once upon a time

sophie has been cheated on, raped and abused but one day this all changes. she finds another true love but her ex boyfriend wont have that. what will he do and what will happen to her current relationship? sorry if there is a spelling error no hate please


5. Re-thinking

Sophies pov

Last night i was thinking
Are me and niall meant to be? I havent even known him for a day and i am already his gurlfriend.
Im gonna talk to him today to see what he thinks.
I need to get to know him first.
I dont know of i love him i mean its like picking some random guy off the
Street and dating him.
What do i know about niall other than his name and that he is in a world famous boyband.

Nialls pov

I love her with all my heart

Harrys pov

I still cant believe taylor cheated on me.
I shouldve listened to the fans she isnt right for me at all
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