once upon a time

sophie has been cheated on, raped and abused but one day this all changes. she finds another true love but her ex boyfriend wont have that. what will he do and what will happen to her current relationship? sorry if there is a spelling error no hate please


3. commitments

nialls pov


"sophie, do u wanna go in my room?" i asked her.

she nodded her head.

honestly i am falling for her.i now know there is such thing as love at first sight.

it is the way her hair falls perfectly down her shoulders, her curves and when she talks it gives me shivers.

im not gonna ask her out yet cos we have onlyknow eachother for about an hour and i dont want her to feel like i am taking advantage of her. and besides i dont want to rush her into a big commitment. i mean its not easy dating someone famous.

i waked into my room and sat on my bed.

"well miss sophie, in case u havent noticed the band mates are kinda crazy," i said. sophie giggled

"yes sir horan i do believe they are," she replied.

i felt us leaning in closer and closer but there is a thing called louis. "oh love birds! once your done with your snog fest u can come and play truth or dare."

"louis first of all we are not snogging and second of all what makes u think we want to play truth or dare after u screamed at us," i said clearly pissed off.

"correction, u were about to snog and if u dont want to play thats fine but harry got nandos so if u really dont want to play......." mr sassy pants said

"how can i say no to that nandos," i said. sophie giggled.

" YAY!!!" louis screamed.

"i will be out there in a minute."

louis walked out of the room and i felt sophie and leaning in again. after what felt like a century our lips finally met. it turned into a more passionate kiss.

"even though its only been an hour i think i am falling for you," i say truthfully.

"i think i am falling for u too but i dont want to think i am just agreeing with u because of the fame or money because it is not that at all i really do like-" i cut her off by pressng my lips against hers.

"sophie will u be by girlfriend?" i ask

she nods her head and smiles.

"i believe we have a truth or dare game to attend," she says with a posh accent.

we walk out with our hands linked. i swear her hand fits in mine like its made just for me......... hehe see what i did there....no? oh well u should.


"oh how cute niall has finally found his princess," harry said bitterly.

"look styles even if i wasnt dating niall i wouldnt date u. seriously dude i have been through some shit tonight so i suggest u keep your mouth shut ok?" sophie said

i am kinda pissed off at harry. i mean he has taylor. so what is his problem

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