You're My Princess (completed)

All Bethany wanted was to find love again but ever since she was bullied all through out high school no guy ever wanted to come near her. When she would go home her dad would just yell at her for anything he could find. Since her mom left them Bethany and her brother have been surviving on their own basically. She goes to school everyday to get away from her dad and then comes home to get away from school. All Bethany wants is someone. Will she find that someone?


34. Home

*4 months later*

I was waiting in my car with Pearl and Apollo all cuddled up in the front seat waiting for Harry. "You guys ready to meet Daddy?" I asked in a baby voice they had grown but not that much. I saw Harry being escorted out and to my car, I picked up the animals and put them in my lap. Harry threw his suitcase in the back and then got in the passenger. "Hey babe" I said and kissed him. "Is this Apollo?" he said and picked the kitten up, Pearl was whining and pawing at my legs to get to Harry. "Jesus Pearl OW!" I said and picked her up, Harry made a hissing noise to my pain and then rubbed my leg. "Take them I need to drive" I said and then gave him Pearl "Are they gonna fight?" he said worried "No they love each other" I said and then started driving. Harry put his hand on my upper thigh and then rubbed circles into my thigh. "Harry come on" I said and looked at him "Eyes on the road" he mocked me because that's what I always said. I groaned and he moved to the edge of my shorts "Harry seriously babe" I said and Harry groaned "I haven't had your body in 2 months come on" he said and then rubbed harder. I moaned a little because I really did want him, "We are almost home" I said and then he removed his hand "Just wait" he said and winked. We pulled up to the flat and then Harry literally ran up into the flat carrying Apollo and Pearl was chasing after him. 

I carried his suitcase up and put it into the flat. I saw Pearl sniffing around and Apollo was laying on top of the couch but no Harry "Babe" I shouted and then I was pinned against the door Harry attacking my neck with his lips, Pearl started barking and nipping at his pants. "She really does love you" Harry said and stopped kissing me "Pearl come on go away" I said but she kept growling at Harry. I knelt down and put one hand on Pearl's head and rubbed her ear while I palmed Harry with my other, it was obviously a shock cause Harry jumped. "Calm down Haz you'll freak out Pearl" I said in a soothing voice. Harry looked at me and then I picked up Pearl. "Just wait for me in the bedroom babe" I said and Harry trailed his way to the bedroom. I picked up Pearl and then set her in the playpen I set up she whined but I gave her a bone so she toned it down. I walked into the bedroom and Harry was already asleep. I laid my head on the pillow and put my hand on his face "You're finally here" I said and kissed his cheek he opened his eyes, "Sorry did I wake you" I pulled my hand away and put it to my chest "No babe it's fine" Harry said and then pulled my face to his "I missed this" he said and then kissed my nose. "You have no idea Harry" He pulled me into his chest and then drew hard circles into my back. Harry was feeling unusually warm, "Are you okay babe?" I asked and looked up at him "It's just a cold" he replied and then pulled me closer, I put my hand to his forehead and then cheek "Harry it's not just a cold" I said and then got out of bed "You're really sick" I said and then tucked him into bed "Are you hungry do you want anything?" I asked "Just come lay with me" I shook my head and left the room to make him soup. Apollo was old enough that he just roamed the house but we still had to put Pearl in a playpen. I picked up Apollo and set him on the counter next to me "You wanna make daddy feel better?" I asked and the cat just ran up against me I rolled my eyes and made Harry some chicken soup. 

I walked into our room and there lay Apollo "So that's why you left me" I said and put the tray of food next to Harry. "Sweetheart I feel fine" he said in between coughs...he was getting worse by the minuet. "It's fine Harry really I like taking care of you" I said and then cupped my hand to his face, he tried to pull me in to kiss him but I wagged my finger "I can't get sick" I said and then got up. I heard the t.v go on as I left the room, I grabbed Pearl and sat on the couch with her laid next to me. Pearl is defiantly my dog and Apollo was defiantly Harry's cat...they both liked us both but they also had a preferred person. I flipped through the channels until it came across the news more about Harry. I watched as it told everything about us, somethings were true but most weren't. Most of the time after the boys get back from something that they left for a long time for they girls all want to be alone but that wasn't the case this time I had Dani, Perrie and El even asking if they could come over...with the boys of course...but I told them no because Harry was sick. Then I got a text from Niall From: Nialler ~I will see you in 5 mins need your help with something! Bringing overnight bag because I know I'll need it ;)    I rolled my eyes and went back to the t.v I guess it was okay for Niall to come I mean he needed my help. 

On the dot Niall came through the door. "Bethany I need your help" He said and I shushed him "Where's Haz?" he asked as he plopped next to me and Pearl ran across me to get to him. "Sick" I said "Wait here for a sec" I said and got up, I made my way to the bed room where Harry was dead asleep again cat in arms and soup gone. I walked over and turned the t.v off and then kissed his forehead which was still burning, "I hope you took the pills I left for you babe" I said as I brushed his hair out of his face. I picked up the tray and brought it into the kitchen. "Okay Niall what do you need help with?"

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