You're My Princess (completed)

All Bethany wanted was to find love again but ever since she was bullied all through out high school no guy ever wanted to come near her. When she would go home her dad would just yell at her for anything he could find. Since her mom left them Bethany and her brother have been surviving on their own basically. She goes to school everyday to get away from her dad and then comes home to get away from school. All Bethany wants is someone. Will she find that someone?


16. Daring and dangerous

Bethany's P.O.V

When we got out of the car Harry and I could barley keep our hands off of each other. He pulled me into the elevator and then pushed me against the wall and kissed my neck, I bit my lip to prevent moans from escaping my lips. The elevator beeped and someone came in, "Harry" I whispered and he stopped kissing at me and then stood next to me. The man just stared at us and then we got off. "Shit Harry!" I said as we walked down the hallway. We both laughed and Harry kissed my head "You're so hard to resist" he said and winked. We got to the door and then Harry took my hand and pulled me into his chest I went on my tip-toes to reach his lips and I gave him a soft kiss and then pulled away. Apparently that wasn't enough for Harry. Harry put his hands on my face and crashed his lips into mine. I deepened the kiss and added my tongue, Harry picked me up and wrapped my legs around him. He opened the door and then closed it putting my back against it. I ran my hands all throughout his hair and then he put his hands under my shirt. "PG! GUYS WE'RE RIGHT HERE!" Liam yelled. Harry reluctantly let go of me and I dropped to the floor and pulled my skirt down. I looked at the floor to hide my bright red face. "You guys are still here?" Harry asked and he grabbed my hand and pulled me to the couch. "Yea! You're lucky Niall was in the bathroom!" Zayn said with a smirk eyeing me, Harry sat down and I sat next to him. "What have you guys been doing?" Harry asked I was still bright red and hid my face in Harry's chest...not only because my cousin saw that but my brother did. 

"Bethany I did not know you were that good... can Ally get lessons from you?" James said and everyone laughed I wedged my head farther into Harry's chest "Guys stop just drop it." Harry say and he drew circles into my back. "Sorry Bethany" they all said. I took my head out and they all tried to contain there giggles and laughs but they couldn't "Let it rip you all have 30 seconds to make fun of me." I said and then unexpectedly they all came flying at me, "Bethy you are so red!" "What did Harry do to you" "remind me to get to know this Bethany" I rolled my eyes at all of the comments that just kept coming " 10....9....8....7....6....5....4....3....2....1...! OKAY WE ARE DONE MAKING FUN OF ME!" I yelled They all fell silent and my face felt cooler like it wasn't red anymore. Niall came out and sat next to Liam, "Okay back to the game! Do you two want to join?" Louis asked. I looked at Harry and he shrugged, I crawled onto the ground and Harry sat behind me and straddled me. "What game?" Harry asked I ignored the obviously pissed Niall and just continued to look at Louis. "Truth or dare! No limits...and now it's fun cause we have you. Oh and every time you don't do a dare you take a shot...except for James he just has to drink some soda" Louis said and winked and then we all laughed...When ever Lou used to come over he would invite his friends and we would invite ours and play truth or dare it was like my favorite was a good ice breaker in some ways.

"Okay Harry!" Louis yelled and pointed at Harry "Truth or date Haz?!" Louis yelled really excitedly "Dare of course" Harry said and squeezed me "I dare you to go into the elevator and go to every level." Louis said with a smirk "That's easy" Harry said and got up "In only your boxers" Lou added we all looked at Harry but he shrugged and stripped down and left. "Umm can't he get in trouble for that?" I said in a worried tone, "Doesn't matter Zayn's turn" Louis yelled. Zayn eyed me and then smiled "Bethany Truth or dare?" Zayn asked and everyone looked at me for my answer "Umm....Dare why not" I said "I dare you to  kiss Liam." Zayn said this time everyone looked at me in worry but Zayn he wanted to see me drunk, I smirked at Zayn and made my way to Liam "Sorry Liam" I said softly and then kissed him. Surprisingly he kissed me back, I pulled away and a sigh left Liam's mouth but luckily I was the only one who heard it. I retrated back to my spot and then Harry came back in and then sat next to me "Not that hard Lou come on" Harry said and held my hand. Everyone looked at Harry and then at me, "Guys it was a dare" I said "My turn" James said and then everyone looked at him, I looked up at Harry and smiled...'Are you okay?' he mouthed to me I nodded yes and then waited for James to ask someone, "Liam truth or dare?" James asked and smiled softly "Truth" Liam said softly and then looked at the floor in front of him. Everyone sighed "Have you ever had a dirty dream while you have been dating Dani?" Liam looked at me and then looked at the drink. "Yea" is all he said and then everyone looked at him in shock "Who?" Harry asked "That wasn't part of the truth!" Liam said and smirked "Niall go" Louis said. Niall looked around the circle and then pin pointed on me "Bethany" he said and I tensed up "Truth or dare?" he asked "Truth" I said softly and nervously "Who's better at kissing me or Harry." he asked and looked at me. I looked around the circle at everyone's faces and then and Harry's which was filled with wonder and then Niall's face which had a very angry look to it, I looked at the drink and poured me some then downed it. "Really?" Harry said "I don't want to hurt anyone" I said and then looked at Harry, "Well you did" he said and got up and went into his room. I sighed and hugged my knees, "It's okay Bethany I understand" Liam said and smiled. I hugged my knees tighter and then Louis put an arm around me "Thanks Bethany" Niall said softly "I really shouldn't have asked that..." Niall said and he looked very upset with himself "It's fine, really!" I said and then smiled fakely "I'm going to go talk to him maybe we should put a movie in or something?" Lou suggested I nodded and then James got up and picked out a movie and put it in. We all moved to the couches and chairs...I sat alone in a chair and hugged my knees... I should've just said Harry but I didn't want to hurt Niall...But Niall was actually a real good kisser he was careful but Harry was passionate. 

Louis came out and sat next to Liam and whispered something. I glared at both of them and Louis shrugged and smiled and Liam just ignored me and stared at the t.v. I got up and dragged my feet to Harry's room. I knocked on the door and no answer so I opened it and there was Harry laying in his bed, I groaned and closed the door and locked it. I took my skirt off and my shirt and then put on one of Harry's sweatshirts. I walked to the end of Harry's bed and then crawled on the bed and straddled him. "Harry I'm sorry" I said and frowned "Is that mine?" he asked and looked at me I nodded and Harry smiled "You look cute in it" "Do I?" I asked at then leaned over him so that I could kiss him, he put a finger to my lips and then looked at the clock "Give it some time and then they will all be asleep." He said I laughed "So no kissing?" I asked and frowned really big, Harry kissed me and then put his hands on the back of my upper thighs. "Does that answer your question?" Harry said and smiled I nodded and then leaned in a kissed him he immediately added his tongue. Harry slowly moved his hands to my bum and then smiled when I kissed him harder and took the dominance. Harry started rubbing my bum and he smiled big as he did so making it hard to make out.


I pulled away from the kiss and sucked at his neck and then moved to his collar bone. I looked at Harry still kissing his collar bone and saw him biting his lip and his eyes were closed. I pulled the blanket away from his chest so now it was only covering his hips and below. I moved my kisses to his right side of his chest and then sucked harder making sure to leave a love mark. When I playfully bit his chest he let out a deep husky moan. It was one of the hottest things I have heard. I put myself under the blanket and then I felt Harry's bare skin on mine and then I felt his boner on my led and soon realized Harry was completely naked... "Umm Harry" I said a bit confused..."I normally sleep naked...actually I prefer being naked all the time if possible." He said and laughed. I debated in my head if I wanted to keep going with this or stop here... I wanted to be at least dating him if we were going to have sex. I looked at his wonderful emerald eyes staring at me and decided I would go a bit farther. I sat up and Harry pulled at my thong indicating he wanted it gone I shook my head no and took his sweatshirt off revealing my boobs. Harry looked at me surprised and smiled, but kept his hands on my sides of my hips. I rolled my eyes and took his hand in mine and placed it on one of my boobs. "Jesus act like this is all new to you." I said and laughed "No it's just I didn't expect this from you" he said and looked at me surprised "I like you Harry a lot and trust you so I'm willing to do a lot with you." I said and got off of him. I laid next to him both of us facing up at the ceiling.

"Maybe some other night" I said "I've kind of lost it" I added I rolled over so I was on my side facing Harry. "Hey Bethany?" Harry said still looking at the ceiling "Yea Harry?" "Would you...umm....well....mind..... Bethany.... Would you mind being my girlfriend?" I widened my eyes and what I just heard...could it be true did he really just ask me that? Harry turned to face me "It's been like 3 months since I've known you and I can't bare seeing you and knowing you aren't mine" Harry said I kissed him and then looked at him "Of course I don't mind" I said smiling huge Harry smiled at me and then pulled me to him. "I should've asked you out a while ago honestly" Harry admitted "You should've" I said and winked. I got up and unlocked the door and flipped the light off and joined Harry back in the bed, I hugged my body tight to his and closed my eyes. "Night Lovely" Harry said. "Night babe" I responded and fell asleep

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