The Perfect Two (on hold)

Jenna was a senior in high school and the school year was almost over and she bumped in to a boy and they started to fall for each other but they were both taken.something happens to their relationship when their lovers meet each other what will happens next? will they fall in love? or find someone new? you must read to find out what happens next :) (ps. sorry for the spelling errors....bare with me here lol)


7. six

*next day {Monday}

Jenna's p.o.v

i woke up and liam wasn't there. a piece of paper took his place. i picked it up and read it. it read:


get dressed then come down stairs.

                             -love liam

i smiled and thought 'hes so sweet'. well i got up and got dressed in some light brown pants, whit a light pink button up shirt, with a black blazer and my white converse. i also added excessories which was a gold necklace with feather at the bottom, gold hoop earnings and a head band with a black bow with polka dots. once i finished i looked at the time and it was 6:54. how did h wake up before me? well i went down stairs and saw that he made breakfast. "hey love how did you sleep?" i smiled and said "very good thank what about you?" "wonderful." he smiled big and made me blush. "well come and sit down so you could eat, its ready." "alright." i sat down and thought 'he's the best im glad i like him and he likes me.' we finished eating and he said "you ready to go?" "yup" i said popping the 'p'.we walked to his car and drove to school. once we arrived I was about to get out when liam pulled me back down and said “wait stay right there.” I nodded as he got out and went around the car and opened my door. “awe thanks babe.” As I pecked his lips. He smiled and said “any time love.” We walked to our regular table were Liam’s friends were. He looked at me and said “ babe I want you to meet my friends.” I smiled and said “ OK lets go.” We walked up to 4 other boys who were laughing their heads off. Liam and I stopped in front of them and harry said “hey liam who’s this beautiful girl?” we all laughed and liam looked at me and said “she is isn't she?” I blushed a deep red color and he said “well mates she’s off limits because she’s mine” and as he said that he put his arm around me. We all laughed and had a great time till i saw christian walking towards us and he said "hey Jenna can i talk to you?"

                                              liams P.O.V

Chris walked up to me and Jenna and asked "hey Jenna can i talk to you?" i squeezed Jenna's hand and she looked at me and kissed me then said "i'll be back ok" "ok love you too." she pecked my lips and left with Chris  Harry asked "mate who is that?" "that's her ex she caught him cheating with Danielle." "oh well don't worry mate everything will be fine." "thanks guys." they smiled and lou kept telling weird jokes. he sure knows how to make people smile.

                                         Jenna's P.O.V

"ok whats up?" "look im sorry that i kissed dani i don't know what happened but im really sorry" "im not sure to forgive you because you made her break up with liam." "look i said i was sorry alright" "just to mention, the day of out date liam and i kissed and i felt bad because i was with you but no im glad it happened " he looked into my eyes and kissed me, i pushed him off and said "what the hell are you doing!?!" "i just want to get back together with you, i miss you Jenna."  "well i don't miss you so goodbye and go back with Danielle. i have a boyfriend who won't cheat on m and loves me more than you ever did." and after that i left and went back to liam and told him what happened and he was mad that he kissed me and cheated on me and now is trying to get back together with me. he asked me "babe are you ok?" i smiled and said "no that i'm with you yes" i kissed him and after we pulled away he bell had rung. he waled me to my first period class and said "meet me after class alright?" "ok i will bye babe and bye guys" they looked at me and said "by jen!!"  i walked into the class and found my fined maddie, Marissa, and Victoria. "hey guys" "hey mariah" they said all together  maddie "who are they?" she said pointing to liam and they guys. "oh ell, the one wearing the blue plaid shirt is my boyfriend liam and those are his friends  i could intro duce them to you guys after class." they smiled and said "kool" we walked o our table and started to talk about big time rush since our teacher let us do whatever we wanted. the bell rang about 45 minutes later. we walked out of class and i saw liam walking with the boys towards us. "come on girls i want you to meet my fiends." they followed me and i said "hey babe" and kissed him on the cheek  "hey who are they?" he said pointing to my friends from drama. "oh well guys this is maddie, Marissa  and Victoria  and girls this is liam, my boyfriend, Niall, Zayn, harry , and Louis." they waved to each other and got into their own conversations. i looked around and there were less people around us, which means the bell is going to ring soon. "guys the bells gonna ring soon e should go now." "oh crap." they all ran and i started to walk when i felt hands around my waist i looked up and it was liam. i kissed his cheek and said "babe lets hurry i don't ant to be late." "ok race you there?" and he starts running. "HEY NOT FARE!!" and i run after him and we get to class on time.




hey guys sorry i didn't up date still don't have internet which sucks, anyways i would update again today but my key board for my laptop is missing key and i have to press kinda hard and i easily miss spell but i will update tomorrow hopefully and i will have my home computer  keyboard. one more thing... who saw the kiss you video??? i thought it was amazing!! and hilarious. what do you think about the video? leave a comment and tell me what your favorite part of the video was. mine was seeing zayn with the floaties on his arms, i thought that was adorable. hahaha well see ya later :P










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