A Liam Christmas Carol

Liam Payne was depressed when his sister passed away on Christmas last year. he was a Grinch about it and despised Christmas.
Christmas came and he was visited by 3 Ghosts.
Ghost of Christmas past : Simon Cowell
Ghost of Christmas present : Niall Horan
Ghost of Christmas future : Zayn Malik


1. The First Ghost

Liams POV
I have been sad ever since my sister passed away in a car accident about a year ago. I broke up with my girlfriend of 1 year and stayed home. I cried day and night. We were close. She died on Christmas day. Because of that, i despise Christmas. I don't even talk to my friends/band mates anymore. Christmas Eve came and i was ready for the terrible memories to come pouring in. I heard a knock on my door and i opened the door and saw my ex-girlfriend, Leslie, and my friend, Harry, holding hands. "Hey Liam we brought you a present" Harry said hugging her. "i picked it out.." Leslie said hugging Harry back because she was cold. She gave me a box and said, "Im very sorry about your sister Liam, but the boys wanted me to ask if you want to go to a Christmas party tomorrow? You don't have to go if you don't want to. Niall is just worried, you barley leave your house and its been a year." "I'll think about it." i said and they left. She was prettier than she was the last time i saw her. Harry looked different too. He was cheekier, i knew the rest of the boys changed too. I looked at the present and sighed, "ill open it tomorrow.." i thought. I laid down and tried sleeping. I kept tossing and turning but i couldn't sleep i saw a light flashing. Must be thunder. I got out of bed to get water and saw the time. 12:01.. "Another not so merry Christmas.." i sighed. "you must miss Ruth." i jumped and turned around. "Simon?" "Im the ghost of Christmas Past.." he said. "so i guess your taking me to the past?" He smiled and nodded. I grabbed his hand and we went back in time to around 1 years ago. It was Christmas morning. Ruth was on the couch with Niall, Louis, Zayn, and Harry. We walked up the stairs and I was helping Leslie curl her hair. I finished curling it and put a bowtie on her head. She laughed and kissed me. I was about to cry remembering all the good memories we shared. She hugged me and took of the bow. "you're beautiful.." I whispered in her ear. She blushed and smiled. I missed that smile. I began to cry at the thought of our break up. Simon took us forward in time and it was when i found out about Ruths car accident. I cried really hard and Simon looked at me. "don't cry.. There's two more things i need to show you before the the clock hits 1.." we went forward in time again and this time it is saw me and Leslie sitting at the table. "Babe i know we've been together for a long time but, i really think we should break up.." i told her. "no! You idiot don't do it! She's the best thing that ever happened to you!!" i yelled. "Liam, he can't hear you. Or see you" Simon whispered. She nodded and cried a little. It broke my heart when she cried. "Liam, you want to see what she did after she left your house?" i nodded and we followed her. "Hey Haz.. Li-Liam and i-i broke up. C-Can i come o-over?" she asked crying a little."a-alright.. Im o-on my way." We walked to Harrys house. "okay, so she went to Harrys house. What's the big deal? He's her best friend." "just watch.." Simon said. I saw her ring the doorbell and Harry opened the door. "what's wrong babe?" he asked and hugged her. "Li and i broke up." she cried. "its okay.." he said. "Babe? Did he just her babe?! Oh hell no!!" i yelled. "Liam, watch.." They sat on the couch and talked. "he's just upset about his sister. He loved her." Harry said. "I know." she said as he wiped her tears. "i know you guys just broke up and everything but, until you and Liam get back together, d-do you want to be my.. g-girlfriend?" he asked. "Harry. You're really sweet, i-i don't know what to say though.." she choked out. My heart felt like it was torn out. "baby just say yes, i swear ill love you endlessly. Ill be your superman" he whispered and kissed her cold, tear stained, cheek. "okay.. Yes, Harry i will be your girlfriend." She smiled. No. This can't be happening! "i wanna go home.." i yelled. Simon snapped his fingers and before i knew it i was back home. In bed. The clock struck 1. I laid down again hoping to get some sleep tonight, but instead i heard a loud knocking on the door. I went to open the door.
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