The Perfect Two (on hold)

Jenna was a senior in high school and the school year was almost over and she bumped in to a boy and they started to fall for each other but they were both taken.something happens to their relationship when their lovers meet each other what will happens next? will they fall in love? or find someone new? you must read to find out what happens next :) (ps. sorry for the spelling errors....bare with me here lol)


2. two

                                                                 Jenna's P.O.V

well it was 3rd period me and Liam walked in and took our seats. i saw Chris and gave him a hug and he said hi to Liam. "OK class today you will partner up with someone for a report." i looked at Liam and signaled that we would be partners. christian put his arms around my waist and said "want to be partners?" "awe babe i asked Liam and i know you wont do any work because you'll be detracted" i was joking around and he said "ok babe" and he kissed me and left to partner up with his friends. me and Liam had finished the little project we had to to. we were learning about the microscope and what the parts are and what they do. the bell rang and we went on with the day. *end of day* "well today was pretty cool " "yeah it was great were do you want to meet in the morning?" "at the same table we were at in the morning" "ok well see you tomorrow" i said while hugging her "bye" and we left.

                                                                    Liam's P.O.V

i walked home since my house wasn't that far, well i arrived and went inside and yelled "mom I'm home!!" "I'm in the kitchen!" she yelled back. i walked in the kitchen and she was cooking his favorite kind of cake, chocolate, to celebrate being in the new house and new city. "how was school sweetheart?" "it was good mom, i made two friends today." "oh really what are their names?" she asked. "their names are Jenna and christian but chis for short." after i told her that i heard someone laugh.... well more like 4 other people.  i went to the living room and found all the boys there watching TV. "hey guys what are you guys doing here?" and harry said "our moms moved us to your school so we start tomorrow!!"  I'm so happy they get to meet Jenna "yes know ill have you guys too!" "us too? what do u mean Liam? did u already make friends?" asked Lou. "yeah i made two, Jenna and christian." harry smiled and said "ooh Jenna... is she cute" we all laughed and i said "she's beautiful but she's got a boyfriend Haz sorry" harry looked disappointed while we laughed. We were talking for a while until i heard someone say "hey you forgot me!" i turn and see my beautiful girlfriend Danielle. "DANIELLE!!-" i yelled and jumped up and kissed her "-i missed you so much babe" she smiled and said "i missed you too" we all sat there and fell asleep.

                                                                JENNA'S P.O.V

well i drove to school and saw christian waiting for me, i asked "hey babe whats up?" "nothing just waiting for you to get here, wheres Liam?" "i don't know " i look around and see him walking hand in hand with a girl. i got a weird feeling in my tummy... i think I'm jealous.. omg Jenna don't think that your taken and he's taken.. but i got to admit she's very pretty. they walked up and Liam said " hey guys i want you to meet someone, this is my girlfriend Dani-" Chris cut him off "Danielle is that you?" "Chris?..... omg hey i haven't see you in a long time!!" me and Liam looked at each other confused. whats going on??!! i asked christian "babe you too know each other?" "yeah it was 3 months before me and you started dating. me and Dani were BFF'S and-" Danielle interrupted Chris and said " we dated but i moved away and we both don't do long distance,." Both me and Liam looked confused.

                                                                  Liam's P.O.V

well i brought Danielle to meet Jenna and Christian but i guess Chris and Dani knew each other. It kind of shocked me. Now I'm sort of worried that they would get back together.....well i hope not, i just hope..

                                                                  Christians P.O.V

well Liam came and introduced me and Jenna to his girlfriend and it turned out it was Dani, the girl that i was dating 6 months ago but left because she was moving to London. we had to brake up because we both knew we wouldn't see each other and wouldn't last. it killed me that i lost her but that's when i met Jenna when the teacher had put us together for a project, and that's when i fell for her, but now that Danielle is here i still have feelings for her.i really don't know what to do!.

                                                                   Jenna's P.O.V 

"well do you need help finding your classes?" i asked and she said"well i have...umm.... math first so yeah." and Chris said "i can take you i have math and i could show you around too if you want." I'm not sure if that's a good idea but i do trust him.. i mean he does love me right? "is that OK babe?" Chris looked at me and asked. "yeah babe of course" i said kind of sad. Chris pulled me away from Liam and Danielle and  pulled me close to him and asked "you trust me right babe?" i looked up at him and said "yeah of course i do, i just don't trust her." he looked me straight in the eyes and said "babe you don't have to trust her and i promise nothing will happen between us, it was along time ago, please babe" well i thought for a while and said "ok babe just as long as you promise nothing will happen k?" "ok babe i promise" and he kissed me.

                                                                  Danielle's P.O.V

Well Liam had introduced me to his two friends and one happens to be christian. but I'm happy to see him again. I've missed him and i know it's wrong but i never lost feelings for him and i still love him, but i love Liam too and Chris has Jenna. but i must have him back no matter what, i also have my bag of tricks to help me out. i have to get him back.. scratch that i will get him back i don't care about jenny.. jemma, or whatever her name is i just love Chris and if i have to break Liam's heart to get to christian then i will, and nothing can stop me. i NEED him back


*A/N* hey guys this is my first fan-fiction so i hope u guys like it :) i know you guys are probably saying "really you only updated two chapters ugh why?!?!? " ha ha i know that because i do that too lol well any ways this did take me a while to type up but i have it all written out i juts make a few changes. i will update tomorrow (Sunday) or on Christmas day. i really don't have internet at home and its kinda hard for me to update but i will and i promise, and ill make it amazayn and extrodanharry :)



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