You're My Princess (completed)

All Bethany wanted was to find love again but ever since she was bullied all through out high school no guy ever wanted to come near her. When she would go home her dad would just yell at her for anything he could find. Since her mom left them Bethany and her brother have been surviving on their own basically. She goes to school everyday to get away from her dad and then comes home to get away from school. All Bethany wants is someone. Will she find that someone?


21. Goodbye

"Fine I'll get ready" I said and rubbed his leg. I got up and strutted across the room allowing Harry to look at me. "How did I fall so quickly" I muttered and bent down to grab clothes, "What?" Harry asked "Nothing just talking to myself" I said and grabbed clothes. I held them up to show Harry "Is this good?" I asked not really caring about his opinion because I liked it. "Anything on you will look good" Harry replied and put on a jacket...obviously he had got up earlier because he was fully dressed. I put on my jeans and my light pink v-neck and added a white scarf. Harry handed me his jacket and a sweatshirt "What's this?" I asked "I wan't you to wear those and have them while I'm gone." Harry said and held them out I took them. "But I'll have a bunch more at your flat." I said confused "Wear the jacket now" he said I smiled and put on the jacket. I felt the pocket and felt something inside and looked at Harry who was grinning. "Harry I think you left something in your jacket" I said and pulled out a box and held it out to him. He took my hand and opened the box, It had a beautiful ring with small diamonds lining the ring and then one larger light pink one in the shape of a heart. I looked at him confused "Who is this for?" I asked he laughed and then pulled it out and took my hand. "Bethany Marie Grey, I promise you that I will not leave you. That you will always be mine and I will always be yours, you're all I've ever wanted. Every time I see you I feel sparks and I get butterflies. This isn't just a fling for me." Harry said and then I started getting teary eyed "What are you saying Harry?" I asked and wiped my tear "I'm saying that this is a promise to you to always be here for you...Bethany I promise that I will always be coming back for you, whenever I leave you'll be on my mind okay?" Harry said as he put the ring on my finger. I nodded and then hugged him, "My mum helped me pick it out 2 years ago...and I've kept it waiting for the right girl to come along that I could give it to" he took my hand and gazed at the ring "She always told me that it would feel different and I would never have felt it with anyone else and I haven't...only you" Harry explain and cupped his hands around mine still looking at our hands. "I love you Bethany" he said and then looked at me. I looked at him in utter shock, what was I supposed to say back? GUYS DON'T LOVE ME ESPECIALLY NOT GUYS LIKE HARRY! "Bethany?" Harry asked and looked at me confused "HARRY I LOVE YOU TOO!" I yelled and then jumped and wrapped myself around him. 

Harry chuckled and then set me down, "Now I'm going to say goodbye to my mum and then we are leaving" he said and then let go of me and left his room. I looked at the ring and giggled, I went and grabbed my white vans and put them on and then gathered the rest of our stuff and zipped up the suitcase. I rolled it to the top of the stairs. I tried to do it quietly but pulling that shit down the stairs is not easy! I got it about half way down when Harry and Anne staring at me. "I tried to get it down quietly..." I said softly and shrugged. Anne and Harry were looking at me laughing, Harry came and grabbed the suitcase from me "You are too cute" Harry said and kissed my cheek. I went down the stairs and joined Anne, "You're just darling" Anne said and smiled at me then put her arm around me. I laughed and blushed "I tried to help out" I said softly. Anne grabbed my hand and examined it and then looked at Harry, "Harry?" she questioned I looked at Harry a bit scared. "Mum I really love her" he said and then took my hand into his, "Are you positive?" Anne questioned again...."Mum she's standing right here" Harry said through his teeth. "Umm I'll be in the car waiting" I said and then grabbed the suitcase and walked to the door "Nice meeting you Anne" I said and then closed the door behind me. I struggled to get the suitcase into the back of the car but I did and then I sat in the front seat. Harry got in the car  a few minuets later and smiled "Mum wanted to say she's sorry...but she doesn't want to give up her 'baby'" he said and put a sarcastic tone on baby. I laughed and started the car "So are we good to go then?" I asked, Harry nodded and then I started driving to the airport. 

When we got there I pulled the car into a parking spot and then we got out. Harry went to the back and grabbed his bag and suitcase. "Do you realize how much I'm going to miss you?" I said and then went to kiss him but he stepped back "Paparazzi babe" Harry said and then smiled but it was a fake smile. "It's fine I understand" I said and smiled we were greeted by some security guards which escorted us into a back room away from all the fans and paps. "Bethany!" Louis yelled and hugged me, I laughed and hugged him back "Don't worry you wont even realize he is gone" Eleanor said and then gave me a hug "I hope so" I said and then looked at Harry. "Where's Dani and Perrie?" I asked looking around the room "Perrie is shooting for a music video" Zayn said and then came and hugged me "New or old" he whispered to me and gently pulled on my scarf, "Both" I answered and smirked. I looked at Niall who was eating some food and Liam was glumly scrolling through is phone. I leaned against a wall and crossed my arms observing everyone in the room. Harry was off flirting with Louis like he usually is and El was sitting on Lou's lap Niall was still eating, Liam was now talking with Zayn. "WOAH! LOU GET ME ONE OF THOSE!" El yelled and jumped up and jogged over to me. Harry perked up and looked at Louis and shrugged, Louis joined El at my hand both gazing at the ring on my finger. "But yet you won't hold her hand in public" Louis said. Harry rolled his eyes and kissed my cheek "She knows where we stand" he said, I did but I really wanted to show some public affection like no kissing but...I like his hands in mine. I looked down and let my hand fall out of El's and Lou's. Eleanor looked at me and sighed, "Come with me for a second, love" El said and pulled me into a bathroom around the corner. 

"Harry is always like this hun" she said, I looked at my feet and let a tear fall and hit my vans. "Bethany really I promise." Eleanor said and squeezed my hand. I looked up and let the tears stream down my face "He has only held my hand once...and I don't know what to believe  I mean he tells me he loves me but then wont show any affection at all." I complained and tears fell faster, "Bethany I promise he will come around" El tried to explain "Yea in two months if at all" I said. Eleanor handed me a tissue and I wiped my eyes and fixed my makeup or mascara. "You'll be fine and from the looks of it he has already had his fun and still gave you that ring" she said and pointed to my showing hickey, I quickly covered it up and we both laughed. I walked out of the bathroom trailing behind Eleanor. Harry took one look at me and his smile was gone, he came over to me and hugged me. "What's wrong?" he asked "Nothing we handled it" I said and smiled at El who smiled back. "Positive?" Harry asked I nodded and kissed him softly.


Harry's P.O.V

When she kissed me that's when I could feel her sorrow and I knew she told me a lie. I pulled her in for a hug and put my face into her hair. "Don't lie to me Bethany" I whispered, she squeezed me tighter "I didn't it was handled Harry" she whispered back "Is this because I won't show affection in public?" "A little but I know it just takes you some time" "Bethany I love you and in order for you to see that I will do anything" "Anything" she asked and pulled out of my hug. I nodded and then kissed her, "I love you" I said softly she smiled and then kissed me harder than she usually does. "Come on boys" Paul said as he entered the room. Louis took Eleanor's hand and then they walked out then Liam and Niall went out "I'll trail up the back mate" Zayn said and smiled. I intertwined my fingers with Bethany's and smiled at her she gave me a huge smiled and then pulled me to the door. We all caught up to each other and walked through the airport  Bethany and El could only go to security before we had to split up. I watched as Louis kissed Eleanor, I heard Bethany sigh and then she dropped her hand. "Love you Styles see you soon" she said and walked away, I grabbed her wrist and pulled her in for a hug "I love you to Bethany" I said into her neck. I felt one of her tears hit my shoulder and then she quickly wiped it away. We pulled away and I kissed her cheek "Miss you already" she said as she joined Eleanor. I joined the boys and we went through the security line. Before I went through the sensor I turned  to look at the girls and Bethany blew me a kiss I smiled and turned back around and went through the sensor...I miss her so much already.


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