You're My Princess (completed)

All Bethany wanted was to find love again but ever since she was bullied all through out high school no guy ever wanted to come near her. When she would go home her dad would just yell at her for anything he could find. Since her mom left them Bethany and her brother have been surviving on their own basically. She goes to school everyday to get away from her dad and then comes home to get away from school. All Bethany wants is someone. Will she find that someone?


7. I hate hospitals

We had been waiting for some news about Bethany for an hour now...but still nothing. "I didn't know it was this bad." James said Louis went down and sat next to him and pulled him into a hug "It's not your fault" he said and then rubbed his back. Harry had been pacing back and forth for 30 minuets at least now and Me well the girl I loved was gone to my knowledge and I didn't do anything to stop it. I should've knocked down the door faster then I could've stopped her...she could be safe in my arms right now. "Is anyone here for a Bethany Grey?" a doctor came and asked We all stood up and said "We are" at the same time. "Well um, she has some serious blood loss, and we had to stitch up a couple of her cuts. But the gash on the back of her head is the worry..." he said and then looked at his clipboard "Can we see her?" Louis asked "There is more" he could there possibly be more? "When she hit her head it put her in a coma and it looks like now that she can hear us but she can't manage her muscles...therefore she can't see. And it's not 100% proven but she may be loosing memories by the minuet or she may have already lost some of them...we wont know until she is awake." He said and then looked up from his clipboard "How long is that?" Harry asked "She is in a coma lad there is no knowing." he said "Can we just see her?" James asked angrily "Yea of course follow me" He said and then lead us into a room. 

There was Bethany laying in the bed he chest moved up and down slowly and I let out a sigh of relief she was breathing. James ran to his sister's side and grabbed her hand, "Bethany I know you can hear me please know that I love you and I can't live with out you." he said and then tears fell. Louis went to the end of her bed and then rubbed her feet "Remember when I used to make you rub my feet? And you always wanted me to rub yours but I refused? Well I'm never going to refuse again the queen now bows to your beauty" Louis said and then slumped to the ground. Harry went by his side and then pulled him into a hug "Lou it's going to be alright mate." Harry said I walked over to the other side of her bed and put her other hand in mine. "Bethany why?" I said and then knelt at the bed side "I will wait for you...I promise" I said and then we all just watched her and tried to coax her to wake up.

~2 weeks later~

I haven't left her side since we got here. Harry would come and go occasionally and ask how she was and then he would leave again. Louis came once a day everyday and sometimes stayed the nights. James would leave in the morning for school and then come back after only once had he not came back because he had to still spend time with his girlfriend. Right now was the time when no one came because they were all busy. I gripped Bethany's hand her cuts were healing really well and there were almost no scars, the stitches were taken out 2 days ago and those cuts were still healing. "Bethany I'm still here" I said and smiled "I'll be here until your beautiful brown eyes open" I continued and then the nurse came in to check on her and bring me food. "I've been meaning to ask you but are you her boyfriend?" the nurse asked I looked at her and shook my head "No" I said and then looked at Bethany "Well you are a sweetheart staying here with her...she is very beautiful...I do hope she wakes up" the nurse said and then left. "I do too" I said softly


Bethany's P.O.V

Was I dead? Did this boy actually love me? One person was all it took. One person to genuinely love me is all it took for me to regret taking my life. "Bethany I'm still here" I heard someone say "Shit are you an angel or something" I mumbled and walked around the pink room I was in. The pictures of my mom started appearing. "Hi mom" I said picking up a picture. "I'll be here until your beautiful brown eyes open." the voice said again. "Who are you?" I yelled then all of the sudden I dropped into a hole and I hit the ground, "Ow" I said and grabbed at my bum. I looked at my wrists no scars I smiled. Then I laid on the ground and just looked up and the stars that appeared. I felt a heartbeat that wasn't mine. I looked and there was a beautiful young blonde boy holding my hand. I tried to speak but nothing came out. What the hell? I looked up and then the stars started to melt...and then the boy along with it everything started to melt away. No NO don't go I tried to say but nothing. I closed my eyes and cried. "I've been meaning to ask you but are you her boyfriend?" a female voice asked and then the heartbeat got louder "No" the man said I sighed and when I opened my eyes there sat the blonde boy that was with me earlier. I waved to him but nothing he just looked at me I sat up and then got out of the bed. "Bethany please wake up I love you." he said "Hello I'm awake!" I yelled but nothing I looked at what he was looking at and there laid me.

My eyes closed and my body motionless only the moving of my chest as I breathed. I gasped and then tried to go back into my body. What the heck was I? Dead? I sat on the couch and watched as the guy laid his head on the bed and closed his eyes, his grip on my hand didn't loosen. I could feel his heart beat combining with mine. It made me want to wake up. "I love you Bethany" he said I stood up and walked behind him "I love you too!!!!!! I think but HELP ME!" I yelled but nothing. "Come on!" I said and then someone else walked through the door. "Niall, Oh" he said and then came and sat next to me and pulled out some books. "Who are you?" I asked walking up to the new boy who was on my other side. Then the door opened again and I turned to see a cute curly haired boy walk through the door holding a blonde girl's hand. "Why would you bother coming?" the boy with the books asked "Because I still care for her" he said and then sat in the couch, "So you bring your girlfriend to the hospital that the girl you liked just two weeks ago is?" the book boy asked. Who are these people? "Just shut up okay?" the curly haired boy said   "How is she?" he asked "Nothing new." the book boy said. What the hell was going on? All I wanted to do was wake up and tell them I was okay! 

An hour later the curly hair boy that they called Harry left with the beautiful girl on his arm. "Come on Bethany" The blonde boy coaxed me to wake up. "Bethany please for me" he continued He did this once every couple minuets. I really badly wanted to wake up, if not for him but for the other boy on my other side and all the other people that came it...Why did I do this in the first place?


~1 month later~

I was laying on the hospital bed when all the sudden I got a shock and then the boy felt it too and he let go of my hand. I was back to not being able to move or speak, just as fast as it came it left and now I couldn't even see either. I felt his heart beat again and I was relived. This meant he was holding my hand again. "Bethany come on that was a sign you need to wake up." he said "Bethany babe please." this was the first time he had called me babe. Then the sound of beeping filled my ears "What's going on?" He yelled his heartbeat got faster and louder and I felt a pressure somewhere. "Come on Bethany pull out and wake up...for me" he said and then I heard loud noises "We need you to let go of her." someone said No don't let go I thought "No" he said and then his heartbeat got even louder. "Sir please her heart is failing." the person said "Bethany don't let them take me away from you" he said and his heartbeat faded. NO COME BACK! NO NO! I wanted to scream NO! "BETHANY PLEASE!" he yelled and then I screamed but nothing. NOTHING NOTHING! "BETHANY I LOVE YOU" He said and then nothing there was nothing. I didn't care anymore not anything I don't care. "Bethany wake up" I heard his voice I'm trying I thought. I tensed my body and then I felt a shock what the fuck stop that hurts. "Come on Bethany for me" his voice said again. I'm trying! I closed my eyes and opened them.

There stood doctors surrounding me. "Get off of me!" I yelled "BETHANY!" the boy's voice yelled and he pushed through the doctors to me and grabbed my hand. "I woke up for you like you said" I told him and then tears fell from his eyes, why was this beautiful boy crying isn't this what he wanted? "Sir we need to run some tests you have to go." the doctor said he looked at me and smiled and then let go of my hand. "No don't go no" I yelled and he came back to me "I love you Bethany babe" he said and then the doctors pulled him away. I had no energy to fight them back not with out him. His hand, his heartbeat was my energy. They did all sorts of tests but all I was thinking about was this boy. Who was this boy that I had fallen so deeply in love with? I thought and then closed my eyes. 

I woke up and the boy had his head laid on the side of the bed his hand in mine. I could feel his heartbeat again. I stroked his hand with my thumb and he opened his eyes revealing his blue eyes. He smiled at me and then kissed my wrist. Why was he doing that? "I missed you" he said and then kissed my hand. "I woke up like you told me to." I said he laughed and then looked at me in confusion "Did you hear everything?" he asked I nodded "Yea and I saw some of it." I responded he laughed and then smiled big at me "Want to know something" I asked him "Sure" he said smiling...he had a beautiful smile...even with braces "I hate hospitals" I said and he laughed and I laughed with him.

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