You're My Princess (completed)

All Bethany wanted was to find love again but ever since she was bullied all through out high school no guy ever wanted to come near her. When she would go home her dad would just yell at her for anything he could find. Since her mom left them Bethany and her brother have been surviving on their own basically. She goes to school everyday to get away from her dad and then comes home to get away from school. All Bethany wants is someone. Will she find that someone?


20. I'll be coming Back


"Is this your first time?" Harry said as he twirled his fingers inside of me. I groaned again and nodded "It will get better" Harry said and then kissed me. I was only feeling pain and then it hit me, the feeling of pleasure. I moaned and Harry smirked, "Oh Harry" I said through my moan. "Harry can you go faster please" I said softly, Harry laughed "You're still sweet during this" he said and then put his fingers deeper and then pulled them half out, he repeated this each time quickening his pace each time. I moaned again as he pulled them out, "Why did you stop?" I asked him in between breaths. Harry smirked and then lined himself up with me. I looked at him confused and all he did was grin and spread my legs. Then I realized I was going to loose my virginity to this guy. "Harry!" I shouted and he looked at me confused his emerald eyes darkened and filled with lust. "What?" He asked "I'm will be my first" I said and gripped at the covers of the bed. Harry put a strand of my hair behind my ear and then played with my hair. "It's fine babe...just let me lead...okay?" Harry said and looked at me I nodded and put my arms around his neck and pulled him to my face. "Promise that if I do this you wont leave me while you're gone." I said and was worried that he wouldn't be able to promise "No one has made me feel like this, I'm not going to leave you. Don't worry I'll always be coming back...and back to you" Harry said and then kissed me "I promise I won't hurt you or leave you" Harry said on my lips.

"Okay then go" I said and grabbed his hand "You sure" Harry asked me one last time "100% sure baby" I said and then he re-positioned himself again. I felt his tip threatening to enter when he looked at me and crashed his lips into mine. Then pushed inside of me I moaned on his lips but he stuck his tongue inside of my mouth to muffle my moans. Harry pulled his face away from mine and looked down to change positions. He put my leg on his shoulder and pressed deeper inside me, "Harryyy" I moaned "Say my name more Bethany" Harry said and squeezed my leg. I felt really awkward saying his name, "Come on Bethany please" Harry begged. I gripped the sheets as he thrusted into me "HAARRRYYYY......Harry......HARryy" I moaned with every one of his thrusts. I felt a wave of heat come over me and then I came, "You're really tight Bethany" Harry said and then pushed harder. He rode me through my high. Harry moaned and then I felt a warm liquid inside of me and Harry pulled out and laid next to me. Harry breathed really heavy as did I, "We should do that again sometime" I said and laughed and Harry rolled over to face me. "I'm okay with that" Harry said. I kissed him, and Harry pulled me to him "I'm going to miss you" I said and then buried my head in his shoulder. Harry rubbed my hair and then kissed my head "I'm going to miss you too" Harry replied. I kissed him then I got up and ran into the bathroom to shower.

I made my way downstairs and found Harry cooking. I leaned on the counter beside him and watched him cook. "So it's official?" I asked "It always has been" he said but was still looking at the pot "No you told your mom that means it's official" I said and he laughed "Yea but I'm not going to tell the fans...for a bit" he said and let his voice trail off. I put my hand on his arm and squeezed it causing him to look at  me "That's fine as long as we know we're together." I said and smiled...I wanted the fans to know about us but I didn't want more hate. "You're way to cute love." Harry said and then got back to cooking I blushed and then jumped up to sit on the counter. "Hey Hey not on my cooking space!" Harry yelled and pushed at my bum. I scooted off and then grabbed a paper towel and some disinfectant spray and wiped the counter down. "Happy" I said sarcastically and threw the paper towel away. Harry had the cheekiest smile ever and then kissed my cheek "Yes thank you" he said "Do you want my help?" I asked "No just stand there and look you always do" Harry said and then smirked. I rolled my eyes and pulled out Harry's phone. "Harry your mom said she would be home in 5." I told him as I read the text from his mom. 

I scrolled through his feed and favorited a bunch of stuff. "Shit" I said softly "What?" Harry asked....whoops I said that aloud "If you have girls fangirling over you even more than usual just blame me" I said giggling. "Why?" He asked as he placed some food out on the table   "I forgot I was on your phone and did a bunch of favoriteing" I said and put on a guilty face. Harry laughed and then went back to preparing. "How do they know these things?" I said astonished as I looked at an old picture of me and Quinn. "What baby" Harry said and put his arm around my waist "That I dated him?" I said and looked up at Harry "Some of them are just crazy" he said and laughed "Where's my mum?" he said and swiped his phone from my hand. "Hey" I said and then the door opened I turned my head and saw Anne walk through the door. "Smells good" she said and put her bag on a table. "Harry cooked" I stated and then my face turned red, I didn't realize I was this shy. Harry laughed and then squeezed my side and I jerked and giggled "Ticklish Harry" I said through my grinding teeth. Anne laughed and then pulled walked to the table "Last time Harry cooked was when he brought the boys over" She told me. I looked at Harry and he pulled me into the dining room. I sat at across the table from Anne and Harry, awkwardly alone. "So how did you meet Harry?" she asked me and I bit my lip "Umm...Well I was having a bad day and was at Starbucks and Harry happened to be there too" I said nervously "Well actually I was there getting drinks for the boys but got distracted." he said and winked. I'm pretty sure my face was as red as a tomato "She is just the cutest thing ever" Anne said and then started eating.

We had normal dinner conversation and my nerves slowly left my body. After Harry and I started cleaning up while Anne put in a movie. "Why are you so shy all of the sudden?" Harry whispered as I washed a dish "I'm nervous! It's your mum...what if she doesn't like me?" I said and my voice trailed off at the end. "She does! I promise" Harry said and kissed my nose. I washed my hands off and then walked and sat on the couch next to Anne. "Do the fans know?" she asked as Harry joined me, "I don't think it's time" Harry said and squeezed my shoulders. "Bethany why don't you go into my room I'll be there in a sec. Okay?" Harry said...I looked at him for a second and he raised his eyebrows and then kissed my cheek. I nodded and smiled to him and got up. "Goodnight Anne, wonderful meeting you today." I said and then walked to the stairs "Nice meeting you Bethany sweet dreams." Anne called and I went up the stairs and into Harry's room. I could hear Harry's voice but couldn't make out what he was saying. I went to the top of the stairs and stood and listened for a second. "Mum I really like her" Harry said "Then be careful while you're gone hun...we both know how you get." Anne told him "I know but she is different, Mum when I see her I get butterflies...And I normally don't" Harry explained. There was some shuffling and I ran back into the room and took my sweats off and jumped into the bed. 

I rolled over so I was facing away from the door and closed my eyes. "Goodnight mum love you" Harry said and closed the door to his room. I rolled over and opened my eyes, "He lovely" Harry said and took his sweatshirt off and then his sweats soon followed. "Hey handsome" I said and rubbed my eyes, Harry climbed into his bed next to me and wrapped one of his arms around my waist. "What time am I taking you to the airport?" I asked. He pulled me closer to him and I felt his bulge press on my bum, "I don't want to leave you." Harry said and kissed my ear, "And you think I do?" I said laughing "No, but I have to be at the airport by 12..." Harry said and then hugged me tighter. "Okay! Goodnight Harry sweet dreams love" I said and kissed his arm. Harry kissed my shoulder and pulled me all the way to him our bodies molded together as one. "Goodnight Bethany" Harry said. I closed my eyes and fell to sleep.


"Come on babe we gotta go soon." A husky voice said to me. I opened my eyes and Harry was hovering above my face. "Good morning" I said in a sleepy voice "Come on get up I want to have fun with you before I have to go!" Harry complained. I smiled and then pushed him off of the bed. "There is my fun" I said and put my head back into the pillow. Harry laughed and then I felt his arm back around me, "PLEASE BABE!" Harry yelled into my ear and I covered my ears. I groaned and then Harry pushed me off of the bed. "There's my fun" he said as he stood above me. We both laughed and then Harry picked me up and sat me on the bed nicely. 

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