once upon a time

sophie has been cheated on, raped and abused but one day this all changes. she finds another true love but her ex boyfriend wont have that. what will he do and what will happen to her current relationship? sorry if there is a spelling error no hate please


2. something to walk into

sophies pov


when i stepped into nialls bedroom i saw the craziest thing.louis,harry and zayn were having a pillow fight and wrestling each other, liam was at the tabe makingout with his girlfriend



hai babes

iknow liam and danielle arent together anymore but i think they are so cute. my opinion on hating their girlfriends is ifu were a real directioner u would surport then through anything

love anomynous xx


niall walked over to liam and i think his girlfriends name is danielle. "LOVE BIRDS!!!" he shouted so loud that the other boys looked up fromtheir wrestling match. "get a room."

"oh how da pretty lady niall?"harry asked.

"in your dreams styles," i said. louis made an oooh sound."what happened to taylor," niall siad

harry gasped. "harry im sure this isnt the first time you have been turned down."i said

everyone looked at me like i was crazy. " your kidding me."



harrys pov

she said no. what!!!

i guess i have all the girls all over me so i am going tolet niall have her.


hi guys

i know authors nots are annoying!

if this chapter is too short just post a comment.i amwriting this in bed and my back is killing me sooo yeah.............. anyways hope u all had a great xmas

love anomynous


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