You're My Princess (completed)

All Bethany wanted was to find love again but ever since she was bullied all through out high school no guy ever wanted to come near her. When she would go home her dad would just yell at her for anything he could find. Since her mom left them Bethany and her brother have been surviving on their own basically. She goes to school everyday to get away from her dad and then comes home to get away from school. All Bethany wants is someone. Will she find that someone?


11. Harry?!

Bethany's P.O.V

Harry put in Ted and I went into the kitchen to cook. He paused the movie and then got on his phone "I can watch it from the kitchen." I yelled "Then so can I" he said and played the movie and walked into the kitchen. I laughed and then started boiling water "Okay how does spaghetti sound?" I asked and looked through his fridge "Perfect." he said not looking away from his phone, I got out the sauce and put it in a separate pot. "You don't have a twitter do you love?" Harry asked and sat on the counter next to me I shook my head. "I did at one time but then then the hate and rude things got to much so I deactivated it." I explained to him and then put some noodles in the boiling water. "We are going to make you one tonight." Harry told me and then hugged me from behind nuzzling his nose in my hair. Harry, what are you doing? I thought and then giggled. Harry playfully and softly bit my ear, "You know I've always had a crush on this girl that I know." he said softly into my ear, I stirred the pots and then tilted my head "Who might that girl be?" I asked adding a little bit of flirt into my voice. Harry pulled my hair away from the side of my neck "She has long brown hair and freckles that perfectly outline her face and then perfect soft pink lips that I've only had the pleasure of kissing once." he said and then started kissing my neck, kissed once...he hasn't kissed me. Not that I remembered. I sulked a bit and didn't respond to the kisses on my neck, I just stirred the pots. "Could you get off." I said and then I turned to him. He looked confused and upset "I have to finish the food" I said easing my tone a bit and releasing some of the anger out. He reluctantly let go and then stopped me when I tried to turn to the stove. "Do you not remember our first kiss?" he asked me so we did kiss I just didn't remember, I shook my head no and then tried to turn but he moved his hands to my hips and pulled my hips to his. 

"Let me remind you." he said with a smirk and then leaned in to kiss me but all the sudden Niall popped into my head...We aren't together just friends obviously, I assured my self and then kissed Harry. A smile grew on both of our lips and he deepened the kiss adding in his tongue. I hadn't really kissed a boy before only Quinn, and I didn't remember kissing Harry. We pulled away and then I smiled "Did that help?" he asked and winked, "Yea it helped" I said softly and then turned and grabbed the spaghetti pot and emptied it into the strainer, I put the noodles into the pot again and then added the sauce. "Okay it's done" I said smiling at my accomplishment being only food. Harry brought me a plate and then we filled them with food and sat on the couch. "We didn't really watch the movie" I said laughing, Harry laughed with me and shook his head "No do you want me to restart it?" he asked I nodded "That would probably be best." I said smiling and shoving the spaghetti into my mouth. Half way through the movie we finished eating and Harry paused the movie to help me clean up. I took some of the bubbles and blew them into Harry and Harry took it like an invitation to throw suds at me. "HAROLD!" I yelled soaking from all the suds and he threw at me, I looked at my shirt which was completely see through and covered my breast. "Harry look what you've done" I complained Harry was to busy laughing so I just went into his room and grabbed a sweatshirt and some of the shorts I left there. I came back out and then took Harry by the belt loop on his pants and he looked at me shocked, "Come with me Harry" I said seductively. 

Harry looked at me completely turned on I knew this because I could see the bulge forming below my hand, I rolled my eyes and put my hand around his neck and pulled his face to mine, "Tonight I take control" I said trying not to laugh...he had no idea what I had planned. Harry nodded and tried to kiss me but I turned and walked into his bathroom. I turned on the shower and Harry walked into the bathroom and leaned against the door frame, "Come here Harry" I said and winked, he quickly joined me at my side and started kissing my neck. I turned so his back was facing the shower and he didn't know where he was going I slowly backed him into the shower and then turned the water to freezing and closed the shower door. "Got cha' HARRY!" I yelled and ran outside of the bathroom. "BETHANY!" he yelled laughing I ran and hid in a closet and then heard his wet footsteps walking around his flat. "Bethany come on babe, I'm not mad" he said and then smiled and silently laughed thinking I couldn't see him. I looked at the beautiful boy up and down he had taken off his clothes leaving only his boxers, I assumed because they were wet. He came to the closet and smiled. "Hey sweetheart" he said and opened the door and grabbed me throwing me over his shoulder. "Harry come on put me down!" I yelled and he set my on the dining room table. "You had me going for a tease." Harry said and moved his wet hair out of his face and pressed his body in between my legs. 

I laughed and smiled at him "I know how to get my revenge" I said flirting a little bit. Harry looked at me and the happiness slowly left his face "Bethany I know I didn't stay with you everyday in that hospital but I couldn't bare to see you hurt and knowing I could've stopped it from happening and I couldn't bring myself to think that you weren't coming back so when I found that other girl she was just a distraction and I left her a week later because I knew that I liked you and you are more important. Knowing that there was nothing that I could do anymore to help made me angry and I couldn't see you like that." Harry said and a few tears escaped his face, I wiped them away and smiled at him "It's fine Harry I'm sure that if I was put in your situation I would do the same thing." I told him and he looked at me and smiled "See all better" I said and cupped my hand around his cheek. I watched as the happiness rejoined his face and he smiled "Are we going to finish that movie?" I asked he nodded and picked me up I wrapped my legs around him and right before he put me on the couch there was a knock at the door. Harry put me down and looked at me I shrugged and threw him some sweats that were laying on the ground. "Thanks" he said and put them on and walked towards the door. "Is Bethany here" someone asked and Harry turned to look at me and then back at the door "Why?" he asked defensively "I need to apologize." "Fine" Harry said and she came through the door. A outrageously beautiful girl stood right before me he blonde and purple hair all curled and she was wearing black ripped jeans with a smiley face half shirt on and a leather jacket on over that with combat boots. "Why do you need to apologize?" I asked confused as to why this random woman would want to apologize when I have never met her. 

She looked at Harry and then back to me "I said you were dramatic and I was wrong...I didn't know what was going on in your life, sorry Bethany." She said I nodded and smiled "I don't even know who you are but thanks?" I said confused, Harry joined my side and then he nodded at me "She doesn't remember anything about that day Perrie." he said as he put and arm around my waist. "Oh well I still am you if anything Harry I can see now that you care about her." Perrie said. I looked at Harry who was very serious... "Well I'm Bethany" I said to break the tension and shot my hand out to for her to shake she laughed and then shot hers out and joined mine "I'm Perrie" she said in a soft voice. I smiled and Harry showed her to the door "Don't forget about Zayn's party tonight you should bring her." Perrie said as she left "Bye Bethany see you tonight" She said as Harry closed the door. "Zayn is having a party?" I asked Harry pulled me to him our faces inches away "We don't have to go we can have fun here." Harry said winking, I didn't really want to have the fun he was intending on having just yet with him, "No I think we should go I want to know them better" I said trying to convince him. I raised an eye brow and then shrugged "Okay we can go." he said with a small sigh, "I have clothes in your room!" I shouted and ran to his room.

I want bent over to the bottom of the dresser where all my clothes laid still folded from 2 months ago. I smiled and then grabbed some yoga pants and a pink holister shirt. I stood up and took off the sweatshirt and then dropped my shorts to the ground, I sighed and put on the yoga pants why did this take so much energy? "I need to work out more" I mumbled and then pulled the shirt over my head and turned to see Harry just lounging on the bed. "Harry how long have you been here?" I asked him a little mad "Long enough to know you're beautiful and don't need to work out." he said smiling greedily "Harry I do we can work out together if you want" I said trying to reason with him so that he would let me work out "Fine" Harry said getting off of the bed and walking to the dresser, "But I get to monitor" he said and winked at me and then trailed his fingers across my bum. "Harry?!" I exclaimed and looked at him with anger. "Chill babe" he said in a soothing husky voice that made me feel relaxed, he put on a shirt and changed into some jeans and put on a jacket and some brown boots. "Can we go?" I asked still annoyed with him, he nodded and laughed "Don't be bitter babe" he said and then walked out of his room. I rolled my eyes and grabbed my bag and followed him out of the door and into his car.

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