walked to her and tried to hug her but she refused and pushed me away "That kiss the other night was a mistake... Neither of us were ready and...and if you felt the same way I did you wouldn't have been flirting with her Drunk or sober." she said and this time some tears escaped her eyes but she wiped them away "I'm leaving  that way you can do what ever you want and my feelings wont get hurt." she pushed past me and went to the door. "Oh so much for you liking me and taking me on that date." she said and slammed the door. I stood there in shock and couldn't comprehend what had just happened. Then it hit me like a wall of bricks and the tears streamed down my cheeks...the girl I had feelings for had just left me. I wanted to go after her but I knew she wouldn't care...I should've taken her on a date like she told me to. I got my phone and texted Liam to come over ASAP.

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