They Don`t Know About Us


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Rachel and Harry haven`t seen each other in about 3 years.Harry auditioned for the x factor and Rachel went to school in America. She moves back 3 years later and she sees  someone. Someone she hasn`t seen in years.Someone who she thought forgot about her. Will fate bring them back together?






                                                             Rachel`s Pov




I was waiting in the airport to get on the plane to go back to London and I was on Twitter.I sorta hope I see Harry and I sorta don`t. He broke my heart and he didn`t even tell me he was going or break up with me and I saw pictures of him with other girls. Half of me still loves him and half of me doesn`t. We didn`t keep in touch at all.My thoughts were interupted when they made an announcement for my plane. I sighed and got up.I walked over to the gate and got on the plane. I got to my seat and sat down. Then my heart stopped. He was there. Right next to me. The boy I thought forgot about me."Hi."He said."Hi Harry."I said."Rachel?"He asked. "Yep."I said. "You look so different ."He said.I smiled at him and pulled out my IPod.his was going to be a long plane ride.

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