A Helping Hand

George is having a hard time dealing with Fred's passing. But when a women appears at the joke shop and says she can help. He soon develops feelings for her and soon realizes he loves her...


1. {Chapter 1}

It was a moon lit night in Diagon Alley. Moon light was shining everywhere. Shadows of the little bit of people walking in and out of shops. In the morning all the shops would be buzzing with business. Except one in particular.

Weasley Wizard Weezes had hardly any business these days because of George's bitter attitude. Only about 6 people come a day. Or maybe less.

All of a sudden there was a crack and a dark figure was standing feet away from Weasley Wizard Weezes. The figure started to slowly walk towards the door. It knocked on the door waiting for an answer.

George came running down to the door, but stopped at the bottom starring at the figure. The figure was a women about 20 years old. She had red hair and brown eyes and was quite short. "We're closed!" George yelled at the women who just stood there starring at him.

George turned to go upstairs when he saw his reflection which he hated to see. Reminded him of his brother who had died in The Battle of Hogwarts. He kicked the mirror of of anger and ran upstairs crying.
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