You're My Princess (completed)

All Bethany wanted was to find love again but ever since she was bullied all through out high school no guy ever wanted to come near her. When she would go home her dad would just yell at her for anything he could find. Since her mom left them Bethany and her brother have been surviving on their own basically. She goes to school everyday to get away from her dad and then comes home to get away from school. All Bethany wants is someone. Will she find that someone?


3. Forgetful

Harry's P.O.V

I decided that she should just stay here since her dad was an arse and her school sucked so I didn't see a point in her going back. I went out into the living space and sat in the recliner. "How is she?" Liam asked "Better" is all I said they didn't understand "How is she really?" James asked looking away from the game for a second "Good she is going to stay here tonight you can stay too if you want." I said James nodded and then got back to the game "Sounds good" he said. I looked at Niall who was staring off into space..."Niall" I said "What yea?" Niall said and sprung back to life I laughed and then he looked glum. "What's wrong?" I asked him but Zayn shot me a glare and told me to back off. "Never mind mate" I said and he nodded and then went back to his thoughts. I looked at Liam who was off in his thoughts too, jeez what where on their minds? "Are you guys staying here tonight too?" I asked "Nah I'm going to go home to Perrie" Zayn said "Yea Dani is probably wondering about me" Liam said and got up "Tell me how she is doing?" he asked me I nodded and he left "Can I stay here I don't want t leave her." Niall asked me I looked at him did he like her? I wanted to tell him no but I didn't want to be mean "Yea sure" "Thanks lad!" he said and then went into the kitchen. "So you like my sister" James said staring at the game, Shit how did he even know I barley knew I liked her "Yea I do" Niall called from the kitchen. "Knew it" James shouted...Niall...liked her? Did James suspect that I liked her? "Don't worry I see it in you too" He said and gave me a quick look "Damn!" Zayn said laughing "I can tell these things really quick" James said and laughed I sighed and then leaned back in the chair, Niall came out with a sandwich and quickly ate it. Then he got up and ran to the bathroom. I closed my eyes and got lost in my thoughts.


Niall's P.O.V

I ran to Harry's room where I assumed Bethany would be and then opened the door. There she laid I watched as her chest moved up and down with her breathing and I silently closed the door behind me. "Bethany" I said softly and her eyes fluttered open revealing her dark brown eyes. "Oh hi Niall" she said in a sleepy tone I walked to the end of the bed and stood there. "Can you come lay with me?" she asked I looked at her shocked but agreed and went a laid next to her. "Niall why do people hate me so bad?" she asked me "I just want someone to care for me and love me" she continued and then took the towel off of her stomach and pulled her shirt down. "I'm not sure but from what I can see they must be jealous" I told her she laughed and then I laughed "Guys don't usually have an interest in me, so why do you?" she said and then rolled on her side to look at me "I guess you could say I don't normally like girls so you're something special." I said jokingly "Once you find the real answer tell me, okay?" she said and looked at me I nodded and then she hesitantly cuddled up to my chest I put my arm around her and then she quickly fell back to sleep. Did I like her? I wasn't sure but I knew there was something special about her and I wanted her to be mine. I wanted this moment to last forever and then closed my eyes and fell asleep with her


Bethany's P.O.V

I woke up and Niall was sound asleep with his arms around me. These boys were so nice to me, they made me feel comfortable and safe, kind of like my cousin...I hadn't seen him in years and he was probably 20 now. Now that I think about it last time I saw him was 2 years after my mom left and my mom's sister came down to take care of us with her son, he was 17 at the time and I was 15, he taught me how to drive too. I laughed at memories of him but I couldn't remember his name, it had been way to long. "Morning sweetheart" Niall said "Morning?!" I yelled and sprung up I looked at the clock "Shit I'm dead" I yelled and ran out of Harry's room. I went to the couch where Harry and James laid sprawled out, "James! Dad!" I yelled and James sprung to life his face filled with the same worry I had. "What's going on?" Niall asked coming out of the hallway "Well good morning to you too darling" Harry said in a husky morning voice which made me weak at the knees. I quietly moaned and then James looked at me with fear filling his eyes "What is he going to do to you?" James asked me I shook my head and we gathered our things "Harry hun can you take us home?" I asked him he shot up and nodded "What is your dad going to do to you?" Niall asked me worried "Nothing darling I'll be fine" I lied, I watched as the worry fell from his face "Can I go with" he asked looking at Harry "No just me I'll be home soon though" Harry said and then pulled me out the door I blew Niall a kiss letting him know that I would miss him, he jokingly caught it and put it in his pocket and I laughed and then the door closed. I sighed but walked to the car with Harry and James in front of me.

"I don't want to go back there" James said, James has only seen my dad abuse me once and I told him that it was a one time thing and the doesn't do it...when in reality it was a weekly thing usually happening when James was out with his girlfriend or with friends. That was one difference between us girls swooned over him and everyone loved him, no matter what he therefore my dad treated him better because he had a reputation and I didn't. "It's fine James you will just run in and grab your stuff and come back out with Harry and he will take you to school." I told him and looked at Harry who looked worried and then he nodded. I smiled hiding my fear as to what was to come. How could I be so forgetful I should've gone home last night.

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