She Came Back

Sequel to 'Set Her Free'
Adara Horan is happily married to Niall Horan of One Direction. It's been almost six years since her twin sister Sydney Dixon left. They haven't spoken since. Will fate bring them back together?


2. Chapter 2

Harry's POV:

Everybody was there except the girls. Then there was a nock at the door. "I'll get it." I got up and opened the door.

Adara's POV:

Harry got up and went to the door. He came back with a blond girl. "This is Amelia and you already know this one." My sister walked out. "Oh my god!" Louis ran over to her and picked her up, "Oh my goodness. Is that really her?" I whispered to Niall, he nodded. "Mommy who is that?" Alex asked pulling in my leg. "That's your aunt Sydney." She ran up to them and started pulling on Louis leg. "Uncle LouLou I wanna turn! Let me hug her!" I couldn't help but laugh at Alex trying to pry Louis off of my sister. "Louis I don't think she can breath!" Zayn went over to her and pulled Louis off of her. "Hey guys..." She kinda looked down like she was embarrassed. "I'm Alex! What's your name?" He knelt down to her level. "I'm Sydney. I'm your mommy's sister." She smiled and picked Alex up. "So how is everybody?" She put down Alex and walked down the stairs. "You know, I should really be going." She turned and Liam ran after her. I heard the door close. "So Amelia, how do you know my sister?" She walked up to me. "Adara, I'm your and Sydney's half sister." I was shocked. Did she just say half sister?

Liam's POV:

I walked out of the house and saw Sydney walking down the road. "Hey where are you going?" I caught up to her. "I just don't feel welcome. I feel like a bother, I was gone for six years and I come back asking for forgiveness. My life has changed drastically. I have a flat of my own. I work at my own photography studio and I have..." She hesitated and shook her head, " No I'm just a bother I'm sorry. I should go." She got into her Honda Accord and I hoped in the passenger side. "I'm coming with you. I want to see your house." She drove off. We pulled up to an apartment complex and she walked up to her flat. "There is something I need to tell you. Two years ago I adopted a daughter. I was her foster mom for three years and she was going to be moved so I adopted her. She is sixteen now. One more thing, she is obsessed with one direction." She opened the door and a girl with long brown hair and green eyes walked past. "Hey mom." She hugged her and froze. "Mariah this is Liam, he is an old friend of mine. Liam this is my daughter Mariah." She ran over to me and hugged me. "Oh my gosh your Liam Payne from one direction. Your like my favorite band ever. Can I have your autograph?" I signed a cd and looked at her. "Why don't you come meet the rest of the guys. I'm sure they would love to meet you, also your aunt." She jumped with joy. "Please mom! Please please please?" Sydney sighed. "Go get your shoes and a jacket." Mariah hugged her. "Thanks thank you thank you mom!" Mariah ran off to go get her stuff. Sydney looked at me, "Thank you Liam." Mariah came back and we went to Sydney's car. A song by Cher Lloyd came on and Mariah started to sing it. "Wow Mariah your really good at that. Did you ever think about singing?" She smiled. "I take vocal lessons on Saturdays."
We pulled up to the Horan's house and walked in.

Adara's POV:

I heard the door open and we were all in the pool so I went to see who it was. "Liam your back. Sydney!" I ran up to hug her. "Hey I'm sorry I ditched you all six years ago. But my career took off and I have a daughter now. This is Mariah, Mariah this is your aunt Adara." I was really confused. "Um, she is like nine years younger than you." She smiled. "I adopted her. She was my foster daughter but I ended up adopting her." I went up and hugged Mariah. "Welcome to the family. Would you like to go swimming? I'm sure we could find a suit for you." She looked over at Sydney and she nodded. "Eleanor can you come here please?" She came up and took Mariah to go get changed. "So what have you done with life Sydney?" She looked at me and we walks outside. "Well I have my own flat that Mariah and I live in, Mariah is my life, I own a photography studio and I got a new car." I was impressed at what my sister has done with her life. "Well that's impressive. Are you married?" She shook we head. "Nope I just don't have time. But Mariah is graduating high school next year. She skipped a grade last year because she was so advanced. She has already started applying to colleges. She was accepted to Harvard." She was really proud of we daughter. "What's she going to school for?" She laughed. "Law, that's why she is going to Harvard law school." We were then confronted by a very happy Zayn. "Where have you been my whole life?" He hugged Sydney.

Sydney's POV:

Zayn came up and hugged me. "Hey Zayn, your not mad at me?" He shook his head and that's when Mariah came out. "Oh my gosh one direction."Mariah this is my cousin Zayn and you uncle Niall. That's Louis and Harry. You already met Liam." She just about passed out, "Hun breath. Your not going to only see them today. You'll see them again probably often." She went up and talked to them all. A few hours later we left.

Mariah's POV:

"Mom I'm gonna go to bed." I told her once we got home. I went and took a shower. I braided my hair put on my blue dotted pajamas and went to bed.
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