Kickin' It Fanfic: Jack & Marcie

Kickin' It Fanfic: Jack & Marcie
Marcie and Jack were best friends when they both lived in Chicago 6 years ago. When Jack moves away, Marcie's life is torn apart. Jack was practically her life. He was always there, giving her advice, helping her out, and walking her to school. When Marcie moves with her aunt to the same city as Jack, she finds out she goes to the same school. Jack tries to tell Marcie something, but he can't find out a way how to tell her. Does Jack like her? Will he tell her, or keep stuttering?

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1. Seeing Jack/First Class Of The Day (Marcie's P.O.V.)

Chapter 1: Seeing Jack (Marcie's P.O.V.)

   "Hey, Aunt Jennifer, where is my new school again?" I ask my Aunt Jennifer over the phone on my way to school.

   "It's called Seaford. It's on 6th Street, behind Main Street. Are you sure you'll be able to find it?" She asks.

   "Yes." I answer.

   "Do you have your backpack? Do you have your schedule?" She asks.

(My Schedule:

   1st - English 101 *Mr. Reyes

    2nd - Biology *Mrs. Coddly

  3rd - Math *Ms. Weston

  4th - Lunch *Mr. Stanley

  5th - Social Studies *Mrs. Bodd

  6th - Spanish *Marisol Grado

  7th - A.E. Homeroom *Ms. Gonzalez

   "Check.... and check. I promise I'll be fine. Don't worry about a thing." I assure her. Typical Aunt Jennifer. Always worrying about everything, but I love her. Since my Mom divorced my Dad and moved to China, and my Dad moved away because he couldn't gain custody, my Aunt took me in. Thank goodness, I was NOT going to an orphanage, or a foster home.

   "I just want to make sure you'll be okay. I love you. Have a good day." She replies.

   "Thank you. I love you, too. Bye." I smile. I hang up, and turn down 6th street. I see all sorts of people walking down the streets, parking in the parking lot, and hanging out on the nice green lawn.

   When I walk into the building, I walk to the Office. When I arrive, I see a familiar boy in the Principal's office. I stare at him, trying to figure out who he was. He looked awfully familiar.

   "Excuse me. Can I help you?" A lady with big, spotted glasses asks me. I turn and look at her, ignoring the boy in the comfy-looking chair.

   "Actually, yes. I'm Marcie Richardson. When I registered for this school, they told me to come to the Office on my first day. I'm supposed to talk to a... Mrs. Tuli." I said, looking at a piece of paper and trying to keep my eyes of the brown-haired boy sitting in front of the Principal's desk.

   "Oh, yes. Marcie Richardson." The woman says and looks down at her own paper. "Yes. I remember now. You have your schedule, right?" I nodded. "Okay, then. We need you to sign these, and put your initials here." She hands me a clipboard and points to certain places in the paper. I sit in one of the chairs by her desk and sign.

   When I'm done, I hand her the clipboard and wait in the chair for my dismissal to my new classes. While I wait, the brown-haired boy gets up and walks out. He sees me staring. Our eyes meet and he smiles. He walks out of the Office and to his classes.

   "Thank you, Miss Richardson. You may go, now." She says. The bell rings. I get up and go to first hour; English 101.

   As I walk in, I notice the brown-haired boy is in my class. I smile, and sit in the back.

   "Everyone, this is Marcie Richardson. She is a new student in our class. Everyone give her a warm welcome." The teacher, who I'm guessing is Mr. Reyes, announces. Everyone stares and some girls give me dirty looks. There is a blonde-haired girl sitting next the brown-haired boy that smiles and waves at me. I wave back, and look down at my blank desk.

  "Okay. Alrighty, then. Here you go, Marcie. This will be your textbook for this class." Mr. Reyes hands me a plain, simple, and dull textbook titled, 'English 101'. "Now, turn to page 294 and read the paragraph in the top left corner, but before we start reading, let's take attendance."

  Yes! Maybe I can figure out who that boy in the Principal's Office and the blonde-haired girl is!

  "Okay... Jack Anderson?" Mr. Reyes said.

  Jack raises his hand. "I'm here..."

  "Here... Anastasia Beckland?" Mr. Reyes says.

  "She moved to a new school." The blonde-haired girl says.

  "Thank you, Kim. Kim Crawford, here..." Mr. Reyes looks at his clipboard and checks off Kim's name. He moves on with the rest of the attendance.

  Now I know who he is. More importantly, I REMEMBER who he is.


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