You're My Princess (completed)

All Bethany wanted was to find love again but ever since she was bullied all through out high school no guy ever wanted to come near her. When she would go home her dad would just yell at her for anything he could find. Since her mom left them Bethany and her brother have been surviving on their own basically. She goes to school everyday to get away from her dad and then comes home to get away from school. All Bethany wants is someone. Will she find that someone?


35. Help

"I told you I'd never leave but I really need to get over you and leave." Niall explained as he avoided my eyes "What do you mean Niall are you just not going to talk to me?" I asked confused "No but I talked to Zayn and he said that I should just get anything that I want to do out of the way before you and Harry get more serious." I took Niall's hand and put my hands around his one hand "Niall, what do you mean? I'm not understanding" "I mean that like can I just...can we just have one night like nothing happened....well I mean like just pretend that...We...were together." I dropped Niall's hand and watched him as he whimpered and then frowned "Yea I thought that you wouldn't do it" he said and stood up, Pearl whined for Niall's touch and then I realized so did I. I grabbed Niall and he turned to look at me trying not to show his excitement "Fine Niall, we can do that...but only because I want to take the next step with Harry but I can't because I still like you." I said and looked at his chest. We stood there for a few moments and then he hugged me "Thank you Bethany" he said and put his head in my neck. I loved his hugs they made you feel warm and safe. "I'll be at your flat tomorrow around...umm...2ish...okay?" I said and he nodded and then kissed Pearl's head and practically skipped out the door. I turned to grab Pearl but she was at the door scratching, "Pearl what's up?" I asked and went to pick her up, I carried her into my room and set her on the floor. Apollo mewed at her and then got up and streched...they acted like siblings it was cute.

I put Pearl on the bed and she trotted to Harry and licked his face. "Bethany come on" Harry moaned I giggled and then he opened his eyes "AGH PEARL" I shouted and Pearl perked up and licked him more. I giggled "What you think that I give sloppy kisses? Thanks Haz." I said and then pouted, Harry reached his finger out and poked my lip. I swatted his hand away and then cuddled up to him. "How's my sickey boy" I asked and felt his forehead, "No babe I'm fine" he leaned in to kiss me but I pushed him away "You're still warm Harry" I said and then sat up. "But I want you" Harry whined and then pulled me back to his chest. "Harry you'll get better in a few days." I said and kissed his warm body. "Oh and I'm going to spend the night with my friend tomorrow" "What friend?" Harry asked suspiciously, CRAP! I didn't have many friends and all of my friends Harry knows, "My friend, Jess just met her a little while ago" I responded "Oh I'll have to meet her I only get you to take care of me tonight?" I nodded and kissed his cheek "Only tonight and every other night babe" I made my way out of his grasp and to the edge of the bed, I felt Harry's hands trail up my back and slip my shirt off "Harry!" I shouted "Calm down, I'm just going to play" Harry said "Play Harold?" I asked "Mmhmm" he said and then started massaging my shoulders. "Harry I love you" "I love you too Bethany" he said and kissed my ear. "Do you want anything to eat?" I asked "No it's fine I'm just going to sleep some more." Harry said and laid back down. He got comfortable and then looked like he wanted me to leave, I sighed and got up I walked to the door and saw Pearl all curled up to Harry and Apollo curled up at his feet. Obviously Harry didn't want to be around me so I turned to leave "Actually could you so me a favor?" I perked up my ears and turned "Yea" I said sadly. "Can you come lay with me?" I nodded and smiled, "Of course I want you" Harry said almost reading my mind. "We've been together for a year and a half now I can read you like a book babe" he said again reading my mind. I laughed and snuggled up to him.

When I woke up Harry was already cooling down and didn't have a fever and his breathing was softer and not croaky and heavy. The animals were both still asleep at our feet I rolled out of Harry's grasp and put on my shirt. I looked at the time "6:48" I said to myself softly and Pearl perked up and yawned. I walked out of the room and went into the kitchen and heated up some top ramen. I felt Harry's arms snake around my waist "Hey love how ya feeling?" I asked and put my hands on his arms. "Better" he said and then put his chin on my shoulder "What are you making?" "Noodles...would you like some?" I asked and then turned to face him "Sure." Harry let go of me and then walked away. I took out the ramen and then walked into the living room. There was Harry he had on his blue onesie and the hood up covering his curls. "I like your curls" I said and put the bowl on the coffee table and sat next to him, Harry took off the hood and unzipped the onesie a bit. I handed him the bowl and then Pearl jumped up and started begging "Pearl down" I said and pointed at the floor she reluctantly jumped off and went and laid on her bed. I turned on the t.v and put on Bambi, "I love this movie" I said softly and Harry put his arm around me. I cuddled up to him Harry kissed my head and then pulled me closer to him I laid my head on his chest. 

When the part where Bambi's mom got shot I curled up and cried into Harry silently. Harry flinched and I looked at him with watery eyes "Awh babe" Harry said and kissed my nose "I don't like this makes me think about what would happen if my kids had to live with out me." I said and Harry wiped my tears. "That wont ever happen" Harry said "I want to kiss you so bad Haz" I said and then looked back at the t.v "I know...but I really don't want to get you sick" He said and put his hand on my leg. "Harry" I said and then moved his hand Harry groaned. "Just watch the movie okay" I said and kissed his cheek. "By the time you get back Bethany I will be as healthy as a horse and then" Harry said and looked at me his eyes filling with lust. I laughed and then put my head back on his chest Harry played with my hair and rubbed my hand with his thumb. I closed my eyes and let sleep take over my body again. 

I groaned as the light shone through the draped curtains. "Good morning sunshine" Harry said and then pulled me into a hug, "How did I get in here?" I asked and looked at the bedroom "I carried you" he said and then he stretched and I took the moment to get out of the bed...because if I hadn't I never would Harry wouldn't let me. I ran to the bathroom and turned on the shower. I took off my clothes and then got in. I heard Harry come in and pull the curtain half open "Harry" I groaned. "Please let me come in" Harry begged, I groaned and then pulled Harry into the shower. Harry pulled me to him and eyed me, I took the soap and put it in my hair Harry pulled my hands away from my hair and replaced them with his he put his nose to mine and smiled. "You're beautiful" he said and then I stepped back under the water and rinsed out the shampoo. "Are you going to clean up?" I asked and grabbed the conditioner, I ran my fingers through my hair "Yea I will later but I just wanted to be with you right now" Harry said and leaned against the shower wall I took the soap and started rubbing my body with it. Harry smirked and took a step closer to me I wagged my finger but he just pushed it out of the way and put his hands on me and rubbed the soap in. I laughed as he gently pushed me under the water and rubbed the conditioner and soap out. He climbed out and held up the towel to the heat lamp in the ceiling and then held it out and gestured for me come in to it, I obeyed and Harry wrapped the towel around me. 

I went and changed into a blue romper and some white toms, I packed some clothes and other various items into the overnight bag. Then I heard a knock at the door...I looked to the bathroom door and the shower was still on and Harry was still humming. I grabbed my bag and ran to the door "Niall!" I said and hugged him "It's 1 I told you I would be there by 2!" I said and stood at the door "I couldn't wait can we go now?" he asked and I nodded "Give me a sec wait here." I ran to the bedroom and heard the shower turn off. I briskly walked into the bathroom and saw Harry standing stark naked I bit my lip "Um I'm leaving." I said as he put a towel around his waist "I love you" I said and kissed his cheek "Don't think I'm going to let you get away that easy" he said and pulled me to his chest and kissed me hard. "I love you Bethany" he said and then let go of me. "Bye Harry" I giggled and closed the bathroom door. I grabbed my bag and said by to Pearl and Apollo and then left with Niall...

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