She Came Back

Sequel to 'Set Her Free'
Adara Horan is happily married to Niall Horan of One Direction. It's been almost six years since her twin sister Sydney Dixon left. They haven't spoken since. Will fate bring them back together?


1. Chapter 1

Adara's POV:

I'm Adara Horan. I'm married to Niall Horan. I have a five year old daughter named Alexandria. Today is her first day of kindergarten. "Alex get your shoes on sweetheart we need to go." She skipped down the stairs in her pink shirt and blue jeans. She was also wearing pink Toms. Her hair was blond and her eyes were blue. She wears glasses as well, she looks like her aunt in the glasses. Her hair was clipped back in a carrot clip. "Did uncle Louis do your hair?" I asked as Niall handed her the backpack. "Yes mommy. Doesn't it look pretty?" I smiled. "Let's go get you buckled in. We walked out to the car, once buckled in we drove to school. We dropped Alex at class and went on the guides tour. "Welcome to Carlton Elementary! I'm Amanda Dixon the councilor here, lets get on with the tour shall we?" By the time the tour was over it was time to pick up Alex. "Mommy!!! Daddy!!!" Alex ran up to us and Niall picked he up. "Hey Alex wanna go get a cupcake? Your teacher said you did really good today!" We went and got cupcakes and took her home. Harry was about to leave. "Hey I'm going to the park be back soon."

Harry's POV:

I got in my car and drove to the park. When I got there I just sat on a bench and thought. I'm almost 25 have no girlfriend and I'm in a band. What has happened to my life? I looked up and there was a girl who looked really similar. She had short curly red hair and blue eyes. She had a medical boot on and was walking with another girl. The girl she was walking with looked no older than 23. They were talking and laughing. "Um excuse me but are you Sydney Dixon?" Her face turned white. "Yes. Harry?" I shook my head. The girl next to her looked shy. "Harry, and you are?" I put my hand out for her to shake and she smiled. "Amelia, nice to meet you." She blushed took out her phone. "So how is everybody?" Sydney asked trying to break the ice. "They're good, Adara has a daughter now. Her name is Alexandria. Louis got married to Eleanor, Zayn got married to Melanie. Me and Liam are single though. Eleanor is pregnant with a boy and Zayn has a daughter named Bailey." She looked like she was gonna cry. "Are you okay?" I asked her as a tear rolled down her face. "Ya I'm fine. I just can't believe I've missed so much. But we need to go." I grabbed her hand. "No, you should come over to Adara and Niall's for dinner. We're all gonna be there." She sighed. "I hope this is not a date because I'm not ready to date." Amelia stepped forward. "I'd be delighted to go to dinner with you though." I smiled. "Okay come by around six. Feel free to come by too Sydney." She nodded. "Well we really have to run. See you later."
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