She Came Back

Sequel to 'Set Her Free'
Adara Horan is happily married to Niall Horan of One Direction. It's been almost six years since her twin sister Sydney Dixon left. They haven't spoken since. Will fate bring them back together?


9. Chapter 9

Harry's POV:

I went to go talk to Amelia yesterday. I told her I could no longer see her because she has been acting very distant. She doesn't return my texts and answers my calls on occasion. She took it very well, she also told me she was moving to Australia. I have not heard from her since. I'm really lonely. But I guess it's for the best. I saw this girl today at the park named Lexus. She went to high school with me before I became famous. She asked me if I wanted to go have coffee with her and I did. I found out that she works at a bank, she lives down the street from me and I got her number! She has the most amazing brown eyes long black brown hair with red streaks. I think I like her.

Louis's POV:

We are all going per to Adara's and Niall's for dinner. I'm so happy everything is back to normal. Now that people can't harm this family anymore and yes we are one big happy family.

Sydney's POV:

Liam came over to pick me up. I had some good news for everybody too. There was a knock at my door. "Hey Liam I'm coming." I opened the door and my sister was there. "Hey I was just coming over. What's up?" She walked in. "Um I canceled I don't feel well. I'm pregnant!" I hugged her. "That's amazing sis, in so happy for you." She was about to cry. "What's wrong?" A tear rolled down her face. "I'm not sure if I'm ready." I rubbed her back. "Hey it okay. I would love to babysit the kids. You just need to go home to your loving husband and tell him." She nodded and walked out.

Adara's POV:

I got home and walked up to Niall. I put my hand on my stomach. "Niall I'm pregnant." He hugged me. "Babe that's wonderful!" We walked up to Alex's room. "Hunny we have something we have to tell you. Mommy is going to have a baby." She came up and touched my stomach. "Is the baby gonna live in your tummy? Is it a boy or a girl?" I picked her up. "Hunny the baby is still the size of a pea. We don't know. But you can help us name it." She smiled. "I like the name Blake for a boy and Megan for a girl!" I looked at Niall. "I love those names."

-Three months later-

I was walking down the stairs and fell. I was rushed to the hospital. My tests came back and the baby had died. I was to go in for surgery in the morning. Niall came in. "Baby I'm so sorry. But we can try for another." She smiled at me. "We'll this might be gods way of telling us that one is enough."
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