She Came Back

Sequel to 'Set Her Free'
Adara Horan is happily married to Niall Horan of One Direction. It's been almost six years since her twin sister Sydney Dixon left. They haven't spoken since. Will fate bring them back together?


3. Chapter 3

Mariah's POV:

My mom woke we up the next morning and I got ready for school. Once at school I met up with my friend Makenna. "Makenna you'll never guess who I met last night!" I shook her shoulders as I spoke. She took my hands off of her. "Who?" I put my hands on my hips. "I said guess but anyway. One direction. Niall, ya he's my uncle!" She looked at me with disbelief. "Ya and I had dinner with King Kong." I took out my phone. "Look, uncle, cousin, friend, friend, friend." She looked like she was gonna pass out. The bell rang. "Let's go to class." We got through the first four periods and then lunch. "Hey Dixon! You met one direction? I need some proof." Angela Stein. "Why hello Angela always a pleasure to see you. Here look." I put the phone up to her face and she just glared at me. "Take a picture it'll last longer." She just walked away. The bell rang again and we finished our next four periods. "Hey I got to go to work I'll text you after."

Harry's POV:

I went to go get some Starbucks. I walked around the corner to the corner and a girl was lying on the ground in an alley. "Oh my god!" I ran I've to her and turned her over. It was Mariah. Her throat was cut and her eyes were open. A pool of blood surrounded her and stained her pink blouse. She was dead.
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