You're My Princess (completed)

All Bethany wanted was to find love again but ever since she was bullied all through out high school no guy ever wanted to come near her. When she would go home her dad would just yell at her for anything he could find. Since her mom left them Bethany and her brother have been surviving on their own basically. She goes to school everyday to get away from her dad and then comes home to get away from school. All Bethany wants is someone. Will she find that someone?


33. God I miss you

***This is going to be confusing but it's just an over view of what Bethany did while Harry was gone because In my opinion nothing fun happens in 9 months when your alone! Haha except for bad things so watch out there might be a few of those if I choose too. It's going to sound like she is writing in her Diary Just so Ya know!

Bethany's P.O.V

The day Harry left was the worst day of my life...almost. But living with out Harry is hard, it's like your missing a part of your body. Like you can walk around with out legs or you can stand straight with out your can't really function with out your spine. So let's just say that Harry was my spine. Yea that sounds good. You also may be wondering how we celebrated his birthday well we skyped and I sent him a present it was just a snap back cause I think he looks cute in them. Anyways I've spent the last 3 months of my boring life doing the usual I would wake up make myself food then sit and do some of my on line classes then I would actually get up and go to my 2 classes that I had to take at the college and then by that time it was usually 3ish so I would make my way to the high school and intern at that school until 5. Then El, Dani and I would go to hot yoga around 7 and then some nights I would order dinner or I would go out or I would have dinner with my mum and James. But every night whether I spent the night at El's, Dani's, Perrie's, Mum's, or Niall's I still felt alone and scared, not safe... I haven't felt good sleeping nor have I actually got to sleep easily. When I was in my own bed it was horrible I felt like Harry would be laid out next to me at one moment but then gone the next. Yea yea I'm over reacting but I don't care it just versifies to me that I truly love him. Okay so it's not like I didn't have contact with him, we Skyped at least once a week if not more and I would facetime with him and snapchat anything to see his face. We would text and call but nothing made me feel like he was there with me. And the worst part is that the girls were going to see them in L.A and I couldn't go because of school. the good news is that there is only 4 more months of this and I was going to see him when they were in Washington but there isn't anything exciting to do there. And I only literally got to be there for 4 days. So that brings you up to speed.

*3 months into the tour*

Today was like any other day. I put on my yoga crop pants and a sports bra and then Harry's sweatshirt. I grabbed my keys and ran out the door since I was already late. When I got to the place we go to El was waiting but no Dani. "Hey Eleanor where's Dani?" I asked as we walked into the room. "She wanted to leave early to see Liam." I sighed and then placed my mat down, El followed me. "You know what you should do I know it would make you feel better." she said softly because we weren't supposed to talk. "And what would that be El?" I said mockingly "Shhh Ladies" the instructor said, the instructor was god eye candy but he was gay...why are gay guys always hot?! "Well you should get a puppy!" El said a bit loudly "Ladies can I talk to you after please" he said and I groaned and glared at El "See what we've done now?" I said and we both laughed.

We walked up to Kevin who was the instructor he always didn't wear a shirt probably to show off his muscles, he brushed his fingers through his dirty blonde surfer hair and then smirked at us. "Ladies I'm trying to teach a class here! And you girls keep talking and not only does it distract me but it distracts the rest of the class. Now I don't care because I like hearing about your lives but some of the other people don't." El and I looked at each other and laughed. "What is this really about Kev?" El said "Well I just wanted to know if you two would want to go shopping sometime" "Really you get us worked up and you want to go shopping" I said and laughed Kev just shrugged "Yea we're free tomorrow after class" El said and smiled "But we are going puppy shopping" she added and I looked at her in shock she was serious. We exchanged numbers and then left. I drove past a puppy store on the way home and thought about Kip my first puppy but my dad killed it...he said dogs were only a hassle. He made me watch him kill it too. I brushed off the thought and went inside of my flat. "No dinner tonight just sleep" I said and made my way to the bed. I looked over to the spot where Harry would lay and I remembered "SHIT HARRY!" I said and grabbed my phone and dialed Harry. . . Wait he is performing tonight. I decided to text him instead To: Harry<3 ~Goodnight babe I bet you did amazing tonight! I miss you Love you night!  I smiled and then closed my eyes.


I woke up and grabbed my phone. There was 3 texts from Harry all saying I love you and goodnight he was so cute. I heard a knock at my door and I got up and went to the door, "Oh hey Ben" I said glumly "Here" he said and handed me a box. "Thanks" I said and closed the door, it was from Miami. I sat on the couch and opened it, there was a swimsuit, a teddy bear and dog toys. I laughed and then opened the note that was inside of the box.

        Hey babe just wanted to let you know that I was missing you. I also read a text to Lou from El about a puppy to make you feel less alone and as long as you get me a kitten then you can get a puppy okay! Well Bethany I miss you like crazy and every couple I see reminds me of us. And every girl that I see has something that reminds me of you. I can't wait to come back to London and see you and I can't wait till Washington or Seattle. I love you babe there are some pictures of the boys and some of me for you so you can feel like your here. I also expect you to send me pictures of this puppy! Oh and my KITTY! Love you Bethany can't wait for these next two months to fly by I know the will. LOVE, Harry xx

I looked through the pictures and it really looked like they were having fun. To: Eleanor:) ~Harry knows about the dog and now he wants me to get a kitten for him too! WAY TO GO EL! I laughed and then made my way to the computer and started my classes. When I finished I looked at the time and it was 2 I finished earl so I went and showered. And then got out and put on a yellow tank-top and some white shorts...since it was May and decent outside. I then grabbed my yellow converse and my bag and ran out the door. I went to the campus and honestly college was not that different from high school. People still hated me because I was with Harry. But they didn't bully me just people only talked to me about Harry. I got home and changed into yoga clothes and then waited for El. About 2 minuets later there was a knock at the door and when I answered it El was holding a bunch of stuff. "Uhh El what's this?" "Your puppy and Kitten supplies of course" she said and pushed through me and dropped the stuff "There's more wait here" she said and ran out. I rolled my eyes and sat down by the door I watched as El ran in and out and in and out dropping stuff each time. "Okay that's all" she said and I took a look around the room there was beds food toys everything. "Well this is exciting" I said and stood up, "LET'S GO!" El said and pulled me out the door "Shit EL" I yelled and she shoved me in the car. We got to the yoga place and I couldn't be more nervous, I was getting a puppy! After yoga we met up with Kevin and El drove us to the store and it was stressful.

We walked past the puppies and they were all so adorable. "What kind do you want Bee?" El asked, "I really want a golden or Burmese mountain dog..." I said and then I saw the cutest puppy every sitting in the cage alone all the other dogs were barking at us. "That one" I said and ran and picked up the dog "It's a golden too" Kevin said I kissed the puppy's nose and it sneezed "AWH!" El shouted "Okay this one is the one" Kevin said "Okay Harry said something about wanting a grey tabby cat" I said and looked around "There's one" I said and ran to it I looked at it and then the puppy put her nose up to the cage and they touched noses and then the kitten licked her nose. "Awh perfect" Kevin said "here" El said and handed me a pink collar and sparkly leash to match I put the collar on and then the leash and set the pup on the ground and picked up the cat. "Here" Kev said and handed me the orange kennel I slipped the kitten inside and then we went and checked out. I held the puppy in my arms and nuzzled it "What am I gonna call you?" I said and kissed her paw. "Pearl!" I shouted and then pearl started barking. "Pearl that's it" Kev said. "What about the cat?" El asked "Ummm I'll leave that to Haz" I said and pet the cat through the cage.

We got into my house and I logged onto my laptop. "OH Skype them!" El said I looked at her like no really and she shrugged. "Hide them" I said and she nodded "Hey Harry" I said as Harry answered my call. "Hey babe how'd the puppy hunting go?" "Fine" I said to try and make him think I didn't get one. "Awwh what happened?" Harry said and pouted "PEARL SHHH STOP PLAYING" El shouted as she chased Pearl around the flat. I put my hands to my face and Harry laughed "OH LOVE WHERE ARE YOU?" Louis said and pushed Harry out of the camera. I held up the kitten that was begging for my attention and smiled "Meet the new addition" I said and then kitten mewed. "KITTY!" Harry yelled and laid on top of Lou "Oi mate" Lou said and Harry rolled off. "What did you name it" Lou asked and pulled Harry under his arm "That's for Harry to decide" I said and put the kitten to the camera "Apollo! Apollo! He looks like an Apollo" Harry said and kissed the camera "Wait what about the puppy?" Lou asked "El bring Pearl out!" I shouted and then I heard paws run across the hard wood and El came and flopped next to me "Oh there you are" Louis said "Where's Pearl?" I asked and El shrugged "El!" I said and gave her Apollo and then ran looking for Pearl "PEARL!" I shouted and then as if on cue she ran into my feet and I picked her up "Come on your going to meet daddy" I said and carried her over to the couch. I held her up and there was 3 more boys sitting on the camera. "AWH Bethany you know how to pick em'" Niall said "Looks like a puppy version of Nialler" Liam said and rubbed Niall's head. I looked at Pearl and I guess she did "I guess" Harry said annoyed "Well now you've met Pearl and Apollo and now I'm going to eat and go to sleep" I said and smiled "Awh but" Niall said "Don't worry I'll say hi tomorrow too and it's the weekend" I said "God I miss you though" Harry said "I miss you too babe" I said and kissed the camera "WOAH GIVE EM' SOME SPACE" Louis teased "Night boys" El said and blew a kiss "Night" they all said "Love you Haz" I said and then shut it down. I looked down and Pearl was asleep on my lap and Apollo was sleeping next to El. We should set up their beds and litter box" I said and El nodded. We got up and set up the animal stuff the El left and I put the animals in the empty storage room that was now going to be pet room. As I was about to close my eyes Pearl started whining. "PEARL" I shouted and then she started barking. I groaned and went into the room and found her sitting whining at me, I picked her up and brought her into my room. I laid her on the bed and she went and trotted right up to Harry's pillow and laid down "Well that's all you want" I said and then laid down in the bed. "Guess we all want Harry" I said and patted Pearl's head. Then closed my eyes and started to drift off to sleep.

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