You're My Princess (completed)

All Bethany wanted was to find love again but ever since she was bullied all through out high school no guy ever wanted to come near her. When she would go home her dad would just yell at her for anything he could find. Since her mom left them Bethany and her brother have been surviving on their own basically. She goes to school everyday to get away from her dad and then comes home to get away from school. All Bethany wants is someone. Will she find that someone?


37. It's you...Forever

**KAY guys this is the final chapter and then I'm going to start a new book! Please to all my readers who haven't Favorited this yet please do! I really want others to enjoy it as much as I do and I bet some other people do too. Also to everyone who has commented I love you all you guys have given me so many ideas and feed back it's truly AMAZING! THANKS!

Harry's P.O.V

I quickly showered and then found Bethany standing outside on the balcony still wearing my shirt looking at the town. She looked more that just beautiful this time I saw something else that I hadn't seen before. The way that the afternoon light hit her long brown waves and shimmered, the way that the warm summer breeze blew her hair and my shirt, he body so tiny and fit her curves that so perfectly fit with her personality. I walked closer and she turned her now hazel eyes sparkled with the available sunset I ran my hand along her shoulders and smiled. She had effortless beauty. I cupped her cheek with my hand and rubbed circles in her cheek with my thumb. She smiled which revealed her perfect smile that made me smile, "You're all I've ever wanted" Bethany said and fell into my chest. I wrapped my little Bee up in my arms and kissed the top of her head, if we could stay like this forever I would be perfectly okay with that. Why didn't I see this before in her...she was amazing. Her kind nature and her effortless beauty that she always had she made it so easy to fall in love with her. I put my hand to her's comparing the size and saw the ring still on her finger, I smiled and kissed her. "Feeling better?" she asked sarcastically I nodded and kissed her again. Tonight was the night that I would fall 100% in love with her in every way.


I picked her up and she wrapped her legs around my waist I put my tongue into her mouth and kissed her with every ounce of passion that I could come up with. I set her on the bed and she allowed her legs to drop and hang off the bed. I unbuttoned my shirt that was on her and put my hands on her face after I finished. "Harry" she said on my lips "Mmhmm" I said and sat her up looking at her tanned body, she pulled my gaze up with her finger and smiled "What's gotten into you...something is different" she said her breath smelled of mint and did she always have good smelling breath? "Nothing I just know that it's you Bethany...It's always been you but now I see it." I responded and kissed her collar bone Bethany tangled her fingers into my hair and rubbed my head. I looked up at her and he eyes were closed. I kissed down her body and she dropped her hands, Bethany let a small light moan escape her lips as I kissed by her belly button. I knew she wanted me as much as I wanted her by the way she was arching her back with every kiss and the way she smiled when I put my hands on her hips. I pulled off her underwear and then leaned up to her face. Her lips were so pink and soft that you never wanted your lips to leave them.


Bethany's P.O.V

Harry was acting different than he has during sex, he was slower and softer his lush green eyes always filled with lust and passion, when normally it is just lust. Harry leaned in to kiss me our lips moving perfectly together then her pulled away and smiled revealing his dimples. Harry reached down to my wanting area and softly rubbed. "Harry" I moaned and Harry looked at me the lust draining from his eyes leaving only passion. "I love you Bee" Harry said and pushed his fingers into me, I moaned louder and then Harry pumped his fingers deeper and smiled " too" I said in between my breaths. Harry moved his fingers in and around never loosing our locked eyes. After a bit Harry pulled his fingers out and kissed me. I started fiddling with his belt and his pants to get them off of his body. I helped him pull his pants off and the tent needed no help of forming. I giggled at his size forgetting how big it was and pecked his lips. Harry pulled off his boxers and then smirked at me, he picked me up and then stood me up allowing me to gaze at his body and he put himself on the bed. I lowered myself onto him my legs at either side of his hips. I kissed his neck and then trailed all the way to his v-line. I put my hand around his dick that was pressing onto my stomach. I moved my hand along his dick stopping every time at his tip giving it extra attention. When I looked at Harry he hand his hands gripping at the bed and I could tell he was having a hard time containing himself. So while his eyes were closed I slowly slid myself onto him letting out a moan and his eyes shot right open. Harry put his hands on my hips and bounced me up and down thrusting into me harder every time. 

Harry pulled out and then flipped over so he was on top and pulled one of my legs to his shoulder and then lined himself up wasting no time to enter. I adjusted to him before he went deeper and then he smiled, and thrusted all of his size into me. I arched my back in pleasure as he slowly pushed all of him inside of me and then pulled completely out. Harry shoved into me again thrusting and squeezing my hips. In between out mixed moans and kisses there was silence. The only thing that broke the silence was the slap of our skin hitting each other. "Babe I'm close" I moaned as Harry thrusted faster and harder. I released after Harry's thrusts and he didn't waste any time releasing soon after. Harry ran his fingers along my body and kissed my stomach before pulling out. I moaned at the loss of contact and he kissed my cheek. He put his arms around my waist and pulled me to him "Bethany I love you" he said and kissed my shoulder. "Harry I love you too" it was times like these that made me realize that he was the one. I looked at the light creeping in through the curtains and put my hands on Harry's bum and squeezed. Harry gasped and then I giggled. "I just like your bum babe" I said and Harry laughed. Harry kissed me softly and gave me a spark, "You're perfect're the only girl that I ever want" he said and circled his fingers around my hip bone. "Harry you're too sweet" "But it's true I will love you forever no matter what happens" He said and pulled up the hand that had the promise ring on it. "Some day Bethany I will replace this with something better." He said and spun the ring around my finger. "Bee I will never leave you." he said and intertwined our fingers, "It's always been you" he said and then kissed me. "I love you Hazza Bear" I said and kissed his lips softly "Forever Bee" "Forever Haz" I said and held out my pinkie to him and he pinkie promised and kissed me. We laid down and got under the covers and he pulled me into his chest and rubbed my back. "Good night my Bethany" Harry said and kissed my head "Night Harry Love you" I said and then closed my eyes. "Forever starts now" Harry said and I fell asleep.

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