You're My Princess (completed)

All Bethany wanted was to find love again but ever since she was bullied all through out high school no guy ever wanted to come near her. When she would go home her dad would just yell at her for anything he could find. Since her mom left them Bethany and her brother have been surviving on their own basically. She goes to school everyday to get away from her dad and then comes home to get away from school. All Bethany wants is someone. Will she find that someone?


19. Adventures

We finished packing for his promotion and I laid on my tummy on the bed and put my face into my arms. Harry laid next to me and put an arm around me, "Go change we are leaving" Harry says, I looked up from my arms and saw a cheeky smile on his face, "What if I was to lay here all day?" I said smiling "It will be fun!" Harry said "FINE" I said and threw my head back in my arms. "Oh come on" Harry complained. I got up on my knees and then crawled on Harry's back and sat on his bum. "What are you doing?" He asked confused "Just relax babe" I said and kissed his ear. I started massaging his back and he moaned, I laughed "You're tense" I said finding a knot. "So where are we going?" I asked "To see someone" Harry said "Mmhm who?" I said really softly "People" He said "Now go change" he added and flipped over so he was facing up. I put my hands under his shirt and placed my hands on the sides of his rib cage. "Come on Styles tell me" I said and rubbed my thumbs into his chest, "Please go change I promise you will like it" Harry insisted. I rolled my eyes and slid off the bed. I grabbed some grey lulu lemon yoga pants and a yellow juicy and then my uggs.

I stripped down and went into the bathroom. I added some mascara and eyeliner and then walked back out into the room. "Well this is awkward" I said softly and picked up my clothes and ran back into the bathroom. I put on my clothes really quick and ca,e back out, I found Niall still red from embarrassment because he saw me in only my undies and bra. I laughed and pulled out a duffle bag "How long are we going?" I asked "Just pack an overnight bag" Harry said and then continued to talk to Niall. "Am I packing for you?" I asked as I grabbed my clothes "Yea would you please?" Harry asked and smiled at me I nodded and grabbed some clothes for him. I shoved them into the bag and then grabbed toiletries from the bathroom and shoved them in. "Okay!" I said and smiled "We can go?" Harry asked I laughed "Sorry for the set back" I said sarcastically Harry got up and kissed my nose "Not too bad of a set back, so don't worry" Harry said. "Well the lads and I are leaving have fun!" Niall said and then left the room. Harry grabbed his suitcase and backpack and I grabbed the duffle and my purse and we walked out the door. 

We pulled into a house after about 2 hours of driving. "Where are we Harry" I asked nervously Harry pulled my face to his and kissed my nose "My house" he said and smirked then got out. I got out quickly and went to the trunk where he was "What?" I said surprised and nervous. "My house, I want you to meet my mom and maybe Gemma...if she is here." Harry said and pulled the duffle bag on his shoulder and walked to the front door I trailed behind him rubbing my hands together in fear. Harry took my hand in his and looked at me and laughed. I pushed his shoulder and he turned and opened the door. "Mum!" Harry yelled and then a woman came around the corner and smiled at me then hugged Harry and kissed his cheek. "Who is this lovely lady" she asked "Bethany, mum this is my girlfriend" Harry said and then looked at me but my eyes were fixed on his mum. His mum smiled and then hugged me "I'm Anne, Harry's mum" she said and then gave me a sweet smile. "I'm Bethany" I replied. Harry put his arm around me "Won't you be going soon though?" Anne asked "Yea tomorrow, so we are only here for tonight" Harry responded and then pulled me up some stairs, "Well Harry I still have to work so I'll be back later tonight! Gemma won't get to see you unfortunately" Anne told us as we stopped on the stairs "Okay mum I love you see you later tonight" Harry said and waved, then I smiled and waved too. Anne left and then Harry pulled me back up into his room.


"So this is you're room" I said spinning in a circle to see everything. Harry laughed and stopped me from spinning "Were alone" he said and wrapped me in his arms. "I noticed" I said sarcastically and laughed, I looked at him and he obviously wanted something from me, I tilted my head to the left and smiled "You want something babe?" I said and ran my hand on his chest, he bit his lip "Yea" he said as he unzipped my jacket revealing my hot pink bra which he gazed at. "Not fair" I said and pulled his shirt over his head. He laughed and started kissing me passionetly. Harry picked me up and put me on the bed and hovered over me looking at me. "What?" I said "You just look really beautiful" he said and kissed me softly. I deepened the kiss and playfully bit his lip when he pulled away. I sat up a tad so that Harry could unhook my bra and to my surprise he did it very well and very fast. Harry then started kissing down my body causing me to let out a moan. "You make it too easy" Harry said and went back to kissing my hip bone. He pulled off my yoga pants and started rubbing my vagina through my thong. I bit my lip so that I wouldn't moan again, Harry looked at me and smiled but did it in a caring way like he didn't want to hurt me. "You're fine hun" I said and then he grinned. I laughed and then pulled out from under him. "What's wrong?" Harry asked confused, "Nothing" I replied and then pulled his face up to mine. "I just want to try something" I said and bit my lip "Is that okay?" I asked him, he nodded practically drooling over me. I laughed and started making out with him. Harry really likes to have control but this time I wasn't going to let him get it. I gained control and then reached down and unzipped his pants. Instead of kissing his body and leaving marks, I kissed his upper chest and  then rubbed my thumbs into his hips. I explored his torso for a bit with my lips and hands, then slowly slipped my hands in his boxers. 

I took his dick in my hand and ran my thumb along the bottom of it. Then let go. Harry looked at me confused "You're on the bottom darling" I said and winked and Harry laughed and picked me up and then put me down on the floor and then he laid next to me and had a cheeky grin plastered on his face. I giggled and then kissed his cheek "You are so adorable" he said and kissed me. I rolled on top of him and pulled his boxers completely off and then softly placed my hand on his dick and started to rub slowly. Harry gripped at the carpet and bit his lip, I grinned at softly kissed the tip. I smiled, I wanted to tease him so I blew cold air onto the tip and he cringed. "What was that baby?" Harry asked and looked at me. I shrugged and then frowned a bit. Bad idea idiot! I yelled at myself and then started moving my hands faster on his dick and Harry moaned. "MMhhmm Bethany" Harry moaned again. I hadn't even realized that I was giving him a hand job again. Realizing I quickly put my mouth around his dick and when I did I felt it harden. Harry put his hands in my hair and pushed my head. I deep throated him for a while and then I pulled off and licked my lips and Harry groaned again. I laughed and put my mouth back around it. I liked playing with his tip because it was so sensitive and he always moaned when I licked it. I swirled my tongue around the tip and then his dick started twitching. "AGH Bethany I'm so close" Harry moaned. I went as deep as I could one more time and then came back out and licked the bottom and he came. I swallowed it all and then Harry smiled and closed his eyes. 

"You going to leave me hanging." I said and laid on his chest my boobs pressing to his chest. Harry looked down and saw me and smiled "Of course not" he said really breathy. I laughed and then was briskly picked up and placed on the bed. Harry kissed me and then pulled away, I pulled his face back to mine and put my tongue into his mouth as we made out Harry pulled my underwear off and then without warning put two of his fingers inside of me. I screamed out in pain because I hadn't had anything done to me, I only gave my ex a blow job but he refused to do anything with me so this was new.  

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