Memories, Mysterys and Magic

Carra Doncaster has lost the love of her life .. But one day a extrodinary thing happens..But what? Carra starts to feel odd and starts sensing things around her and when she meets someone she feels like she knows, he knows all her dark secrets and past stories..He is he and what does he want?


1. When the Magic happend

"Noooo! I ran quickly towards the car that was on it's side, smoke was rising, fire was forming.The cool air blew around me throwing my hair in all directions "YES I NEED A AMBULANCE NOW!" I screamed through the phone, tears burned out my eyes making a blurry vision "Were gonna get you out of there" I said holding my mums hands, i then heard a chesty cough, i turned around and saw Harry laying there with marks across his head, "HARRY!" I screamed climbing into the car and jumping to the back seat, he coughed again "Wh-w-what you doing here? Get out!" He said, "I don't wanna loose you" The tears escaped rapidly out of my eyes "Your not going to loose me, i will always be by your side." He grabbed my hand gently and kissed me with his soft pure lips. "I Love you and i don't want you to get hurt, please get out of here!" I saw the bright orange flames spread around the car, i shook my head and cryed harder "NO! NO! NO!!" I screamed "YOU HAVE TO GET OUT!" he cried "I DON'T WANNA BE WITHOUT YOU!" I screamed, my head became weaker from the fumes and i began to get really dizzy "YOUR NOT! IM ALWAYS GONNA BE WITH YOU I JUST SAID THAT BUT PLEASE GET OUT THE CAR! PLEASE!" He squeezed my hand and i stayed silent for abit, "Okay" I said hurt, I know this is the last I'm going to see off Harry. I put my right leg over the edge of the car and Harry pulled my arm back, i shot my head towards him and he had tears in his eyes. "I Love you" He said kissing my hand again, "I Love you too" I said before jumping out "MISS ARE YOU OKAY!?" A Fireman grabbed my arm and pulled me back, I shook my head and then felt a warm soft blanket go over my shoulders. I then squinted my eyes and i could see Harry in the car window, *GoodBye* He mouth before making a love heart shape with his fingers. THEN. The fire his the gas pipe and blew up, "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!" I screamed, fireman pulling me back gripping onto me hard till i could feel the nails, my whole world has just gone! "Noooooooooooo!!" I couldn't stop my crying, "Miss are you okay?" I then fell onto the ground and buried my self into a ball, tears splashing onto the ground making a puddle. "I Love You. Don't Leave me!" I said sobbing into my hands. Everything was gone..I whole world is shatterd

*2 Years Later*

The memories still rushed through my mind, everything Isaid..Everything he said. Sometimes I wish I that I should of stayed in that car. "Carra" My Little brother Jack said tugging onto my shirt "Yes sweety?" He holded out his hands for a sign to pick him up I smiled and put my hands under his arms lifting him off the ground. "Don't cry sister..I Love you" He wiped away my tears with the end of his sleeve, I touched his nose and he giggled, "Where is Mummy?" My Smiled turned and my heart broke, he would ask me this question everyday, he was only 1 month old when mum died. "Mummy gone on holiday" I said "Mummy been gone for ages..I want to tell her I Love her" I tried to hold back tears. "She is on a speacil holiday. Don't worry she will be back soon then you can tell her" He smiled and hugged me tight, his little arms wrapped around my kneck and his little head rested on my shoulder. "Come on sweety, let's go to bed" He nodded and got comfortable, I started walking to the living room where my dad was, he was lying there like a slob, he hasn't washed in days and he smelled like a diseased animal, he had a bottle of vodka in his hand and then he gulled a bit down, slowly making it go down. "I'm taking Jack to bed" I said gripping onto him tight, he nodded and took another gulp of the vodka, I sighed and carried him off to bed. I turned to left after headed upstairs stairs and saw a sighn that said *Jacks Room* On it.. I opened the door slowly and entered, the walls were a gorgeous shade of Orange..(His Favourite colour) And the floors were polished wood to go with it, I walked towards his bed at the end of the room and placed him in, I then pulled the covers up to his chest "GoodNight sweety" I said kissing his forhead "I Love you sister" He said sleepy, his eyes were shutting, "And I Love you too" I left the room and shut the door silently.

I turned around and got to my room, my walls were a snow white colour with black hearts scattered around and my walls were a thick black. I slung open my wardrobe and grabbed out some shorts and a vest top, they were white with black dots all around them, (Like a Black and White leapord) I then slipped of my shoes and let the soft carpet sink in between my toes. I walked towards my beside table and picked up a photo of me and Harry I cried and a tear fell onto the photo, I then bent down and looked up at the celing, "I hope your safe! I never forgot about you! How is it up there? I tried to be with you .. I wish i was ..I really miss you" I felt a warm, salty splash land on my bottom lip I then placed the photo down and crawled into bed, I wrapped my self like a cacoon and drifted off to sleep.

*Later that Night*

The wind whislted the threw the curtains and the room started to shake and suddenly a flash of light burst into the room near the end of the bed...THEN... Popped out a man his eyes glowed in the dark, She couldn't see him, she couldn't feel him but she could sense him and all he can do is protect her and tell her one thing.. Suddely the flash of light disapeared and the room became dark again. "I miss you to"


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