once upon a time

sophie has been cheated on, raped and abused but one day this all changes. she finds another true love but her ex boyfriend wont have that. what will he do and what will happen to her current relationship? sorry if there is a spelling error no hate please


6. the fight

nialls pov


"niall can i talk to u," sophie says

" sure babe whats up"

"exactly that," she says

"what is that surposed to mean?" i say with a confuse expression

"i dont know if we are meant to be i mean i hadnt even known u for a day and i was your girlfriend," she says

"so your saying we should brake up?" i ask sadly

"niall its not forever just until i know more about u?"

what do u want to know sophie! why did u say no in the first place if u were just gonna brake up with me!"

"i didnt want to hurt u," she says with tears streaming down her face

"sophie im sorry i didnt mean to make u cry" i say sympathetically.

i start rubbing her back

"get away from me niall!! u dont know what i have been through ok! my boyfriend cheated on me, my mum killed herself and my dad used to abuse me. see this scar on my neck. thats what i did to myself. i wa sin hospital because i cut a vein. u think u know me but u dont know shit!!" she screamed at me

"im sorry i had no idea," i say

"exactly and u will never know anything more than that because i am moving out and living with stevie and incase u dont knoe who she is ,which u dont, she is my best friend" she says


she just storms out of the room just leaving me there








sophies pov


i had already called stevie to ask if i could stay with her. she was fine with it.

i dont know what happened. i am just tired of all this drama


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