The Perfect Two (on hold)

Jenna was a senior in high school and the school year was almost over and she bumped in to a boy and they started to fall for each other but they were both taken.something happens to their relationship when their lovers meet each other what will happens next? will they fall in love? or find someone new? you must read to find out what happens next :) (ps. sorry for the spelling errors....bare with me here lol)


1. one

                                                  Jenna's P.O.V

well it was half way through senior year and i was with my friends at school and we were just having a great time till i remembered i had to meet my English teacher Miss. Barron. "guys ill be back i have to go to the A building, so brb." well i had just walked in the building ready to turn the corner but then i bumped into someone and fell on my ass, so apparently someone bumped into me. "ow!!" i yelled. i heard someone say "are you alright love?" and i said "yeah I'm fine thanks." i finally look up and see a boy with a shaved head but a little bit of hair. he was wearing black pants, a white button up shirt with a black vest and he was wearing white converse, he looked pretty cute and don't get me started on his smile and his strong British accent, it was amazyan. i had to admit i was embarrassed. he held out his hand and said "do you need help getting up?" i smiled and said "yes-" i took his hand and he helped me up "- thank you very much" "no problem" he said giving me that smile that i fell in love with. i smiled back and begain to walk away but he said "wait, can you help me find the office?" i smiled and said "sure follow me" we were had way there and i broke the silence "so whats your name?" "I'm Liam, Liam Payne and you are?"he held out his hand and i shook it and said "I'm Jenna Martinez its nice to meet you." we laughed and we finally got to the office, we went up to Mr. Flores who was in charge of the attendance and we asked for Liam's schedule and we got it 2 minutes later and we were gonna walk out the door when i stopped, he notice and he stopped to and said "what's wrong?" "well may i see your schedule?" i giggled while he handed me the paper. i read it and this was his schedule:

1st- boy's choir

2nd- Spanish



5th- us history

6th- English

we had the same classes except the first class i had drama and he had boys choir. i looked at him and smiled, he said "what?" and i said "we have all the same classes except first!!" we both got happy and headed outside. as we were walking i saw christian standing there waiting and i smiled at him.

                                              Christian's P.O.V

I saw Jenna and some guy walking, i was wondering who that was but she ran up to me and stopped my thoughts as she kissed me "hey babe i want you to meet someone." "OK" and i followed and she went to the boy she was walking with. " Liam this is my boyfriend christian, and Chris this is Liam he's new here." i held out my hand for him to shake it "nice to meet you Liam" he shook my hand and said "nice to meet you too Chris." i notice he had a British accent, and Jenna LOVES British accents. i hope he doesn't try to take my girl. "babe i got to go to my English class real fast can you give Liam a tour around the school and meet me back her before the bell rings please?" "sure babe." she smiled and said "thanks baby" and she kissed me and left. for 30 minutes i showed Liam around and he asked "so, how long have you and Jenna been together?" he asked. i said  "we've been together for 3 months, i met her after my ex had moved away to London" "oh that's nice you guys look really happy together." "yeah we are, so you have a girlfriend Liam?" he smiled and said "yeah i do her name is Danielle,  we've been together for 3 months also." i chuckled "where is she?" "she's back in London she didn't have enough money to come down at the same time as me and my friends." "oh where are your other friends?" "they might come late they aren't really early risers" we both laugh. we went to the table and waited for Jenna.

                                                 Jenna's P.O.V

I saw Chris and Liam talking at the table, it look like they really hit it off. i walked to them and sat next to Chris and said after i kissed his cheek "hey babe you guys have fun?" "yeah we had laughs" he said laughing. the bell had rung for us to go to first period. he hugged and kissed me and said "ill see you in 3rd period babe" "OK baby bye" i said to christian and turned to Liam and said "lets go to first period shall we?" he smiled and said "we shall" i walked him to his class and his teacher wasn't there so i told him "want to come to my class instead?" "sure lets go" we went to my drama class and sat at our seats. my drama teacher wasn't there so everyone was using there phones i looked over at Liam and saw his picture he had been staring at . it was of his kissing a girl on his cheek. i told him "is that our girlfriend?" he looked at me and smiled "yeah her names Danielle but she's in London and hopefully she will be here soon." "oh well i cant wait to meet her" we just laughed and just had fun sitting in drama.

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