A Liam Christmas Carol

Liam Payne was depressed when his sister passed away on Christmas last year. he was a Grinch about it and despised Christmas.
Christmas came and he was visited by 3 Ghosts.
Ghost of Christmas past : Simon Cowell
Ghost of Christmas present : Niall Horan
Ghost of Christmas future : Zayn Malik


3. The Final Ghost (last chapter)

Liams POV
I opened the door and stepped into the cold bathroom.
"Hey Liam" i looked up and saw Cher Lloyd (Im obsessed with her right now..) "Hi" she looked in the mirror and fixed her messed up curls. "okay Im going to take you to see the future!" she cheered. She excitedly grabbed my hand and we went to the future. I saw Leslie in a beautiful white dress. A wedding dress. "you look beautiful Leslie." Zayn said. She blushed and hugged him.
"thanks" she said about to cry.
"don't cry babe you'll ruin your make-up!" Eleanor whispered. She nodded and wiped away a tear. She hugged the rest of the boys and Niall said, "well, Harrys waiting. We should get going." she smiled and kissed his cheek. Niall and Leslie walked down the aisle. Leslie stood next to Harry, who was wearing a tuxedo and a bow tie, and smiled.
"i love you" she whispered.
"i love you too baby." he whispered back.
-after vows-
Harry blushed as he looked at Leslie. I admit, i was a little jealous. She looked gorgeous. "Do you take Leslie (insert last name) to be your lawfully wedded wife?"
Harry nodded and said, i do.
Leslie blushed a light shade of pink.
"Do you take Harold Edward Styles to be your lawfully wedded husband?"
"no!" i yelled. This can't be happening. I want to wake up from this nightmare. If she says those two words i can never express my feelings for her. It'll be too late.
"i do." she said.
To Be Continued
To Be Continued Immediately
I fell to my knees and cried. "please Cher, please tell me w-when does this happen? How much time do i have to stop this? To make things right?" i asked. I looked down and saw a paper.
"January 15 2013" i read. No! I have less than a month!
"please.. Please take me home. I promise ill be nicer. I promise ill never despise Christmas!" i yelled.
I opened my eyes and saw i was in my room. I wasn't alone though. Niall, Simon and Cher were here with me.
"are you okay Liam?" Cher asked.
I nodded and rubbed my eyes.
"why are you guys here?" i asked. "i was worried about you." Niall said and hugged me. He pulled away and Simon said, "i came to bring you this present." i smiled and put the small box next to me.
"i just came here to see how you were feeling. I came by last night and you were feeling sick. I heard crying too.." Cher laughed.
"Im fine guys.." i said laughing a little.
We all laughed a little and then i thought, Im so lucky to have friends like them.. Friends! I need to visit the rest of the boys!
"what day is it?" i asked.
They got quiet. "did he forget?" Cher whispered to Niall. Simon shrugged.
"we don't really like to talk about today around you.." Niall finally said.
"why? What day is it." i asked again.
"its the 25 of December. The.. the day your sister passed away." Cher answered.
I jumped out of my bed and danced around.
"its Christmas! Merry Christmas! Oh my god! Im so happy! I love you guys!" i yelled acting like a 3 year old.
"are you feeling ill?" Simon asked.
"want me to make you tea?" Cher asked.
"he finally lost his mind." Niall joked. I laughed and shook my head.
"Im feeling fine, Im not insane, and can i have some tea?" i asked. They laughed and Cher stood up. "it'll be ready in a few minutes. They all left the room and i quickly changed. I took out my phone and dialed Leslies number.
"Liam?" she answered on the first ring. "yeah its me, i wanted to say Merry Christmas and i have a big surprise for you."
She got quiet and i could tell she was blushing. "o-okay.." "ill be over in a about an hour." i said and hung. Man i love that girl! I ran downstairs and jumped on the couch next to Niall.
"what are you eating" i asked.
"muffins, Eleanor made them last night. She wanted me to bring you some." he answer stuffing his face some more. "Liam your tea's ready!"
Cher called from the kitchen. I ran to the kitchen and kissed her cheek.
"thanks pal!" she laughed and gave me my tea. "your in a really good mood." she said. I nodded and drank the tea. I looked at the time and asked Niall to drive me to Leslies house. He nodded and we all got in the car.
We finally got there and i hurried out of the car. I ran to ring the door bell.
The door opened and Leslie was looking down. "Hi Liam." she said with a hushed voice. She looked kind of surprised to see me. "w-what are you doing here? Aren't you cold?" she asked. It was snowing a little and i was a bit cold. "i came to see you." she looked up at me when i said that and a small smiled appeared on her face.
"and i am a little cold." i chuckled. She giggled and said, "you really came to see me?" she asked. I nodded and she smiled. "turn around." i said. She did as i said and i put a necklace on her. She looked at it. "its beautiful." "it belonged to my sister. She would have wanted me to give it to-" i was cut off by her warm lips quickly kissing my cold lips.
"you call that a kiss?!" Niall yelled from the car.
"Shut up Niall!" Cher yelled back.
She laughed and kissed me again. This time longer. She pulled away and blushed. "I.. I love you Leslie. I missed you much and i feel like a total idiot, and a.. a huge jerk for leaving you. Your the best thing that ever happened to me. I understand if you don't want to be my girlfriend aga-"
"Liam stop doing that. Stop saying bad things about yourself. You are amazing. I love you too." she said, gently squeezing my hand. She was the most forgiving girl on earth. She had the biggest heart. I hugged her and she hugged me back. "Merry Christmas Liam." she whispered.
"Merry Christmas Babe." i whispered back.
The End
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