once upon a time

sophie has been cheated on, raped and abused but one day this all changes. she finds another true love but her ex boyfriend wont have that. what will he do and what will happen to her current relationship? sorry if there is a spelling error no hate please


1. tears


hey babes

i know this story has pretty much the same beginning as my other movella but i have no idea where i want that one to go so i am just going to stop writing it peace :)

sophies pov

"wait sophie come back," my boyfriend Christian shouts at me. "let me explain. please," he begs "explain what? the fact that when i got back from the bathroom i saw your tongue shoved down some random girls throat? don't worry there is no need i saw what happened so dont try to make up some excuse!" I said harshly.

he stays silent. "you are pathetic," i say

i turned to walk back to to the bar but christian turned me around again. "look christian i dont need your apologies i am done with you so go fuck yousel-" i am cut off by christians hand meeting my cheek.

"WHAT THE HELL! YOU MORON!"i screamed at him. i felt tears in my eyes but i quickly brushed them away. i didnt want him to get to me.

Nialls pov

i was walking towards the bar and i saw a girl running. i didnt know what to do so i just froze. the girl got closer and closer until she bumped into me.

"i am so sorry" i said

i saw tears streaming down her cheeks. "whats wrong love?" i asked

"my b-boyfriend hit me," she sobbed

"oh my gosh! do you want to come over to my house to get cleaned up?" i asked sweetly. she nodded her head.

we walked in an uncomfortable silence to my car.

i decided to break the silenceb"whats your name?"iasked

"sophie anns," she said

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