She Came Back

Sequel to 'Set Her Free'
Adara Horan is happily married to Niall Horan of One Direction. It's been almost six years since her twin sister Sydney Dixon left. They haven't spoken since. Will fate bring them back together?


5. Chapter 5

*day of funeral*

Sydney's POV:

I walked up to the podium, "Mariah was an amazing person. She was graduating high school early, She was accepted to Harvard law school and she was the sweetest person I have eve had the pleasure of meeting." A tear rolled down my face. "I hope that whoever did this, is happy with themselves. They have ruined a young girls life, but they have not ruined the family. They have only made us stronger." I finished my speech. "May Mariah Leanne Dixon rest in peace forever and always." We went out to the cemetery and her casket was lowered into the ground. That's when I broke down. It was raining and Liam was holding me. I dropped to the muddy ground and bawled. I just sat there and cried.

Liam's POV:

We walked out of the cars and to the grave cite. Once the grave was in the ground Sydney rolled to her knees. I just covered her with the umbrella and let her cry. "Shut the door," I sang softly. "Turn the light off, I wanna be with you I wanna feel your love." Everybody else had left and I just sang to Sydney. The rain had stopped and she was just sitting there now. "Are you okay?" She looked up at me as I knelt down to her. "I guess so. I can't cry anymore. I feel fine. What happened happened. I can't change what happened. Nobody can, it's time I except that. I know she is watching over me." I pulled her to her feet. "I'm glad your taking this so well." She smiled. I was going to kiss her but she turned her head. "Liam the last time I kissed you, you broke my heart. You have to earn my trust." I giggled and took her hand. We walked to her car. "But will you come to my house please?" I got in my car and followed her to her flat. "I'm gonna go shower I'm kinda well, muddy." She went to her room. I walked around her flat looking at pictures of her and Mariah. They looked so happy, I decided to go to Mariah's room and see if I could find a reason. It all looked like normal teenage stuff. I came back out to the living area and decided to go make us dinner. I made what she made for us when we were sad. Egg rolls and stir fry. She came out with her hair up and she was wearing glasses. She had black yoga pants with a rainbow leopard print fold over and a white tank top. "You made dinner?" She came and sat down at the small table. We ate dinner in peace.
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